An area of particular focus at OCS is Creative and Performing Arts. Our aim is to encourage students to be regularly involved in Music, Visual Arts and Drama so that they will develop their God-given talents and abilities. We continue on a journey of cultural change, placing a high value on the expression of God-given creative gifts both for those expressing these gifts and for those enjoying them as an audience. 


OCS has been performing major Musicals over the past 15 years. In 2019 we will perform Mary Poppins. Our Musicals are always a fantastic joint effort between staff, students and parents. These Musicals take place each year. 

Primary Musicals are staged every two years. In 2019, we will present Honk Jr. 

Christian Education National (CEN) Music Festival 

Every two years OCS hosts the CEN Music Festival in August, usually with 10 schools involved over three days of workshops, culminating in the Grand Concert. Approximately 200 visiting students attend plus 150 OCS students. They are given the opportunity to make music together and to learn how to use their God-given gifts to bring glory to God. 

Music Tuition Program 

Music Tuition is offered at OCS in a very wide range of instruments The range of instruments being taught now include cello and brass, to add to woodwind, strings, percussion and voice, as group or individual lessons. 

Early Years Music 

Specialist music sessions are provided in Prep twice each week. The aim of these sessions is to begin music education with our four year olds so as to introduce them to the delights of music.  

Year One and Two Strings Program 

We have an established Year 1 Strings Program, whereby 25% of Year One students receive small group violin tuition for one term each. Mrs Carmel Follent has been ably taking the violin group and  also takes a group for Year 2’s, playing cello. We aim to have strings students join our Concert Band in 2022, to create an orchestra! 

Year 7/8 Concert Band

We have two Year 7/8 curricular Concert Bands as a regular part of our students Music Education. Band members each receive weekly group tuition on their instrument and play together as a band.

Stage Band

OCS Stage Band exists to give musicians in all School grades an opportunity to further hone their musical skills, especially once they have completed their Concert Band experience.

Latest Developments

-Lunch-time Primary Band
-Stage 2 and 3 Choir
-Weekly String Ensemble for primary students
-Hip Hop Dance class, led by parent and Dance Studio Principal Mrs Leesa Chaseling

Our Stage One Choir, directed by Mr Bill Moxey, the Stage 2/3 Choir and the Primary Band prepare for and perform each year in the City of Orange Eisteddfod.

Worship Teams

Two Secondary worship teams practice every week, alternatively taking fortnightly Secondary Assemblies. Our teams also lead worship at various events including: Dedication Service, Easter Assembly, Year 12 Farewell and the Thanksgiving Service.

The Creative Arts journey that we are on at OCS is clearly a most challenging, yet exciting one! Looking back at what has been achieved in recent years is a most encouraging exercise. We are in the business of changing the culture, so that expressions of God-given creativity become natural out-workings of our praise for God.

Peter Cooper, Performing Arts Coordinator