Prep & Early Learning

A positive environment focusing on the development of the whole child – academically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Prep School – 4 Year Old Program

Orange Christian School’s vision is “to raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God”, and our preparatory program is designed with this vision in mind.

The learning environment is one which challenges and celebrates the potential of young children. By engaging in project work, educational objectives are identified and these aim to help children learn attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary in laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

To give our students a great start in their formal literacy development, Prep provides the Pre Lit Program . This is an early literacy preparation program designed to lay the foundation for good phonological and other essential language skills. This facilitates literacy development in the early school years.

Children are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the program which is designed and implemented by qualified, highly skilled and experienced staff. OCS Prep provides a nurturing, secure, stimulating and innovative environment – one which promotes happiness and a desire to learn.

Prep 2019

The curriculum is designed to develop:

1. Positive attitudes to self and others based on strong Christian values

2. Positive attitudes to learning including problem solving and critical thinking skills

3. Independence and an understanding of the need for self discipline

4. Fine and gross motor skills

5. A range of cognitive skills through experiences in language, mathematics, science, music, art, drama, dance, literature, social and cultural studies and technology. To develop our students love for, and skills in music, we provide specialist music sessions on each Monday and Friday. These are conducted by highly skilled and qualified music teachers. This is a most joyful time of learning in Prep.

6. Positive and caring attitudes to the environment

We want to make you and your child’s experience at Orange Christian School as enjoyable as possible so the following information has been provided which may assist you.

OCS Prep operates Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4:00 pm. The school offers an after-school care service and this can be arranged through the office for parents who wish to pick their children after 3:00 pm.

A responsible adult must bring and collect children from OCS Prep. The responsible adult must be authorised in writing by the parent of the child.

When children arrive and depart from OCS Prep, they must be signed in and out. If a child requires medication, the parent needs to give this directly to a staff member.

1. Your child’s hat with their name on it

2. Fruit/healthy snack for recess

3. Bottle of water or juice. Please no cordial – we try to promote healthy eating habits.

4. Spare clothes including socks and underwear

5. One small hand towel

We discourage bringing toys from home to prep. This can sometimes cause distress if they are broken. We have the “Red Bag” and this will give the children an opportunity to share their toy or other materials from home.

Products containing eggs and nuts are not permitted at OCS Prep due to the potential risk that these products can cause to some children.

OCS Prep is located in a purpose built facility on the site of Orange Christian School. The children have their own toilet facilities accessed from within the classroom.

One of the key features of our outdoor education program is our wonderful dry river bed, where children can learn and explore in a natural learning environment.


A daybook outlining activities and experiences of the day is available for each OCS Prep day. In addition, a slideshow of the day’s photos is also available for parents to view. This presentation is important because it informs parents of their child’s experiences of the day, who they interacted with and provides a starting point of discussion between parent/child/teacher.

At the end of year, children are presented with a portfolio. These are a collection of observations, photographs, samples of children’s work and projects they have undertaken during the course of the year. If at any time you wish to look at your child’s portfolio, please ask the teachers.

In term three, progress reports are sent home to provide information to parents about their child’s learning and progress. OCS Prep uses a variety of strategies which help in assessing children’s learning, recognising the fact that children are all unique, have different learning styles and progress at different rates. Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their child at any time.


From the first time we walked into the Prep room, Simon and I felt very welcomed. It was this warm welcome by the room teachers that put our minds at ease. “Yes, this is the right place to start our son’s school education.”

My son loves trains, so trains/transport was incorporated into the program to help him settle into his new learning environment. This thoughtfulness of the teacher in the room is a true blessing to the children. Every child is treasured, and it is this teaching philosophy/practice, that is a great comfort to parents. To know that your precious child is growing and learning in such a wonderful environment is very reassuring.

The outdoor playground is a fantastic learn through play area. From the lovely shade trees, the dry river bed, bridge and stage and the large sandpit, it is evident that the children’s learning through play environment is important to the school.

Verity Williams

“The Prep program at Orange Christian School is fantastic!

I have sent both my 2 older children there and couldn’t be happier.

The professional and caring staff is a credit to themselves. They provide a friendly and welcoming environment for the children to grow socially and academically.

As a teacher I find it important that a program offers activities that challenge and get children ready for their long journey of learning.

I would highly recommend sending any child there to give them the best possible grounding and start to school.”

 Michelle Carkeek.

“Our daughter Phoebe really enjoys going to Prep.  She has been enthusiastic about attending each day, even to the point of spontaneously making presents for her teachers to show how important they are to her.  That’s been a great encouragement to us because we know how important it is to have a good experience of the school environment in developing her learning and social confidence.  We’ve been impressed by the range of activities the kids get involved with especially the artistic endeavours that have really developed Phoebe’s interest and creativity.  We really emphasise the development of Phoebe’s imaginative side and Prep has reinforced this with visiting artists.  It is also fantastic when we hear Phoebe telling us things about Jesus that she has learnt at school that reinforce what we are teaching her.  We feel she is in a safe learning environment that is developing a broad range of skills.  Phoebe has a good bunch of friends in the class, visits the kinder and older kids in the school, and is really enjoying her learning.  We’ve seen her grow in her personal confidence and in concern for others.”

James Nicholson

Orange Christian School