‘We were supported and encouraged from beginning to end.’ 2018 HSC parent

Students and parents in the OCS Senior Section expect a Christian worldview that imbues a strong academic focus with purpose and coherence. Our learning is blended with biblical truth, making it virtuous, relevant and meaningful, which means our students keep going when commitment is needed. 

Students work within a two-year ‘Learning Progressions’ program, encouraging them to develop understanding in each of the following four areas:

1. Feeling – the emotional aspects of learning;

2. Thinking – the ‘brain power’ in learning;

3. Managing – the strategic aspects of learning;

4. Relating – the social aspects of learning

An OCS Senior education is also defined by great student morale, lifelong friendships and extensive support structures, all of which help our students to maintain momentum, right through to final exams and beyond.

The Senior focus on academic rigour means students are familiarised with HSC conventions and expectations from the early years of secondary schooling, and are academically nurtured through explicit, timely feedback, classes of optimal size, a foundational belief in each child’s gifts and close partnerships with parents.

One vehicle for the cultivation of academic rigour within a Christian worldview is our Vertical Homeroom system – a practical blending of ‘academic achievement with biblical truth’.

Learning Progressions happen within the vertical, Years 9-12 structure, which means students also enjoy great relationships with students from other year groups. Student leaders experience opportunities to contribute to the School’s academic foundation, faith development and social structure, in both formal and informal ways.

Senior education at OCS is about realising potential, and working towards all we have been created to be.