We are often asked questions about the school, its aims, and the approach it takes to education. Sometimes we find that there is misunderstanding in the community that has affected people’s perception of the school. This page presents some answers to commonly asked questions that should give you a clearer picture of who we are and what we stand for.

How long has the school been here?

The school was established over 30 years ago by pioneering families with a vision for the community of Orange. To this day, the school is owned by the parents who form the school association and who elect the school board and appoint a Principal to run the school on their behalf.

How big is the school?

We currently have about 340 students from Pre-Kinder to Year 12.

Are you expensive?

We are a “low fee” school but we do need to charge fees to cover costs. We are not fully funded by the government, like State schools, so parents need to make up the balance, which we try to ensure is affordable. In return, parents have a greater say in the education of their children than they might have elsewhere.

Are your teachers qualified?le

In Australia we are lucky to have rigorous university standards. All our teachers are fully qualified, some with post-graduate degrees, and all are accredited with the New South Wales Institute of Teachers. They undergo ongoing professional development and, because we are a non-government school, regular review for registration and accreditation. We believe that our teachers blend their professional expertise with an extra dose of care and concern that marks our school out as special and our educational program as trustworthy and accountable.

Is it only for church families?

No. The school serves the community of Orange and attracts families with a number of different life views. Most families are members of one of the many denominations in Orange, so a broad Christian perspective informs every aspect of school life.

Who can or should send their children to OCS?

Anyone! Although all staff and Board members are Christians from a wide range of denominations, and students are exposed to a biblical worldview and encouraged to form opinions about what they believe, we are a school, and our core business is education. Parents are encouraged to discuss our Ethos as part of the enrolment interview.

Do you oppose public education?

No. We want all children in all schools to receive a quality education. We are simply a non-government, parent-owned, provider of public education.

Do you teach the NSW curriculum?

Yes – the school is registered and inspected by the NSW Board of Studies. Our School Certificate and Higher School Certificate are fully accredited and our programs follow the approved NSW syllabus documents.

Do you have high educational standards?

We consistently have students attain high UAIs and go on to tertiary education at University or through TAFEs. Teachers help students consider the place of God in their lives and learning in a way that encourages discernment and critical thinking. OCS students achieve sound academic results and have been ranked in the top 200 schools in the New South Wales HSC exams. Our mission ensures we focus on a number of key objectives including academic standards which is consistently very high. We care about the whole student and their capacity to enter Australian society as full participants, regardless of their academic gifts and skills. Like you, we want a culture that values everyone.

How do you tackle a child’s learning problems?

Anyone who tells you they can solve all of a child’s learning or social problems is stretching the truth. Despite this, many so-called “problem students” have entered OCS and have gone on to achieve their best. The difference is that we seek to develop a close partnership with the parents so we can work together for the benefit of the child. OCS is not, however, specifically a provider of special education, it is a comprehensive, co-ed school providing for a wide range of academic interests and abilities for a wide range of children.

How can I get more involved in OCS?"

The school is governed by a group of parents that are elected from the Association that “owns” the school. We invite all parents that share our ethos to become actively involved in Association Membership. For more information and an application form click here.

Still have some questions?

For further information and enrolment enquiries please contact the school on 6362 7258 and speak to Jenni da Silva who will be happy to answer your enrolment questions and mail an information package to you. A tour of the school can also be arranged at a convenient time.

Please feel free to search the website and download a copy of our enrolment form.

Orange Christian School