Senior School

Senior Secondary at Orange Christian School is designed to offer your child an exciting educational experience that will shape them into Godly leaders who are equipped to transform the changing world in which they live.

Senior School – Year 9 to Year 12

The senior educational program at Orange Christian School allows students to explore the world through academic experiences led by specialist teachers who know their subject. The teachers are experts at critiquing the subjects from a Christian perspective and at the same time supporting the students to extend their academic capabilities.

Our Senior Secondary department consists of students in Years 9-12. Students at this age are beginning to think more seriously about life beyond school so it is vital that engaging with a secondary curriculum that is firmly grounded on Christian principles, is so important. Students will be challenged to think through serious issues of life from a Christian perspective whilst engaging with a more academically rigorous curriculum.

Stage 5 – Years 9 & 10

As students move out of Middle School into Senior Secondary they are wanting to engage with the world in a more adult manner; they are beginning to assert their independence of thought and trying to expand their boundaries.

At this point in the student’s academic journey they are challenged to question, critique and respond to the issues of our world through the Christian principles of compassion, mission and redemption.

Core Subjects

The core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science,  History and Geography are taught by subject specialists who also teach our HSC courses. They are therefore able to bring this experience to the stage 5 courses; laying the academic groundwork students need to move into their HSC studies with confidence.

Elective Courses

Our elective courses allow for a range of creative, design and technological courses that engage and enthuse students about this aspect of their schooling, with many opportunities for them to put their learning to use through musicals and showcases.

Pastoral Care Program

The pastoral care program is designed to help young people to understand, develop and support them in their personal faith journey. The Homeroom teachers and Chaplain work closely together to support our student’s academically, pastorally and spiritually at this point in their schooling.

This gives them a firm foundation on which to then explore challenging issues and concepts.

Stage 6 – Years 11 & 12


We strongly believe that in the Senior School the HSC is not a time for students to disengage from their families, churches and community. Our students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities that allows them to develop their gifts and abilities in a supportive Christian community.

We believe that taking part in community life helps to inspire their academic studies in such a way that they are able to become dynamic citizens in the wider world.

The Orange Christian School delivery of the HSC combines traditional delivery with compressed courses. This model allows students to complete two HSC subjects in Year 11; with the courses offered in a concentrated fashion with twelve lessons a week in the compressed and five to six lessons a week in the traditional subjects.

This ensures Year 11 becomes an academically rigorous year which helps students to increase their scholastic skills and understanding, right at the time they need it.

As our students are introduced to the expectations of the HSC in Year 11 they are better equipped to balance the demands of family, church and community in Year 12.

As Paul encourages us to prepare thoroughly and run the race with diligence (1 Corinthians 9: 24-25) we believe that delivering the HSC in this manner turns the HSC into ‘Tour de France’ with students completing it in stages rather than a sprint to the finish which often leaves students behind or unable to finish strongly.

Students are therefore able to focus on their learning, strengthen weaknesses and consolidate strengths in this model of HSC studies.

Introduction of iPads

The availability of individual iPads for Years 10 – 12 has moved our classrooms into the digital age. Students are able to access up-to-date data to support their research for Legal Studies or Biology, use multimedia techniques to represent or summarise their learning in CAFS and English and engage with their peers and teachers in a safe environment.

The iPad has allowed the classroom to become dynamic with teachers and students able to use the iPads in conjunction with the Apple TV to present work and share their learning to the benefit of all students. A class set of iPads is available for borrowing from our Library Learning Centre for the use of Year 9 students.

Digital Discipleship Course

At the start of Year 11 students undertake the Digital Discipleship course which develops their understanding of the responsibilities of using digital technology. They are prompted to think through their responsibilities in the digital world and to ask themselves the hard questions about their digital footprint. At Orange Christian School we believe that through this course students are challenged to grapple with the issues of cyberspace etiquette and the ethics of copyright and digital scholarship in their studies.

Other academic opportunities include:

  • CWA speaking competitions.
  • Extension English and Maths camps.
  • University visits.
  • English/Maths enrichment classes in Years 9 & 10.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is developed through our Student Services Committee (SSC) with students from Year 9 -12 with students being selected to be part of this leadership group and each year.

SSC students represent the school at community events and provide a variety of mission focussed activities throughout the school year. The SSC chooses to support the Cancer Council, Red Shield Appeal, Orange Community Christmas Lunch and 40 Hour Famine each year, as well as Mission Trips both domestic and international.

The students are also trained to compere school assemblies, and other formal functions.

These opportunities, given through the SSC, are a flagship of OCS’s leadership program, serving as a model to our younger students and witnessing the servant leadership of Christ to the wider community.

Subjects On Offer

Stage 5 Subject Choices


Core Subjects

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. History
  5. Geography
  6. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education – incorporating Christian Studies


Elective 1 Options

  1. Visual Arts
  2. Graphics Technology
  3. Food Technology


Elective 2 Options

  1. Drama
  2. Industrial Technology
  3. Music
  4. Physical Activity and Sports Studies

Stage 6 Subject Choices



  1. English – Advanced
  2. English – Standard
  3. English – Extension 1
  4. Mathematics – 2 unit
  5. General Mathematics
  6. Mathematics – Extension 1
  7. Chemistry
  8. Biology
  9. Legal Studies
  10. Business Studies
  11. Modern History
  12. Ancient History
  13. Design & Technology
  14. Drama
  15. Community and Family Studies
  16. VET –
    Certificate II in Hospitality and Certificate II in Construction, these are dual qulaifiaction for HSC and vocational pathways offered on site at OCS’s Bembooka Trades Skills Centre.
  17. TVET – courses run in conjunction with Orange TAFE.
  18. Distance education – other courses approved by BOSTES are available through Dubbo School of Distance Education, OTEN and iCEN.

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