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Term 3 Week 3

CEN Music Festival is Here!.

Principal’s Press 

We are making a joyful noise unto the Lord…          CEN Music Festival

Melissa Brown


Well we are in the final countdown to the 2018 CEN Music Festival.

200 guest students from CEN schools around NSW, joining with 140 OCS students, combine to make a phenomenal total of 340 participants at this year’s Music Festival!

Get ready for a music extravaganza and don’t forget to come along to the combined concert at Turners Vineyard function room at 2pm on Saturday. Better come early though if you want a good seat!

Apart from the incredible opportunities that will be provided to our students for music education, with expert teachers and tutors, they will also have the chance to learn and perform, with people who they will meet for the very first time. They will have the chance to make new friends – and to be a new friend to someone. In other words, the focus for OCS this week is welcome and hospitality. I think this is a pretty spectacular ‘growth mindset’ opportunity and one that we pray will be something that all who attend, will remember fondly in the years to come.

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend our Practical PiP on Saturday, as we prepared for this event. It is always such a blessing to have your attendance and participation. We recognise that Saturdays are very precious, so to have you give of your time in this way, never goes unappreciated or unnoticed.

So if you feel that the school is a little busier towards the end of the week, and that we seem to have grown numerically, don’t worry, you aren’t imagining it. We really will have an extra 200 students and over 20 staff. Maybe this is God getting us ready for what may be ahead in OCS enrolment for the future! Bembooka will still be open during its regular hours, but please be a little patient this week if you have to wait an extra couple of minutes for your coffee. Bembooka will also be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to all of our visitors as well! It could give you a chance to say hello and welcome to some of our guests.

So we would love you to join us in prayer for this event. We are very excited and as you can imagine, a great deal of planning and preparation has been undertaken up to this point. A huge thanks go to Mr Peter Cooper and Mr Bill Moxey for their vision and tireless dedication in bringing this festival from dream to reality. We are blessed to have such talented staff who are able to not only imagine wonderful things, but have the skillset to build the team and bring them to life.

Blessings to you and your family



Melissa Brown / Principal


Thanks to All for Helping us to Get Ready!

Peter Cooper

Saturday morning saw a turn out of very keen helpers who worked hard to ensure that we will be ready for our 200 visitors when they arrive at OCS on Thursday for the 2018 Christian Education National Music Festival. Thanks to all our PiP volunteers we now have all 350 Welcome Bags ready, many of our meals and morning teas prepared and our sensory garden a little closer to completion with some very colourful plantings to brightly welcome our guests.

This is a most exciting time as we anticipate the Festival, with a record number of schools attending: ten in all, including two ‘first time ‘ schools and a record number of 140 OCS students involved.

While the students will be very busy rehearsing, learning and performing over the three days of the Festival, there are two Festival events to which you are invited:

  • ‘Fireworks in the Musical Brain’ – an address by eminent Neuromusical Educator Dr Anita Collins on Thursday, 16th August in OCS Learning Hub @ 7:00pm. Join Festival participants, teachers, principals and music educators as we join with our very special guest Festival Director, Dr Anita Collins to discover more about the many benefits which result from making music. RSVP through the Front Office.
  • CEN Music Festival Grand Concert  – a performance by all of our Festival participants as the culmination of their work during the Festival Workshops. Join us from 2:00 pm – 4:00pm @ Turners Vineyard Lucknow Valley Room to enjoy this wonderful experience of hearing our students perform…including the 350 voice Absolutely Mammoth Choir, conducted by Dr Collins.


Please don’t forget to encourage everyone connected with OCS to log on to our new School Stream App!

Currently we have approx 67% of our families on board…and have sent out over 2,500 notification already.

All of our newsletters are now available through the App, plus you will receive reminders about upcoming events, sent directly to your device. Notes home will be available for you to read on the App as well as our absentee form, which you can easily complete and return on line. Please note, paper newsletters are available through the front office. Paper newsletters are no longer being distributed to each student as they are available on the app and website.

From The Chairman

Parent Partnership Forum – You’re Invited!

David Coleman


In place of our Term 3 Association Meeting, a Parent Forum will be held at Bembooka on Thursday 23 August from 7:00pm. The topic is Parent Partnership – what we do well and also areas that we can improve at OCS. The Forum will be facilitated by Board members but really needs your input to be successful. Parent Partnership is one of our 3 strategic pillars and is also one of our key distinctives – it is one of the aspects that sets OCS apart from so many other schools. So please come along to the Parent Forum to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve engagement and parent partnership.

As part of our move to greater parent partnership, 2 of our 4 Association Meetings each year, will be conducted as Parent Forums.



Healthy Living…with Cherie Rivas – New Regular Feature

Blog #1: Introduction

Cherie Rivas

As loving, supportive parents, we all want the absolute best for our children…. and one of the greatest gifts we can give them is good health.

With the ever-growing childhood obesity problem, it’s even more important than ever, to provide our kids with the necessary tools (knowledge, skills and habits), to effectively self-care throughout their entire lives.

But how do we even begin to do that, when there’s so much misinformation ‘out there’?

As a local Women’s Health & Wellness Coach, I share my knowledge and experience in weight management, psychology, personal training and yoga, together with my studies in nutritional medicine, to inspire and empower other women to create abundantly healthy lives for themselves and their families. Over the coming months I’ll be bringing you a range of simple, common sense strategies to make ‘healthy’ an integral part of your family’s life.

My best ‘starting point’ is this: Try to get back to basics!

Introduce as much ‘real’, unprocessed food into your eating pattern, as you can. Your body will truly thank you for it.

I look forward to bringing you more top tips, hints and tricks into the future.











Parents Spearhead Drought Appeal

Bring Your Gold Coins this Thursday

Peter Cooper

It’s always exciting when parents approach the school with great ideas and the willingness to bring those ideas to fruition. Such was the case over the last couple of weeks when a group of parents were keen for OCS to be reaching out to our farmers who are experiencing such terrible drought conditions. In conjunction with staff, these parents will be collecting at school on Thursday morning.

Please send your children with a gold coin that they can donate when the collectors come to their classroom. In addition, being the first day of the CEN Music Festival, our visitors have been informed that they too will have an opportunity to donate to this special cause. Collection buckets will also be at our Grand Concert at Turners Vineyard on Saturday afternoon.

Let’s all show our support for our farmers!!

Join Us In Prayer

Thanks God For…

  • a great start to Term 3
  • two fantastic Dance Workshops with Sydney Dance Company
  • several new families joining us this term
  • preparations for our CEN Music Festival
  • the large number of families who have logged onto our App

Please Pray For…

  • a term where we can all be challenged to give of our very best
  • continued growth in enrolments
  • CEN Music Festival to feel welcomed at OCS
  • more and more OCS parents to engage with our new App
  • generous giving for our farmers in drought



Sharing Chocolate Friday to Help the farmers

Rosa Cunial

The children in Prep regularly enjoy having chocolate on Fridays. They wanted to share this experience with the teachers at the school and at the same time raise money for the farmers who are struggling with the drought. The staff indulged themselves with all the chocolate that was on offer and gave generously  towards the cause. Prep raised $284.75 that will go directly to the farmers.


Our Sporting Life…

OCS Athletics Carnival Final Results

Louise Childs

All events for the 2018 Athletics Carnival have now been finalised. The Zone Carnival took place on Monday, 6th August. Results for this carnival will be in a future newsletter. Primary students who are eligible to attend the CSSA State Carnival on Friday, 17th August, have received their notification. Secondary students eligible to attend the Secondary CSSA State Carnival on Friday, 24th August, will receive their notification during Week 3.

The results for the OCS Athletics Carnival are below.

The final house scores are:

First Place       Shadrach with 1866 points

Second Place   Abednego with 1805 points

Third Place      Meshach with 1708 points



The Primary age champions are:

8 years            Abigail Brink, Brandon Olivier

9 years            Crimson Dickson, Mason Reilly

10 years          Isabelle Castvan, Felix Harris

11 years          Lily Bangert, Samuel Bennett

12-13 years     Mackenzie Wright, Tate Percy

The Secondary age champions are:

12 years          Lucy Grant

13 years          Olivia Buckerfield, Jordan White

14 years          Rachel Cairns, Rikky Bangert

15 years          Lesieli Kaufusi, Harry Grant

16 years          Julia Taberner, Dylan McHatton

17 years          Tahlia Morrow, Josh Coleman

18+ years        Natalia Taberner, Michael Adams


Lily Bangert Girls 11 years 800m 3.34.88 3.12.44
Girls 8-13 years 1500m 6.50.15 6.23.08
Samuel Bennett Boys 11 years Long Jump 3.21m 3.91m
Boys 11 years 400m 1.20.75 1.20.02
Joshua Brett Boys 10 years 100m 16.47 15.02
Boys 10 years 200m 36.75 34.17
Boys 10 years 400m 1.25.47 1.18.82
Felix Harris Boys 8-10 years 800m 3.16.22 3.03.34
Boys 8-10 years Long Jump 3.34m 3.47m
Boys 8-10 years High Jump 1.12m 1.13m
Boys 8-13 years 1500m 6.09.09 6.01.31
Brandon Olivier Boys 8 years 100m 20.96 19.38
Boys 8 years 200m 51.69 48.14
Boys 8 years 400m 2.13.97 1.46.00
Mason Reilly Boys 9 years 100m 17.59 17.36
Boys 9 years 200m 39.50 38.50
Ebony Speight Girls 11 years Discus 10.98m 11.23m
Lydelle Toms Girls 8-13 years Turbo Jav 13.80m 17.85m
Charlie Webb Boys 11 years High Jump 1.18m 1.20m
Gabe Weaver Boys 8-10 years Shot Put 5.65m 6.05m
Mitchell Williams Boys 11 years 800m 3.16.91 3.16.17
Mackenzie Wright Girls 12-13 years 800m 3.44.00 3.27.59
Girls 12-13 years Shot Put 5.20m 6.66m
Girls 12-13 years 100m 16.22 14.43
Girls 12-13 years High Jump 1.10m 1.20m
Girls 12-13 years 200m 38.69 32.09
Girls 12-13 years 400m 1.32.00 1.21.86
Girls 12-13 years Long Jump 3.40m 3.46m



Michael Adams Boys 18+ years Discus 20.56m 28.73m
Boys 18+ years Shot Put 10.18m 11.02m
Elliot Bangert Boys 13 years 800m 2.57.82 2.51.81
Rikky Bangert Boys 14 years Discus 26.59m 29.92m
Boys 14 years 800m 3.13.84 2.36.46
Boys 14 years Javelin 27.79m 30.80m
Boys 14 years 200m 30.38 28.50
Boys 14 years 400m 1.10.18 1.09.48
Boys 12-14 years 1500m 5.39.25 5.17.02
Michaela Brink Girls 12 years 200m 40.28 39.68
Olivia Buckerfield Girls 13 years 800m 3.36.50 3.23.49
Girls 13 years Long Jump 3.13m 3.63m
Rachel Cairns Girls 14 years 800m 3.37.15 3.33.72
Bradley Coleman Boys 18+ years Javelin 25.30m 25.85m
Josh Coleman Boys 17 years 800m 2.51.25 2.48.58
Harry Grant Boys 15 years Long Jump 5.20m 5.61m
Boys 15 years Discus 27.84m 30.67m
Boys 15 years Shot Put 9.80m 10.10m
Lucy Grant Girls 12 years 800m 4.21.87 3.42.02
Girls 12 years 400m 1.44.41 1.42.16
Lesieli Kaufusi Girls 15 years 200m 35.38 35.18
Rachel Johnson Girls 15 years Discus 15.70m 17.80m
Dylan McHatton Boys 16 years Long Jump 4.68m 5.48m
Boys 16 years High Jump 1.61m 1.70m
Boys 16 years 100m 13.09 12.44
Boys 16 years 200m 29.28 27.18
Hannah Pierce Girls 16 years Javelin 14.23m 17.70m
Taylah Reilly Girls 16 years 800m 4.18.43 3.45.95
Evan Smith Boys 15 years Javelin 27.17m 38.10m
Boys 15 years High Jump 1.59m 1.65m
Julia Taberner Girls 16 years Long Jump 3.70m 3.86m
Girls 16 years High Jump 1.25m 1.30m
Girls 16 years Shot Put 7.56m 7.75m
Natalia Taberner Girls 18+ years 400m 1.26.56 1.22.86
Naomi Tatchell Girls 13 years Javelin 10.84m 14.12m
Jordan White Boys 13 years 100m 13.94 13.11
Boys 13 years 200m 30.44 27.00









Stage 5 Sport

Cadet Training and Flipping Out!

Dominique Hutchinson

In term 3 Stage 5 students are given the opportunity to try a number of different activities. This year two of the options were to do Cadet Training with the Rural Fire Service or to go off campus and visit Flip Out. Two weeks in and the students are enjoying the new experiences.

CEN Music Festival…This Week!

200 Visitors Arrive to make Music

Peter Cooper


This Thursday morning our visitors from 10 schools will arrive to join with 140 of our OCS musicians. After a welcome, where our Stage Band will perform for our guests, we will spend Thursday afternoon in various ensemble workshops working further on our concert repertoire. These ensembles are each lead by invited directors who are here to share their many skills and great experience with all of the participants. The Absolutely Mammoth Choir, comprising all Festival participants and staff will also rehearse, led by our Guest Festival Director Dr Anita Collins, a well known neuromusical educator. Dr Collins will also direct our Advanced Concert Band and conduct a Composition Workshop for selected students from each school.

Thursday night will see Dr Collins speak on ‘Fireworks in the Musical Brain’ as she unpacks exactly what is going on when we make music and why it is important. Join us at 7:00pm in the Learning Hub to hear Dr Collins.

On Friday we will continue in workshops, preparing for the concert. Friday evening is the Festival Social, for OCS Secondary participants andall our visitors.

Saturday we prepare at Turners Vineyard for our Grand Concert which will begin at 2:00pm. Please join us for a wonderful afternoon of musical entertainment. This year’s concert will also include the performance of two original compositions by students selected from our Composition Challenge held earlier in the year. One of these compositions is a worship song composed by OCS’s Jordan Berry.

Feeding us throughout the Festival is Mrs Wratten and her wonderful team of student helpers, assisted by various parents. It is great to see so many people working together to facilitate this exciting event.

Our past two Music Festivals have been wonderful events and we are all anticipating that this will be a fantastic time of coming together to make music to the glory of God. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard to making 2018’s Festival a reality. See you at the Festival!








Coming Up @ OCS

Week 3:

*Thurs 16.8.18 Gold Coin Collection for Drought Relief

*Thurs 16.8.18 -Sat 18.8.18 CEN Music Festival

*Thurs 16.8.18 Dr Anita Collins’ Address, ‘Fireworks in the Musical Brain’ Learning Hub @ 7:00pm – All Welcome!

*Fri 17.8.18 CSSA Primary Athletics Carnival

CEN Music Festival

NB. No Parents Connect this week

No Junior/Primary Assembly this week

*Sat 18.8.18 CEN Music Festival Grand Concert @ Turners Vineyard Lucknow Valley Room @ 2:00pm

Week 4:

*Wed 22.8.18 Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition

*Thurs 23.8.18 CSSA Secondary Athletics

Coming Up:

*Mon 27.8.18 – Fri 31.8.18 Trial HSC Exams

*Tues 28.8.18 Touch Football Gala Day

*Wed 29.8.18 – Fri 31.8.18 Stage 3 Canberra Trip

*Thurs 30.8.18 Orange Eisteddfod Primary Singers (Yr 3/4)

*Fri 31.8.18 Fathers’ Day Breakfast

Orange Eisteddfod Stage One Singers

*Wed 5.9.18 – Fri 7.9.19 Year 9 Urban Experience

*Wed 5.9.18 Orange Eisteddfod Primary Band

*Thurs 6.9.18 – Fri 7.9.19 Stage 4 Dubbo Camp

Afternoon Sport Activities with Sport Coach Joel

Coaching Sessions run from 3:20pm -4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12


Tuesdays: Weeks 2-5 Athletics Development

Tuesdays: Weeks 6-9 Touch Football Training

Wednesdays: Netball Training

Thursdays: Soccer Training

Fridays: Basketball Training

Orange Christian School