Developing positive relationships with peers and teachers is a high priority as we assist each student to see their value as an individual created by God, with unique gifts and abilities that enable them to be a valued member of the society in which they live. Unlike objects on a production line, each human being is created differently and through community interaction, we develop interdependence, enabling each individual to help others and to be open to accepting support when needed. 

Orange Christian School’s Prep- School Readiness Program

The world of school is a new, exciting and potentially challenging place for children entering into Kindergarten. How do we best prepare our children to embark upon this journey?

Through OCS’s Prep – School Readiness Program, it is our aim to equip our four year olds so they are confident to face all of the demands of school life.

How we do this is tailored to each child’s many needs, however, there are four main inter-related focus areas of our children’s development

These are: Socially, Physically, Academically and Spiritually 

Socially– School is a very social place. A child’s success in school often hinges on how well they are able to relate socially with both their peers and their teachers. Our OCS Prep invests in assisting students to communicate with and relate to, their peers in a respectful and cooperative manner. Positive attitudes to both self and others are required so that children see themselves as an integral part of their community. These skills in positive social interaction are essential for students when navigating the complexities of Kindergarten, and in the relatively ‘safe’ and supportive environment of Prep we can foster these important skills                                                     

Physically– Children do not reach their overall potential at school if they are not physically competent. At Prep, these ‘lifestyle habits’ are being laid down early through daily programmed physical activity and free play sessions. Physical activity is not only good for our children’s general health, but rather an essential component of each child’s cognitive development. Arriving at Kindergarten physically fully prepared, is an advantage that cannot be over-stated. 

Academically– Schools exist to advance the academic capabilities of their students. Having students enter Kindergarten with the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for this next level of learning, ensures that our students can fully engage in the various subject areas they encounter. At Prep, students will experience  Pre- Literacy Preparation, as well as experiences in language, maths, science, music, art, drama, dance, literature, technology and social and cultural studies. In addition our students are taught by a our specialist music teacher twice per week.

Spiritually– Orange Christian School aims to ‘…raise leaders of Godly character, who can blend academics with biblical truth to bring glory to God’, and this process begins in Prep! 

Our 4 year olds are always very eager to hear about how much God loves them and to consider how we can show this kind of love to each other and to our families. Our Preps are Godly leaders in training who are regularly hearing God’s word, being shown how God is in all of creation and learning to bring their prayers for themselves and others to God.

Orange Christian School’s Prep-School Readiness Program…partnering with you to prepare for school and all that is ahead.