As the Junior School is the beginning of lifelong learning, we aim to inspire our young students to achieve their best in all areas of their school life, while maintaining the vision and mission of OCS, which embraces the core pillars of Christian Discipleship, Academic Excellence and Parent Partnership.

– A Christian Discipleship Program from Kindergarten to Year 12 Christian Discipleship Program, with a significant focus on Biblical literacy.
– The HOPE Challenge, which aims to provide opportunities for students (in tiered K-4 groups) to develop skills for building positive relationships, growing friendships and encouraging participation, by being ‘thoughtful, responsible and respectful.’ (Honour Our Peers with Empathy]
– A Mission focus fundraiser each year to support the senior students’ mission trip to Byron Bay or Fiji.
– A Christian worldview which is entwined in the teaching programs, with the use of Biblical Threads, being Bible references.

Literacy & Numeracy skills as they are vital to enable rigorous academic growth through to Year 12. We encourage students to have a growth mindset, so they become life long learners and can recognise that they have the resources and capacity to grow and change, by discerning risks and opportunities.

Literacy and Numeracy Leaders work closely with the junior team, to regularly monitor student growth against the literacy and numeracy syllabus outcomes, to inform learning activities with:
Data informed practice; Explicit skill instruction and differentiation; Assisting students to reflect on the how and what of learning; and Facilitating collaborative learning
Differentiated class programs engages student participation in all activities, by providing support or extension as required. Our Literacy booster programs are MiniLit and MultiLit.

-the growth of a strong school community with positive connections built between families
-many opportunities for families to experience activities together
-parents to lead and inspire their children, because they see that school is important to mum and dad as well.