STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an acronym that receives a lot of attention…but what is it? STEAM (at OCS we also include Arts) is an approach to learning that aims to be transdisciplinary. That is, the subjects are integrated, students use skills and apply their knowledge from a range of disciplines to solve real world problems or develop real world projects. Through these learning experiences, students develop the twenty-first century skills of communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking. One of the real benefits of this approach is that students are able to apply and connect their learning and to transfer their knowledge and skills across a wide range of subjects.

Teachers at OCS have participated in the University of Sydney STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy for both Secondary (2018) and Primary Schools (2019). Through their participation, teachers have developed integrated STEAM experiences and have developed an intentional progression for students through the different stages at school. Students at OCS participate in STEAM related activities through a range of activities including as seen in the video: