Meet Us

It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially in your school community! Use this page to virtually ‘meet’ Orange Christian School’s staff from Prep to Year 12.

Executive Team

Ken Greenwood, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09344

Ken Greenwood


BScEd; GradDipEdAdmin; DipCS.

Christian schooling has been a major part of my life, from my years as a student in a fledgling Christian school, to over 37 years of experience, teaching and leading in Christian schools in NSW and Victoria. My own children attended Christian schools and I am a passionate believer in the potential these schools have in supporting parents, giving young people purpose, and equipping them for lives of outstanding service. Originally a Secondary Maths & Science Teacher, I now love connecting with people across the school community, encouraging young children or older student leaders in their learning, reminding school leaders and governors to remain true to their mission and vision, and partnering with parents in the important role they have of raising their children.

Yooie Choi, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09339

Yooie Choi

Deputy Principal


It is a privilege to be part of the body of Christ here at Orange Christian School.  I’m passionate about the school’s vision to raise up effective leaders of godly character. I want to encourage students to develop their faith in God, do their best academically, and be a positive influence amongst their peers, home and in the wider community.

I am married to Rebecca and we have four children. Previously, I taught at Knox Grammar School where I was involved in the da Vinci program, lived onsite as a Boarding Housemaster, appointed as an Officer of Cadets (Australian Army) and lead the School’s Christian Fellowship group. We came to Orange for a tree-change where I was the Head of Student Academic Services at Kinross Wolaroi School. As an educator I was fortunate to study abroad at Harvard University (“Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness” – Harvard Graduate School of Education). I have completed the NESLI (National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative) from Monash University and completed a Law degree (UNE) along with Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (College of Law). I have facilitated an online course, Philosophy 137 Critical Thinking (Macquarie University), and I am a workshop presenter for GERRIC (Gifted Education Research Resource Information Centre) UNSW. I was fortunate to be appointed onto the Board of Directors for KU Children Services (Early Childhood centres) and visited Juvenile Detention Centres as an Official Visitor on behalf of the Attorney General (NSW Government). I am currently enrolled in an Educational Doctorate (UNSW) researching motivation and engagement.  

My approach to education is to ensure that students have a safe, supportive and enjoyable learning experience. A key to this is to develop teacher efficacy, equipping and supporting them to foster a learning experience that is dynamic, engaging and challenging. A place where intellectual character and effort, not marks alone, is recognised and encouraged. I am thankful for the support of my Church, family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors but equally staying inside relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book! We live on a small acreage and like all busy families find the weeds a constant battle.

Forming a positive partnership with families is crucial in raising children with a desire to learn and to become more like Christ. I believe that the School is well positioned to lead in this area and be a light in a world that is constantly searching for meaning and purpose.

Brett Collins, Orange Christian School – 230725 SWC01787

Brett Collins

Business Manager

B Commerce (Acct), CPA Aust

I am honoured to be part of the team here at Orange Christian School. I strongly believe that Faith and Education are the two cornerstones of life and to be able to be part of bringing them together at OCS is truly inspiring. The teachers and staff at the school are so dedicated and committed to the work they do every day. Being able to serve with them as we partner with parents to uphold the vision & ethos of the school has been a highlight of my professional and personal life.  

I feel that my years of experience in Public Practice Accounting and working in a Not for Profit Association has given me an ideal grounding for the role as OCS Business Manager. After completing my Bachelor of Commerce and becoming a member of CPA Aust I worked in various Accounting and Financial Services Firms in Sydney. In 2010 I was the Company Accountant for an industry Association in North Sydney, a time that gave me vital experience in the operation and management of a large not-for-profit organisation. When we moved to Orange in 2014 I then worked as a Client Manager at Financial Services firm MBC, really enjoying getting to know the people and businesses of the Central West.

My three children attend the school and it is great to see them grow in knowledge, faith and Christian values. With my wife Kate we attend the Orange Presbyterian Church and have done so a number of years including a period of time where I was the honorary Treasurer.  An important turning point of our life was when we left Sydney for good and headed West, a decision we have come to cherish and are so thankful for. We have a passion for travel and enjoy exploring new places together as a family.  Life in country NSW has really given us the opportunity to make a wonderful home for our family and the school is an important part of that.

Catherine Buchanan, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09305 1

Catherine Buchanan

Head of Primary School

BA (Mathematics) GDipEd  

I love that the staff at OCS are dedicated to growing every student’s God-given potential individually and as members of a community. My three children attend Orange Christian School, all starting here when they were in Prep. It is a privilege to work together with the staff, students and parents at OCS. Seeing the Prep-Year 4 children progress academically and grow in their faith, friendships, character and resilience is a very rewarding part of my day.

I commenced a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Wollongong. After studying this for three years, it became clear that teaching was the right path to pursue. Consequently, I changed my degree and completed a Diploma of Education the following year. Since 2001, I have worked in independent schools in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra regions, as well as in Queensland. My previous roles have included responsibilities in curriculum and instructional leadership for literacy and numeracy. In 2015 I joined the OCS staff, commencing the Junior Coordinator role in 2021. I’ve also had the opportunity to complete the Women’s Middle Leadership Program with NESLI (National Excellence in School Leadership Institute).

I love spending time at home with my family and we attend Orange Presbyterian Church. We also enjoy camping, fishing and four wheel driving together.

Mel Collins, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09842

Mel Collins

Head of Secondary School

BEd/BMusicCert IV Assessment and Training

What a privilege it is to work alongside the wonderful staff, students, and parents at OCS. With a double degree in Music and Education, I have been a Music Teacher as well as a Year Advisor, Head of Music, Missions Facilitator, Welfare Coordinator and HSC Marker. It is with joy that I now add Head of Secondary at OCS to my roles.

I love challenging young people and seeing them grow. I enjoy the daily opportunities to encourage students to develop their strengths, push them out of their comfort zones, inspire excellence and show them how to make an impact on the world around them. I believe that building into young lives not only brings positive outcomes for the students themselves, but also has the potential to positively impact their families and their communities. Being in leadership allows me to encourage us as a team to be who God has made us to be!

Along with Music, I have a passion for travel, especially in the developing world. With a big heart for Fiji, Myanmar and Tonga, I love facilitating trips for students that combine experiential learning with practical service. The most memorable project I have been part of was assisting with the establishment and building of accommodation for remote area students in Fiji, enabling them to be able to receive an otherwise inaccessible education. Bring on our next mission to Fiji!

Adrian Lee, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09313

Adrian Lee

Head of Student Development

BA DipEd

I started teaching in 1999. I completed my Degree in English and Ancient History at the University of Western Australia, paying my way through uni flipping burgers and then working in retail before I took on the position as Youth Director of Campbelltown Presbyterian Church.

I completed a Diploma of Education in 1998 before heading to Europe to work and travel.

I have worked in government and independent schools in western Sydney, regional NSW and Bristol in the UK, including at OCS in the early 2000s. I have been a Stage 4 Coordinator and Head of Department for HSIE & English before joining OCS as Middle School Coordinator in 2017.

Experience has shown the importance of the middle years to build on the foundations of Junior School and prepare students for the rigours of Senior School and post school opportunities. It is all about giving students the skills they need to fulfil their God-given potential. That is why we talk about Middle School as the ‘booster’ rocket.

Sue & I have two children. We attend Orange Evangelical Church. I am a passionate sports nut, love good coffee and good books.

Belinda Elliott, Orange Christian School – 221202 C2 SWC00029

Belinda Elliott

Head of Teaching and Learning

MEd (Gifted), MDiv, MTeach (Hons), BSci (Med), CELTA

Our creator God has blessed each of us with gifts and intelligences. All children should be supported in growing their gifts in a nurturing environment, so that they can serve others. It is the prime task of parents to educate their children, and teachers to share this privilege and responsibility in the community of faith. I share this privilege with the staff, parents and wider community at Orange Christian School.

I have worked in both department and independent schools in Sydney, the Central West and in the Western Plains teaching high school Mathematics. My interest in enrichment opportunities for students has led me to complete a Masters degree, so that I am better equipped to support students in their areas of strength and interest.

In 2018 I started at OCS as a Mathematics teacher, where I have helped develop STEAM opportunities through my involvement in the University of Sydney’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy, for both Primary and Secondary students.

I am part of NESA’s state-wide ‘teacher expert network’ (TEN) which provides advice and feedback through the development and implementation of the new NSW curriculum and support material. In 2023, I was appointed Head of Teaching and Learning at OCS and will continue in my role as Enrichment Coordinator for K to 12.

My children attend OCS; it has been such a joy to see them develop as disciples of Jesus and I am thankful for all of the ways they have grown at this school. I am passionate about teaching and can often be found reading or listening to podcasts that inform my practice. When I have the odd moment, I enjoy finding new recipes to cook and going on bike rides with my family.

Cathryn Buckerfield, Orange Christian School – C Buckerfield

Cathryn Buckerfield

Sports Coordinator

BSpSc; DipEd (Secondary PDHPE); BEd (TAS)

I love kids! I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be part of their formative years and to be part of their journey towards young adults. As Nelson Mandella said “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope” – It is an honour it is for me to be part of the lives of the OCS children and their families as Sport Coordinator.

For the past 20 years I have worked in the public education system, having spent my first ever year of teaching at Katherine High in the Northern Territory and the past 17 years at Canobolas High – both amazing opportunities that shaped me to be the teacher I am today. Coming to teach at OCS has been a wonderful experience and I’ve embraced the shift in culture for myself and can really appreciate the benefits of working with Christian staff and being able to freely teach from a Biblical perspective.

My 3 daughters all attend OCS. OCS offers them a chance to be someone and not just another number; to have stable relationships from prep to Year 12, whereas all too often in other schools those ties are separated between primary and secondary schooling

Having my own family taught me about the many types of love. Travelling the world made me appreciate where I came from. Trekking Kokoda Trail taught me resilience, the meaning of mateship, and gratitude to those that serve and their sacrifices. Playing sport has taught me that sometimes in losing we really win. Growing up in the Molong Anglican church taught me I have a family for life and that God’s love for me knows no bounds and in him there is always hope.

Rosa Cunial, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09760

Rosa Cunial

Director of Prep

BTeach, Dip Children Services

Rosa is our Director of Prep. She has a passion for providing quality early learning environments for children. Brain research has highlighted the impact of early experiences in a child’s life and evidence has proven that the most rapid brain development occurs in the years before school. Being up to date with evidence-based research and implementing this in innovative programs that helps promote learning and development. This sets the tone for life-long learning. She has a Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to 5 years), a Diploma of Children Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) and has been teaching in Prep since its beginning in 2005.

Teaching Staff

Chloe Bertram, Orange Christian School – Bertram Chloe

Chloe Bertram

Learning Support Teacher
Louise Childs, Orange Christian School – Childs Louise

Louise Childs

Secondary School Teacher/TAA Supervisor
Elyse Denham

Elyse Denham

Music Teacher
Belinda Elliott, Orange Christian School – 221202 C2 SWC00029

Belinda Elliott

Head of Teaching and Learning
Linda Filmer, Orange Christian School – Filmer Linda

Linda Filmer

Primary School Teacher
Leslie Follent, Orange Christian School – Follent Leslie

Leslie Follent

Secondary School Teacher
Vicki George, Orange Christian School – George Vicki

Vicki George

Relief Teacher
Helen Giger, Orange Christian School – Giger Helen

Helen Giger

Secondary School Teacher
Nathan Gray, Orange Christian School – Gray Nathan

Nathan Gray

Primary School Teacher
John Green, Orange Christian School – Green John

John Green

Primary School Teacher
Karen Huntly, Orange Christian School – Huntly Karen

Karen Huntly

Secondary School Teacher
Keren Klugt, Orange Christian School – Klugt Keren

Keren Klugt

Secondary School Teacher
Leonie McCarron, Orange Christian School – McCarron Leonie

Leonie McCarron

Primary School Teacher
Melissa McGowen, Orange Christian School – McGowen Melissa

Melissa McGowen

Primary/Secondary School Teacher
David Milligan, Orange Christian School – Milligan David

David Milligan

Secondary School Teacher
Sabrina McKern, Orange Christian School – McKern Sabrina

Sabrina McKern

Primary School Teacher
Genevieve Pade, Orange Christian School – Pade Genevieve

Genevieve Pade

Junior School Teacher
Kylie Pulling, Orange Christian School – Pulling Kylie

Kylie Pulling

Primary School Teacher
Katie Pyle, Orange Christian School – Pyle Katie

Katie Pyle

Secondary School Teacher
Glenda Schumann, Orange Christian School – Schumann Glenda

Glenda Schumann

Secondary School Teacher
Emma Schmack, Orange Christian School – Schmack Emma

Emma Schmack

Primary School Teacher
Amanda Sims, Orange Christian School – Sims Amanda

Amanda Sims

Primary School Teacher
Rebecca Thompson, Orange Christian School – Thompson Rebecca

Rebecca Thompson

Primary School Teacher
Stephen Toms, Orange Christian School – Toms Stephen

Stephen Toms

Secondary School Teacher
Melinda Willis, Orange Christian School – Willis Melinda

Melinda Willis

Secondary School Teacher/STAR Coordinator
Kerry Dunn, Orange Christian School – Dunn Kerry

Kerry Dunn

Art Teacher
Michael Cunial

Michael Cunial

Primary Teacher
Allen Grant, Orange Christian School – Grant Allen

Allen Grant

Secondary School Teacher
Elise Honeysett

Elise Honeysett

Primary School Teacher

Prep Team

Rosa Cunial, Orange Christian School – 220208 C2 DSC09760

Rosa Cunial

Director of Prep
Hannah Fletcher, Orange Christian School – Fletcher Hannah

Hannah Fletcher

Prep Teacher
Mariah Harris, Orange Christian School – Harris Mariah

Mariah Harris

Prep Teacher
Vicki Martin, Orange Christian School – Martin Vicki

Vicki Martin

Prep Educator
Kate Smith, Orange Christian School – Smith Kate

Kate Smith

Prep Educator
Amanda Johnson, Orange Christian School – Johnson Amanda

Amanda Johnson

Prep Educator
Heidi Perrett, Orange Christian School – Perrett Heidi

Heidi Perrett

Prep Teacher

Support Staff

Amanda Dietiker

Amanda Dietiker

Music Tutor (Piano)
Leonie Green, Orange Christian School – Green Leonie

Leonie Green

Teacher's Aide
Calista Krkac, Orange Christian School – Calista Krkac

Calista Krkac

Music Tutor (Flute)
Bill Hetherington, Orange Christian School – Hetherington William

Bill Hetherington

Lab Assistant
Alex McFadyen, Orange Christian School – McFadyen Alex

Alex McFadyen

Teacher's Aide/Library Assistant
Adam Osborn, Orange Christian School – Osborn Adam 2022

Adam Osborn

Learning Support Aide/After School Care/After School Sport
Jann Osborn, Orange Christian School – Osborn Jann

Jann Osborn

Kim Reilly, Orange Christian School – Reilly Kim

Kim Reilly

Learning Support Aide
Elliot Bangert

Elliot Bangert

Music Tutor (Brass)
Sarah Milligan, Orange Christian School – Milligan Sarah

Sarah Milligan

Teacher's Aide
Alison Nelson, Orange Christian School – Nelson Alison

Alison Nelson

Teacher's Aide

Administration Team

Emily Chapman-Mortimer, Orange Christian School – Chapman Mortimer Emily

Emily Chapman-Mortimer

Front Desk Reception
Jaimie Honeysett, Orange Christian School – Honeysett Jaimie

Jaimie Honeysett

Principal's Assistant/Marketing Manager
Louise Bornen, Orange Christian School – Bornen Louise

Louise Bornen

Mark Woodley, Orange Christian School – Woodley Mark

Mark Woodley

IT Manager
Melbert Tandang, Orange Christian School – Tandang Melbert

Melbert Tandang

Assistant Business Manager

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