Message from our Principal

We believe that our uniform has been designed in keeping with the school vision and mission statements. At OCS we strive to develop leaders of godly character; working in partnership with parents to provide affordable, Christ centred education. For this reason, the uniform has been designed to be suitable for our future leaders to wear to school each day. We believe it is smart, comfortable, modest, hard wearing and represent value for money.

Let me encourage you to take the time to read through this document with your children to ensure that you are fully informed about the uniform code.

The uniform code aims to be explicit about items of clothing, footwear, jewelry and body art, hair and personal presentation. We hope that this will enable parents, students and staff to have a positive and shared understanding of the expectations of OCS in these matters.

At OCS we believe that leaders of godly character should be concerned about their personal presentation to the wider community, so we will be asking that all students take responsibility to wear the uniform appropriately and with pride, at all times. If they are in OCS uniform, then they represent our school. For this reason, we will be asking students to ensure that whenever they are in uniform, they are in full uniform – be that on the school grounds, or before or after hours in the wider community.

Yours in Christ

Melissa Brown


Our OCS Uniform

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