The OCS Sports Plan has its foundation on the following three pillars.
• Participation
• Excellence
• Sportsmanship
OCS is a member of the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA) which provides the opportunity for students to participate in a number of CSSA Sports including swimming, athletics, cross country, gymnastics and triathlon. Sport is overseen by the staff Sports Team which is comprised of staff from all sections of the school who provide a whole school focus. The Sports Team meets regularly throughout the year, whilst the Sports Committee, comprising of the Principal, Sports Team, interested parents and 1 board member, meets once a term to encourage parent engagement and input into the development of sport. In order to keep all school community members informed, a sports report is available in the whole school newsletter once a term.
Under the three pillars mentioned above, the Sports Team and Sports Committee continually review the development of Sport in relation to the following focus areas:

• Carnivals – continuing to develop the efficiency and quality of our carnivals.
• CSSA Sports – enabling students to extend and enhance sporting ability through access to CSSA Sports events, either as part of a team or as an individual.
• After-school Sports Program – increasing the frequency and variety of sports offered over four afternoons a week with the Sports Coach, who also leads lunchtime sessions and training for teams representing the School.
• Sporting Facilities – the development and upgrade of sporting facilities, including equipment and sports fields.
• Further development of core sports – developing training programs and competitive teams in soccer, netball, touch football and cricket.
• Further advancement and promotion of the image/perception of sport at OCS.
• Creating more opportunities for Student leadership and House development.