Do you long to take the Biblical teaching to be responsible for the raising of your children seriously?

Have you sought to follow this direction, yet found the ‘school system’ at times works against this desire?

Are the values of secular education running at odds with your family’s values?

It is to address these important issues that OCS exists.

Our Vision – “To raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God.”

OCS is a non-denominational, co-educational, Prep to Year 12 Christian school that partners with parents to raise and nurture their children, educating them through an academically rigorous program.

All of our educational programs, while adhering to National Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements, are written and presented from a Christian perspective. They seek to provide children with a sound biblical understanding, and the means to critique and engage with the world through a Christian worldview.

Christian education seeks to support the unique development of each child so they can glorify God and meaningfully serve both within the school community and beyond. Our school is built on strong partnerships between parents and school, where open communication, parent engagement and empowerment are valued and encouraged.

Three Pillars support all that we do at OCS…

-Christian Discipleship

-Academic Excellence

-Parent Partnership

The school seeks to bring all areas of school life into alignment with Biblical principles, including administration, curriculum, governance and welfare.

By developing a faithful approach to education, OCS strives to offer excellent opportunities for academic, physical, spiritual, communal and emotional growth for all students.

OCS is part of Christian Education National (CEN) school network and affiliated with Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS). OCS Limited is a company limited by guarantee.

Our Mission statement is: “In partnership with parents, Orange Christian School provides affordable education that brings honour and glory to God. OCS gives each child a Christ-centred education as a complete person created by God in His image:

Academically – to see the world from God’s view

Spiritually – to view themselves in relation to God

Socially – to see others as God sees them”