Middle School

The chance to explore; the opportunity to be challenged; the conditions in which to be nurtured; the freedom to fly.

Middle School – Year 5 to Year 8

Academic Rigour

Middle School at Orange Christian School provides this and more for the young people in our care. Middle School proactively addresses the in-between years, Years 5 – 8, providing a smooth transition from Primary into Secondary School.

Our program and teaching activities are age specific and delivered by our specialist Middle School teaching team. Students know and appreciate when adults work together to care for them and to cater for their specific needs and this is the kind of supportive partnership that we seek to develop within our school community.

Academic rigour is an important aspect of our Middle School, with carefully devised teaching/learning programmes specifically designed to marry investigation and research skills and hands-on practical activities. Analytical thinking skills and plenty of opportunities for students to present and showcase their work are also key features of Middle School.

Outdoor Education & Music

Outdoor Education is another avenue through which our students are encouraged to test out their wings. Each year students in Middle School are given opportunities to interact with the environment in exciting and challenging ways.

Hill End and Canberra Trips

Years 5 and 6 attend these excursions in alternate years, providing an opportunity to experience our gold mining history and the workings of our National Capital, respectively.

Six Foot Track Camp

The Six Foot Track camp for Years 7 and 8 involves much group planning and training in order to provide and cook nutritious meals for one’s group, and to be able to walk 24 km over three days. All this takes place under the guidance of our specialist team – accompanied by a significant number of enthusiastic parents!

Band Program

Learning to play an instrument in the Years 7 and 8 concert band program creates a journey of discovery to find skills and confidence perhaps previously untapped. Students experience both tutorial training and whole band performance each week, to develop proficiency and confidence when playing their selected instrument. In 2016 this program will cater for Years 6 and 7, moving to Years 5 and 6 from 2017 onwards.


The junior and secondary musicals also provide a great training ground for our students, enabling them to participate in large-scale theatrical productions. Here they learn not only what is required of them on stage, but also how to work collaboratively with other students, forming long-lasting friendships.

Leadership Development

Our school is about the journey from childhood to responsible adult leadership. Here again is an opportunity for this leadership to develop through the modelling junior students witness by our senior students. Younger students having great friendships with older students is yet another positive effect resulting from these productions.

A sense of purpose and direction is something we at Orange Christian School know is vital in a young person’s life. This will enable them to live lives that will be a blessing in our community.

Orange Christian School