In our Prep and Junior School, pastoral care is the responsibility of the class teachers as students become aware of school dynamics, learning and relationships. Within our Middle School, Homeroom teachers assist students to navigate the challenges associated with discovering who they are and how they fit into the various groups in which they interact. Our Senior School pastoral care program operates through Vertical Homeroom groups in which the Homeroom teacher challenges students to be positive role models for younger students and foster positive communication between Stage 5 and Stage 6 students. 

As students transition through the school, there is the expectation that they will grow as individuals, initially requiring explicit instruction from teachers regarding expectations relating to behaviour, learning and relationships. During the education process, we aim to assist students to analyse their own behaviour throughout the various stages of development so that they are ready to step into the broader community and demonstrate leadership in their various spheres of influence at the conclusion of their time at OCS.  

While students may experience setbacks in this process, the question of how they respond and rectify these matters demonstrates their character, so the focus needs to ensure that setbacks do not become the pattern. While conflict is inevitable in community settings, resolving conflict and restoring relationships are essential skills to develop. OCS places a high importance on developing and maintaining relationships.