School Fees

Fee Schedule 2019

Family Size $ Annually Per Term
1 primary $5047 $1262
2 primary $8832 $2208
3 primary $11760 $2940
4 primary $13779 $3445
1 secondary + 1 primary $10386 $2597
1 secondary + 2 primary $13313 $3329
1 secondary + 3 primary $15333 $3834
2 secondary + 1 primary primary $14479 $3620
2 secondary + 2 primary $16498 $4125
3 secondary + 1 primary $17399 $4350
1 secondary $6601 $1651
2 secondary $11552 $2888
3 secondary $15380 $3845
4 secondary $18021 $4506
Senior Secondary levy $1512 Applies to all senior sec. students
Year ll and 12

Families with more 5 or more will need to contact the school front office for more information.

First child is the eldest child in the family.

Fee Information

School Fees Fund Education for All Students

Orange Christian School’s fees are calculated on the cost of providing education to your student for the full year. Fees form a considerable part of the school’s annual income (around 35%). A sound budget and long-term planning are necessary to ensure the teaching programs and equipment that students require throughout the year.


In keeping with the school’s philosophy of providing affordable Christian education, fees are kept as low as possible, including considerable sibling discounts for several children enrolled at the school. The school endeavours to assist families so that no families experiencing genuine hardship are denied access to our school because of monetary considerations.

As part of a Christian community, we expect that parents will partner with the school in non-monetary ways, making substantial contributions of time and energy to the school.

Fees Schedule

Orange Christian School fees are determined at the beginning of each year as an annual amount per student. They are not levied per term, or weekly. The Fees Schedule is published on the school’s website, with enrolment forms, and to school families at the beginning of each year.

OCS Prep Fees

The cost for each child enrolled in prep program at OCS is $45 dollars a day, and the fees do not include any food. Prep is available at OCS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday & Friday for 40 weeks of the year.

Tuition Fees – Kindergarten to Year 12

As far as possible, fees are all inclusive. They include expenses such as (homework/library satchels for Primary), exercise books, school diary, school excursions (except special one off excursions in senior secondary), and entry fees to school sporting activities.

Payment Methods

1. Direct debit – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly (direct debit forms available through the front office)

2. Payment of full year’s tuition fees by the second week of Term 1

Other Costs

Enrolment Fee: A non-refundable fee of $150 is required upon application. There are no fee discounts for siblings for the Prep program.

Parents-in-Partnership (PIP) Levy: A working bee/ The working bee/PIP levy of $150 per family per annum is incorporated in the first child fee. At the end of the year, parents that have completed their PIP program will have this levy rebated.

Financial Agreement

To be fair to all families, and to meet the requirements of our budget in providing quality education for all students, parents enter into a Financial Agreement with the school at the time of enrolment.

This Financial Agreement sets out the annual fees owing to the school for providing education to your child or children for the year. It allows the payment of fees in a lump sum at the start of the year; or by compulsory direct debit, which better suits many families.

For accounting purposes, Prep fees are separated from School fees, and therefore two direct debit payments are set up. The Agreement is signed by the parents and a school representative, and forms part of the Enrolment Contract.

Difficulty Paying School Fees

If family circumstances create difficulty for them paying school fees, please contact the school’s Business Manager as soon as possible. The school may be able to assist if you let us know early.

Extended Absence from the School

Sometimes students are away from school for extended periods of time, such as holidays, illness or family circumstances. The school cannot grant an exemption of school fees for these times, as school fees are levied across a whole year. Please contact the school to discuss your situation. It may be possible to provide appropriate school lessons for your child. In extenuating circumstances please contact the Business Manager to discuss fee payment.

When a Child Leaves the School

There are times when a student leaves OCS before the completion of their education, either at the end of a school year, or midway through the year.

Parents, as per the Enrolment Contract, must give at least ten full weeks notice of their children leaving the school. This gives the school fair notice of departure to allow for adjustments in resourcing, staffing and administration, which affect all students in the school. When notice is given, the school will inform you of the balance of fees to be paid, and adjust direct debit payments to cover the balance.

Please note, where students are enrolled in TVET, VET or distance education subjects, the full annual fee for the course must be paid irrespective of any notice.

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