OCS Newsletter – Featuring this Week: Junior School
Term 3 Week 4

Parents In Partnership

Peter Cooper

Term 3…A time of Review @ OCS

This term gives us all the opportunity to take a good hard look at where we are at present; gather our data from as many sources as possible and tweak our plans for 2020. To this end we are collating the findings from our Sentiment Surveys; engaging in Focus Groups and Forums and reviewing our key Performance Indicators in each of our plans. I would encourage you to ensure that you feel that you have been heard on any issue that you wish to raise with us.

Please contact your class teacher or section co-ordinator if you wish to express your thoughts on this year or where we are heading in the future.

New Hall…Progress Report

Our Masterplan Committee continues to meet regularly, most recently perusing and finalising the Hall plans to ensure that our multi-purpose Hall will meet all of our requirements. The DA is currently with Orange City Council and we are looking forward to hearing from them very soon.The next step then will be to put the job out to tender.

Please be praying for both the DA to go through Council quickly and for the tender process.


We all know that PiP stands for Parents in Partnership @ OCS.

Are we however all aware of the myriad of ways in which this partnership can occur?

Sometimes we might just think of the obvious ones, like our PiP Day coming up on the 24th August. While this is a great opportunity for us to join together as a school community, for fellowship together…and to get lots of jobs done, these mornings are only one of the ways partnership happens at OCS.

Every time you come on site, even when dropping off and picking up your children, you are partnering with us; the quick conversations between parents and with staff of an afternoon; time spent in Bembooka Café; chatting with your children about their day at school; engaging with your child over set  homework and assessment tasks; attending any of our school events; making suggestions for improvements at OCS; participating in our fund raising events; sharing with your friends and acquaintances about what is happening for your children at OCS …the list goes on. These and many more are all ways in which we partner together.

Why is it important…so important that it is one of OCS’s key pillars and a defining distinctive of our school?

More and more research is indicating that as children see their parents engaging with their school, their connection and sense of purpose at their school increases. The result being that they engage further with their education and lift their results. While at OCS our own research is looking at just how this may be happening..

Term 3 Parent Forum (Association Meeting)

While each year we hold 4 Association Meetings, 2 of these are somewhat less formal in style and are designed to encourage discussion and feedback from our parents.

Our next Parent Forum will be held on Thursday, 22nd August in Bembooka @ 7:00pm.

Our Board will be conducting the evening on the topic of

‘2020 What’s your Vision?’.

We will be looking ahead to plans for next year (2020), ensuring that we have a balance of using ‘near-sighted’ and ‘far-sighted’ vision, not experiencing ‘tunnel vision’ or being ‘one-eyed’!

If you would like to ‘look-in’ on Thursday evening, we would love to ‘see’ you!

Music Tuition Concert

Monday 26th August @ 3:30pm @ the Hall we will be holding our first Music Tuition Concert of the year. This is a great opportunity for our students to prepare and perform for their family and friends and to demonstrate all that they have learnt so far…so come and join us!

(NB. Note change of previously advertised time)

Term 3 Parent Focus Group

If you haven’t had the opportunity recently to give us your thoughts, opinions and ideas about life at OCS, we would love to have your input at our next Parent Focus Group. This one is being held at Hogs Breath at 7:30pm on Tuesday evening, 27th August.

Come along and I’ll shout you coffee and dessert!

Let me know if you would like to be there.

The Teach Series…Coming soon!

The Teach Series Video Blog is almost ready to be launched. This is the long-awaited series of videos designed to help you better understand how various topics are taught at OCS. It is our hope that these videos, covering a range of subject areas and topics will equip parents to work with their children at home.

There will be a link to The Teach Series on our OCS Website.

Look Out For…The Teach Series

Honk! Jr.

Honk Jr auditions took place last week with students from Year 3 to Year 6 bravely stepping forward to be considered for lead parts. It was most encouraging to see first-hand the talent and enthusiasm of our students.

Here is our cast list…

Honk! Jr.

Drake: Henry Metcalfe (S3G)

Ida: Isabelle Castvan (S3S)

Ugly: Archer Grounds (S2S)

Grace: Hannah Reilly (S3S)

Cat: Dorothy Grounds (S2P)

Maureen: Jaimee Tandang (S3D)

Henrietta: Charlotte Hoskins (S2S)

Bullfrog: George Pulling (S2G)

Mrs Bullfrog: Harriet Grounds (S3S)

Froglet Soloist: Lana McFadyen (S2G)

Blizzard Soloist: Matilda Pyle (S2S)

Penny: Lily Bangert (S3S)

Mother Swan: Lily Cordery (S3S)

Father Swan: Jack Flemming (S3S)

Bewick: Charity Fung (S3S)

Jay Bird: Gabe Weaver (S3S)

Greylag: Marshall Reid (S3S)

Dot: Emily Metcalfe (S2S)

Barnacles: Bukunmi Adetifa (S3S)

Pinkfoot: Elizabeth Ellington (S2G)

Snowy: Nicole Viljoen (S2G)

Billy: Sienna Mueck (S2P)

Beaky: Eleanor Buchanan (S2S)

Downy: Lexie Rumbold (S2S)

Fluff: Nancy Elliott (S2S)

Congratulations to all our leads…and well done to all students who auditioned.

We have some wonderful talent at our school!

Remember…the professionally filmed DVD of Mary Poppins is available to

pre-order now through the Front Office.

Order yours now and have your own copy for posterity

…posterity will thank you!

Kath Berry

Taking Care on Bikes and Skateboards

This is an important reminder that students need to take care on their bikes and skateboards as they travel to and from school. This is especially so as they go past people’s driveways.

It is not always possible for reversing drivers to see students as they travel across their driveway. So…slow down and look for cars as you cross driveways.

Health Blog

Cherie Rivas

A Cleaner Environment for Better Health! 

A safe, healthy and protective environment is essential to ensure that our children grow and develop normally and healthily. Whilst we are all at risk, our children in particular (due to their smaller bodies, and developing organs and immune systems), are especially vulnerable to air pollution, hazardous chemicals, contaminated water, and poor sanitation and hygiene. The World Health Organisation (WHO), have estimated that worldwide, over 25% of childhood deaths could be prevented through the reduction of these environmental risk factors. 

Although some environmental health hazards (such as industrial emissions and particle pollution) are beyond our immediate individual control, collectively we can contribute to their reduction in the long term by changing to ‘clean energy’ (for example), rather than using coal generated electricity. 

Some immediate (and very simple) actions we can all take, include (but not limited to): 

  • Avoid second-hand smoke from cigarettes, pipes and cigars. (If you are a smoker, courteously distance yourself from non-smokers).
  • Avoid the use of pesticides in the garden & if purchasing non-organic fruit and vegetables, thoroughly rinse them prior to consumption. Try ‘bathing’ fresh produce in a 10% solution of baking soda and water for 15 minutes, for best results.
  • Reduce the number and usage of common household cleaners and air fresheners. Instead, try common products such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, castile soap and essential oils. 
  • Be mindful of other household pollutants, including pets (fur & skin), dust mites and mould, as these can all trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
  • Use filtration systems for drinking water if necessary. 
  • Practice good personal hygiene habits, especially pre-eating and post-bathroom, and keep those areas of the house clean at all times.

By helping to keep our environment clean, everyone benefits… especially our kids! 

Join Us In Prayer

Thanks God For…
  • a most successful Bible Society Master Class last week
  • the rain that has fallen recently
  • our enthusiastic Honk! Jr. cast
  • ongoing planning for our new hall
  • continued growth in enrolments at OCS
Please Pray For…
  • our students competing in State Athletics
  • great Honk! Jr rehearsals for our K-6 students
  • a productive time of review and planning for 2020
  • a well-attended Parent Forum (Association meeting)
  • further rainfall across our parched land


From Our Chaplain

Jann Osborn

I have recently participated in an eSafety professional learning program provided by The Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The eSafety Commissioner is responsible for promoting online safety for all Australians. An interesting part of the program showed recent research insights into social media and technology use by young people and what’s trending in this space.

This particular program also focused on common risks when participating in online environments particularly cyberbullying. I was surprised and saddened to learn that children as young as 8 years old have been involved in incidences of cyber bullying.

On the eSafety Commissioner’s website there are many resources available that could be valuable to parents and covers topics such as – “your child’s first smartphone – are they old enough?” “How much screen time?”, protecting personal information.

The chart attached outlines how to deal with cyber bullying and how comments can be removed. There are consequences for offenders even within gaming platforms.

The internet is simply another tool and it is the behaviour of some users which is a threat to others. By ensuring that our children are educated and operate in the light, they will be much safer.

Please contact me if you would like further information.               


Dylan McHatton

The Professor Harry Messel International Science School

During the holidays, I attended the Professor Harry Messel International Science School. This is a two-week school which brings 140 of the brightest scientific minds around the world to come together to learn about science.

 The International Science School was a fun yet academically challenging two weeks. The camp centred around world class scientists talking and educating scholars about their fields and their work, and participating in activities in the lab, museums and even Virtual Reality. 

One of the many highlights for me was a lecture on climate change, where we used mathematical functions to model climate change, and from this predict the future and how we can limit climate change. Another highlight lecture was about quantum field theory: the study of particles inside the atom. 

My favourite activity was the virtual reality activity, where we had a headset and controllers in our hands where we could interact with objects and play games in VR, walking around in free space. Another activity I really enjoyed was the chemistry activity, where we received an unidentified organic compound and ran tests to get data on the compound to identify the compound. 

As well as the science half of the camp, there was an unforgettable social half of the camp. We were in groups of 21 for a lot of the camp, giving me a great opportunity to form new international friendships while also ‘nerding out’ for two weeks. On the first Friday we were treated to a harbour cruise where we went around the harbour and got to have a beautiful seafood dinner followed by showing our moves on the dance floor. We also got to teach our international friends Australian dances on the night of the bush dance, which was a great opportunity to mix with everyone. After a day of lectures and activities we went back to the accommodation to have some relaxing time or jump in some social activities, giving us time to socialise with everybody. One of the social highlights of the trip was being able to learn about new cultures and countries, making new friends from overseas.  

Overall, ISS was two weeks filled with learning about new things and meeting new friends; two weeks which I’ll keep with me for years to come.

The Learning Hub

Melinda Willis

STAR Word of the Week:


Meaning: brilliantly clear

Coming Up @ OCS

Term 3

Week 4:

  • Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition – Wednesday, 21st August
  • CSSA State Athletics Carnival – Friday, 23rd August
  • PiP Day – Saturday 24th August – 9:00am-12noon

Week 5:

  • Music Tuition Concert – Monday 26th August – 3:30pm @ Hall
  • Kinder/Prep Ready Set Go Class Visits – Tuesday 27th August – 10:15am-10:45am
  • Parent Focus Group Coffee & Dessert – Tuesday 27th August @ Hogs Breath @ 7:30pm
  • Orange Eisteddfod – Stage 2/3 Choir – Thursday 29th August @ Orange Function Centre @ 9:45am
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast – Friday 30th August @ Bembooka @ 7:30am
  • Orange Eisteddfod – Stage 1 Choir – Friday 30th August @ Orange Function Centre @ 9:45am

Week 6:

  • ICAS Digital Technologies – Tuesday, 3rd September
  • Kinder / Prep Ready Set Go Class Visits – Wednesday 4th September @ 12:00-12:30pm
  • Orange Eisteddfod – Primary Band – Thursday 5th September @ Orange Function Centre @ 9:45am
  • Stage 4 Wambangalang Camp – Thursday, 5th – Friday, 6th  September
  • ICAS Science – Thursday 5th September
  • Orange Eisteddfod – String Ensemble – Friday 6th September @ Orange Regional Conservatorium @ 10:00am

Week 7:

  • ICAS Writing on Paper & Writing On Line – Tuesday 10th September
  • Stage 1 Excursion – Wednesday 11th September
  • ICAS Spelling – Thursday 12th September
  • CIS Primary Athletics Carnival – Thursday, 12th September @ SOPAC
  • Bathurst Eisteddfod Stage Band – Thursday, 12th September
  • Secondary Social – Thursday, 12th September @ Hall @ 6:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Kinder / Prep Ready Set Go Class Visits – Thursday 12th September – 10:30am-11:00am
  • Stage 2 Camp @ Lake Canobolas -Thursday 12th & Friday 13th  September

Week 8:

  • OCS on Show Week – Monday 16th – Friday 20th  September
  • Adventure Fun Day – Tuesday, 17th September for Prep – Year 2 plus preschool visitors @ 10:00am
  • OCS Showcase – Tuesday, 17th September 3:30pm – 5:00pm
  • ICAS English – Tuesday, 17th September
  • ICAS Maths – Thursday, 19th September
  • EYEL Breakfast – Friday, 20th September @ Bembooka
  • Music Assembly – Friday, 20th September @ Hall @ 9:30am
  • Book Parade – Prep – Yr 6 – Friday, 20th September @ 10:00am
  • Picnic Lunch with Parents – Friday, 20th  September @ 11:00am

Week 9:

  • Years 3 and 4 Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cup – Monday, 23rd September @ Jack Brabham Park
  • CIS Secondary Athletics Carnival – Tuesday, 24th September @ SOPAC
  • Yr 12 Farewell Assembly – Wednesday, 25th September @ CMC @ 9:30 am – 11:00am
  • Maths Camp – Wednesday, 25th – Friday, 27th  September
  • Fundraising Committee Event Day – Friday, 27th September

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – Saturday 28th September to Sunday 13th October

Save The Date!

Coding Camp – during the October school holidays from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 4th  October @ OCS – run by CodeSpace

2020 Swimming Dates

OCS Swimming Carnival – Thursday, 13th February, 2020

Zone Swimming Carnival (to be held at Orange) – Friday, 28th February, 2020


Dates for your Calendar

·         HSC Begins – Thursday, 17th October

·         Prep Open Day/Art Show – Saturday, 26th October @ OCS Prep @ 10:00am

·         OCS Association Meeting – Tuesday, 29th October @ Bembooka @ 7:00pm

·         Honk! Jr Performance – Thursday, 31st October @ CMC @ 6:00pm

·         Honk! Jr Performance – Friday, 1st November @ CMC @ 6:00pm

·         PiP Day – Saturday, 9th November

·         Year 10 Celebration – Wednesday, 13th November @ 6:00pm @ Learning Hub

·         K-4 Read-aloud Poetry Day – Friday, 15th November @ 10:00 – 10:30am

·         Year 12 Graduation – Thursday, 21st November @ Ambassador Motel @ 6:30pm

·         Class Parents’ Dinner – Thursday, 5th December

·         Year 6 Celebration – Friday, 6th December @ Bembooka @ 6:00pm

·         P-2 Thanksgiving Service – Monday, 9th December @ Library Learning Hub @ 5:30pm

·         3-12 Thanksgiving Service – Tuesday, 10th December @ Orange Civic Theatre @ 5:30pm

·         Last Day of School – Tuesday, 10th December

Every Week @ OCS

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs: STAR in the Learning Hub 3:15pm – 5:00pm 

Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: After School Sport Activities with Coach Mr Snitch 3:20pm – 4:30pm

Mon – Fri: After School Care 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Mon: Worship Band @ Hall 1:30pm

Tues: String Ensemble @ Hall 1:30pm-2:00pm

Wed: Yrs 3-6 Chess Club @ H2 1:30pm

Thurs: Primary Band @ Hall 1:30pm-2:00pm

Thurs: Girls with God (GWG) Yr 5-8 Girls @ H3 @ 1:30pm-2:00pm

Thurs: Stage Band @ Hall 3:30pm-4:30pm

Fri: Parents Connect @ Bembooka @ 9:00am

Fri: Primary/Junior Assembly @ Hall 9:30am

Fri: Secondary Assembly/Senior Assembly @ Hall /Middle School Assembly @ H3 @ 10:50am

Fri: Yrs 3-6 Dance Class @ Hall @ 1:30pm – 2:00pm 

Phil Snitch

Mr Snitch will be conducting after school sport training on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays.

Term 3 Coaching Sessions will run from 3:20pm – 4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12.

In Term 3 Mr Snitch will be coaching:

-Tuesday – Soccer

-Wednesday – Athletics until Wednesday the 28th, when touch football will take over

-Thursday – Netball

-Friday – Multisport, including gymnastics, AFL, Volleyball and field athletics prior to the CSSA carnival

Meet after school outside the Learning Hub

Junior School Newsletter

From The Coordinator

Cathy McPhee

 My Parent Partnership hour is now up and running.

Each Monday from 9:30-10:30am you will find me in Bembooka.

You’re welcome to pop in and enjoy a coffee as we chat.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up……”

Junior School Surveys

We value parent partnership, aiming to work closely with you as your child progresses through OCS, so thank you for the 54 Junior School Surveys returned, which is a record for us!

Our ‘class parents’ are very helpful in communicating the latest information to you, regarding your child’s class. However, if you would prefer not to receive these reminders, then simply contact the front office to be taken off the ‘class parents’ list.

Below are the graph results for the five sections of the Junior Survey. The gold line indicates the 75% level, which we aim to achieve above; while the grey line indicates the 50% level.

We have been very encouraged with the results. Over the next few weeks we will review and prayerfully consider your responses and requests; and then report back to you. Don’t forget that you are welcome to chat with me in my Parent Partnership Hour on Mondays. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to present your thoughts to us. We will use these to help fine tune our 2020 Teaching and Learning Plan.


Give thanks to God for:

  • the year 4 students who have been tasked with leading their groups in the HOPE Challenge
  • the snow falls which brought much excitement as well as much needed moisture for the land
  • fabulous responses to the Junior Survey which we’ve received

Petition God for:

  • prayerful consideration as we evaluate those responses and plan further into 2020
  • those students who need more support in friendships
  • settled classrooms so that academic rigour is possible


Junior School HOPE Challenge

The Junior School is the melting pot of many different gorgeous characters, who may or may not have behaviour conducive to always being ‘thoughtful, responsible and respectful.’ Before school their lives mostly revolved around themselves and their family, but now they also have other little people to contend with for six hours Monday to Friday, who may or may not do things the same as they do them.

It’s all a learning process. Learning to be a good friend at the same time as learning to be a good student is a challenge. Hence the name for the HOPE Challenge.

As you would be aware by now, the aim of the HOPE Challenge is to provide a platform in which students are taught and guided about how to respond in different situations, thereby developing empathy for others, as they learn to be ‘thoughtful, responsible and respectful.’

We have begun the Peer Support topic ‘Living Positively’ in the HOPE Challenge groups which meet each Friday.     Each HOPE Challenge group also has a new year 4 leader, who has taken up the challenge this term.

During the next few weeks, the HOPE Challenge groups will cover the following topics. We also ask that you discuss these topics with your children.

  • share the things they enjoy in life and have an opportunity to discuss their favourite activity. During this session children will recognise what makes them happy. During week 3 we encourage you to discuss your child’s favourite activity with them.
  • identify their strengths. Children will explore the following important strengths – curiosity, kindness and teamwork. Through the activities, children will be able to recognise which strengths they possess. They will realise how important it is to use their strengths in different situations. During week 4 we encourage your child to share their strengths with you.
  • practise developing their strengths. This will help your child become more resilient and optimistic. We encourage you to ask your child to share the strengths they identified during the HOPE Challenge session on Friday of week 5.


The Memory Verse Challenge: aiming for everyone to learn God’s word, thereby ‘hiding it in their heart.’

“I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

                                                                                                                                                                            Psalm 139:24

The HOPE Challenge Awards

As this is the first year of the HOPE Challenge Awards, we find that we are fine-tuning it as the year progresses. It has been an interesting line for us to walk, as we balance the presentation of Assembly Certificates and/or HOPE Challenge Certificates, that will enable students to progress through the HOPE Challenge Award system, thereby achieving the Platinum Award, within the one school year.

This term we introduced the specific HOPE Challenge certificates. Students will need to earn two of these certificates before they receive the Award; for example, two silver Hope Challenge certificates = one Hope Challenge Award.

Many of you commented in the Junior Surveys, that we needed to increase the number of certificates available in some classes, to enable that target to be achievable. After discussion with the Junior Team we have decided to have more certificates available in classes with more than 20 students. So now each class with:

  • less than 20 students will receive 2 assembly certificates and 2 HOPE Challenge certificates per assembly.
  • more than 20 students will receive 3 assembly certificates and 4 HOPE Challenge certificates per assembly.

Academic Rigour

CodeSpace Camp

School Holiday CodeSpace Camps Return to Orange Christian School!

Another school holiday is just around the corner. That means one thing: it’s time to make a plan to defeat boredom, thwart mindless web-browsing and video gaming, and steer clear of yawn-inducing holiday camps.

At CodeSpace, we’ve got you covered. We offer holiday camps that kids love and parents trust. We offer a range of

topics and camp lengths with one goal: to empower kids with the skills to blend technology and creativity.

In our hands-on holiday camps, students can build problem solving and critical thinking skills while learning the computer code used by game designers to create animated characters, design 3D environments, and customise (or Mod) objects.

Kids leave CodeSpace camps with a better understanding of how technology works and the experience they’ll need to take their work to the next level and show it off to friends. And they may not realize it, but they’re also learning crucial skills like logic and problem-solving they’ll carry with them long after camp ends.

We’ll be returning to Orange Christian School these Spring Holidays. Learn more and sign up online today!

Learn more here: https://codespace.education/ocs

What’s Happening in PREP?

Rosa Cunial

Becoming Environmentally Responsible

The children at Prep have been working on developing a sense of responsibility in caring for their environment. Using the ‘worm juice’ from the worm farm for our vegetable garden, helps develop an understanding of how to grow food and care for a sustainable pattern of living. The children have been bringing in towels to be used instead of paper after they wash their hands. Lexie estimates she will save three trees from being chopped down by doing this. We went for a walk around the school and picked up rubbish. We even went into the teacher’s staff room to find evidence of ways they are being environmentally responsible. We have been talking about the best ways of minimizing waste within the room in an effort to develop a respect for the environment and to encourage critical thinking. Becoming environmentally responsible has extended to the home. Isabelle said she has been putting rubbish in the bin at home, instead of just throwing it anywhere. Olivia B has been turning the tap off very quickly after washing her hands. Penny said her backyard has lots of rubbish, so she picked it all up. Marcus said he cleaned up his bedroom. 


Stage One students had lots of fun working in groups and making helicopters on STEM Day.

Stage 1 Sport – Balancing Gymnastics

Stage 1 has been enjoying sport this term including balancing activities. We have been balancing on different body parts (as seen in the photos), for example, 2 feet and 2 hands; 2 elbows and 2 knees; bottom; tummy; 1 leg and 1 hand, and so on.

Kindergarten celebrated 100 days at school, at the end of Term 2

The end of Term 2 saw Kindergarten reach 100 days of learning! What an achievement!

We celebrated by learning all about 100. The classes joined together for the session and had a wonderful time rotating through fun activities such as what it looked like in numbers, stacking 100 plastic cups, thinking of ways to spend $100, exploring 100 things to give to someone as well as other crafting activities.

I wonder what the next 100 days will bring? What learning will we do?

Primary Assembly

The Junior and Primary Assemblies are held on Fridays, from week 2 each term, at 9:30am in the hall. Parents and friends are always welcome to join us.

Merit Certificates were presented to:

Bronze Awards were presented to: