Sport at OCS… providing opportunity for skill development, lifelong fitness, confidence building, teamwork and leadership skills.

School Sport Programs

A trip to Sydney to compete at State level in Cross Country; a week on the Gold Coast, training with the State Swimming Team; year 3 students excitedly competing for the first time in the ‘Big’ school Athletics Carnival; secondary school soccer girls’ giving their all against a neighbouring school; year 10 students enjoying a basketball game together during their sport time…

Sport at Orange Christian School is all of these…and more.

By developing an interest and skills in sporting activities during their school years, our young people will be positively influenced and gain health and fitness benefits that can last throughout their lives. The opportunities to enjoy involvement in a wide range of sports, can create a healthy habit of participation in physical activities, that all adults need to live well.

OCS seeks to develop in students a holistic understanding of a healthy lifestyle, as people created by God to grow and develop mentally, socially, spiritually and physically. Our sport program aims to assist this development from our four year olds in Prep right through to our eighteen year olds in year twelve.

This program begins by emphasising to our children the importance of daily exercise. Prep students enjoy daily physical activities together and this flows into the Move to Learn program for K-2 students, which involves them in regular small group physical activities each week. These activities both teach specific skills and set up healthy habits, of regular exercise.

Our class sport programs cover a wide range of sports across a student’s school career. Activities range from swimming to archery, bicycling to walking, football to lacrosse and many other conventional and somewhat less common sporting pursuits.

Sporting opportunities enable students to not only develop various specific physical skills, but also their sportsmanship and Christian character as they learn both how to win and…how to lose. Students playing sport at OCS are encouraged to do so to the best of their abilities, whatever that level may be. We recognise that abilities change over time and that skills can improve with dedicated effort. Perseverance is also a bonus from playing and training for sport, as participants discover the importance of continuing to try, even if the odds seem stacked against you. Some students look forward to their sport participation because it’s a time when they particularly can shine.

Sporting groups and teams require organisation in order to function and play effectively. Sometimes the best help available actually comes from the students who are part of a particular team. Students who are keen to help others are quickly recognised at OCS and trained up to either assist in the coaching and organisation of their own team or at times to help a team of younger students who need assistance to play their sport. These opportunities for leadership training are seen as a special feature of our school structure, and one that fosters the feeling of family within OCS.

While sport has been an integral part of OCS for a long time, recent feedback and encouragement from our parents has brought about a re-evaluation of the overall Sports Program at OCS. A Sports committee has been formed, charged with the task of evaluating and re-invigorating what we do in Sport. From this we have seen a greater emphasis placed on each of our swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals and introduction of weekly after school Sports Training Sessions. Our aim is to continue to lift the profile of sport in the school, so that its important role in each child’s education can clearly be evident to all.

Carnivals & Inter-School Competitions

Our school takes part in a full program of swimming, athletics and cross country events: beginning at school carnival level for the entire school population, and leading to district, zone and state levels for students who excel in their particular sport.

OCS also offers many opportunities each year for students to be involved in inter-school competitions in a range of sports. We have various gala days from time to time where students enjoy a day focussed on one particular sport, often having the chance to compete against students from different local or regional schools.

Regular sporting opportunities available to students at OCS include:

  1. Bill Turner Cup Soccer (boys soccer)
  2. Secondary Girls’ Soccer
  3. Under 6’s, 7’s and 9’/s soccer teams playing for Waratahs

Sport at OCS not only provides opportunity for participants to develop skills, build confidence and stay fit, but also serves as an avenue to develop leadership skills. As our students become more proficient, displaying a passion for sharing their skills with others, it has become our practise to have older students work alongside staff and at times parents, as assistant coaches. Our young sportsmen and sportswomen, as they hone their skills by sharing them with others, then act as great role models for our younger students.

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