Junior School

Guiding students to a life built on firm foundations.

Junior School – Kindergarten to Year 4

Enquire, Inspire, Achieve

Junior School students are ready to tackle life head on.

Therefore at OCS, we provide a secure environment for our children to feel safe to enquire; be given opportunity to be inspired and be nurtured to achieve their very best using their God-given gifts.

Our vision statement: “to raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God.” …determines our focus within the Junior School for this exciting, inquisitive stage of education, where students progress towards independent learning.

We provide a comprehensive, balanced and engaging curriculum with a Christian world view. Biblical truth underpins everything we do in the Junior School, including starting the day with Devotions and Prayer. We celebrate differences providing differentiated lessons, thereby catering for different learning styles and personalities.

Literacy and Numeracy are our priority Key Learning Areas as they provide the necessary skills for successful life-long learning and as such, are overseen by Instructional Leaders.

The Daily Literacy Block is based on the five rocks of Literacy. These are vital skills necessary for the successful development of all aspects of Literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension; which provide students with the skills to enjoy all that Literacy has to offer and to communicate proficiently.

The Numeracy Block is taught in the middle session each day. All Numeracy lessons are based on Number Sense which is foundational for students to understand how numbers work, and how to think mathematically in everyday situations in order to provide solutions to questions and investigations
All other Key Learning Areas including, Science and Technology, History and Geography, Creative and Practical Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education are taught during the afternoon sessions of the week.

We value partnering with parents and welcome their support in class activities such as the Move to Learn Program; Reading and Numeracy groups; Swimming and Athletic carnivals; excursions and camps.

Key Learning Areas


To communicate proficiently – Students learn the necessary skills to understand and proficiently use the English language. Reading, writing, talking and listening skills are developed to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of how to navigate their way through life in many contexts and to varying audiences. Student engagement with a diverse array of texts from novels, plays, and poetry as well as multi-media is part of each classes program.


Understanding the patterns within life – Mathematics develops students understanding and competence in using and manipulating numbers, shapes and measurement. Each of these strands is broken into smaller components – focussing on a complete understanding of Mathematical concepts and their interconnected nature. The ability to use this knowledge and think mathematically in everyday situations and provide solutions to questions and investigations is a key component of Mathematics.

Science and Technology

 Seeking answers to questions – Science and Technology is about engaging students to pursue investigations, to seek answers and foster their natural curiosity by using critical thinking skills and asking ‘why?’. In participating in science activities students engage in both striving to understand a theory, concept or phenomenon but also participate in the practical experiments through using various technologies.

Human Society and Its Environment

Learning from the past, to shape the future – In HSIE students learn about history, geography, civics and citizenship. They participate in investigations and discussions that help them understand the past so that they can make informed decisions about the future for themselves, their community and their global community.

Creative and Practical Arts

Appreciation and expression through various forms – Creative and Practical Arts provides students the opportunity to explore and express themselves through various mediums and at the same time to appreciate and understand how others may express themselves or communicate through varying mediums. All students in our Primary Department engage with music, art, craft and drama and a school production every second year.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Who am I and how do I care for myself and others – PDHPE helps students understand who they are and provides them with skills so that they can may wise decisions with regard to health, safety and personal well-being. Students engage in sporting activities of various types with the emphasis on participation, teamwork and skill development.

Information and Communication Technology

Technology and how to use it effectively – Digital literacy is a pre-requisite for modern living. Students are provided opportunities to engage with, use and learn responsible skills and management of technology. Through having a SmartBoard in every classroom and dedicated computer labs and computers in classrooms, children are modelled and taught the skills necessary for today and tomorrow.

Biblical Studies

In understanding who we are under Jesus’ kingship and our role in life, students in all primary classes participate in Biblical Studies lessons, devotions, times of prayer, singing and talks at weekly assemblies.

Excursions, Visiting Performances and Outdoor Education

Excursions and visiting performances are organised for each grade and relate to the units of work students are covering and are set at age appropriate levels.

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