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Term 1, Week 10

This week’s Senior newsletter is the final one this term, rounding off a term of great achievements.

This week we celebrate the Science and Engineering Challenge, various outstanding performances on the sporting field and a successful trip to RYDA, the Rotary Young Driver Awareness excursion.

Next week will see the Stage 6 End-of-Preliminary exams for compressed courses and the Canberra retreat. Please pray for our students, staff and parents through both of these events.

I wish you a safe and restful term break, and a great week ahead.

Len Elliott

Senior Section Co-ordinator

 Rotary Young Driver Awareness (RYDA)

RYDA is a valuable road safety education program, is directed towards young people who will soon commence driving a car and riding as passengers in cars driven by their peers.

OCS Year 11 students attend a session of RYDA last week, participating in workshops and seminars that covered a range of perspectives and issues, from personality assessment (our potential to undertake risk, respond to provocation, etc.) to the dangers of mobile devices in vehicles.

The students heard from a police officer and paramedic, both of whom discussed the personal impact of crash scene attendance and provided unexpurgated accounts of the devastation caused by irresponsible and careless driving. They also heard from a brain injury survivor, who gave an insight into life after a serious accident.

The day culminated in a braking demonstration, using real vehicles driven by professional drivers, focussing on the effect of speed on stopping distance. Our students were allowed to ride as passengers in the vehicles – an exciting experience (see photo above).

One sobering message came across in a graphic showing the effect of peers in cars on young drivers. One young passenger in the car increases a young driver’s risk of being killed by 44%. The risk doubles with two passengers, and quadruples with three or more. From another perspective, the risk decreases by 62% when an adult over 35 years old is in the car. Please see the graphic reproduced, below.

The day was a confronting and sobering one, but wasn’t without humour. At one point poor Tara was handcuffed by a policeman – see photo at left.

Thanks to Rotary for organising and staffing the day, and thank you especially to the rescue services and other presenters.





 Angela Michael and the Miracle School of Lahore

The Secondary School was blessed with a visit last week from Angela Michael, founder of the Miracle Schools in Lahore, Pakistan.

Angela focused on the degree of risk involved in setting up these schools: the schools are Christian, in a Muslim nation where Christians represent less than two percent of the population. Angela is a woman; her students include girls, in a nation where female education is forbidden and threats of violence are constant. The schools are located in Lahore, near the Indian border, where the threat of political conflict is also constant.

Angela, however, spoke of risk as something she embraces. As she said, ‘Risk is everywhere. I would rather die knowing I had done something good, than die having done nothing.’

The children of Angela’s Miracle Schools face extraordinary hardship but, as Angela said, ‘They are always joyful.’

They face poverty, illiteracy, unawareness of human rights and constant discrimination. From 4:00am each day they mix mud with water, mould the bricks by hands and carry them to the furnace, sometimes in heat over 50 degrees Celsius. They do not have proper food.

It was good to hear, as we face our own challenges, that there are others in the world who suffer. It helps to appreciate our blessings.

Please pray for the brick children of Lahore, for the Miracle Schools and for Angela.


 Sports News

Several Senior students have managed some impressive co-curricular achievements in recent weeks. 

In early March, Evan Smith (Year 11) competed at the State Multi-Athletics Championships in Dubbo. This is a competition in which athletes compete in seven events over two days, each event contributing points towards a final tally.  Evan came first in High Jump, second in Javelin and achieved three PBs. Overall, he came sixth out of 24 competitors.

Evan also competed at the Little Athletics NSW State Championships at Homebush on 17 March. He competed in Javelin, achieving fifth place out 24 competitors, among some of the best athletes in the state.

Evan’s results included a first place in High Jump and a second in Javelin.

Rikky Bangert (Year 10) competed in the Colour City Running Festival recently, in the 10km run. Rikky competed very well, placing second in the Under 20s age group, and 13th out of 145 male runners overall. Rikky appears here (third from left) with a few co-runners from the Bangert family: Lily, Fred and Elliot.

And Daniel Googe (Year 11) competed at the state track cycling championships. Dan entered six events over the weekend – quite an effort in itself! – and achieved some great results, including a fourth place in the sprint.

 CSSA Secondary State Swimming Carnival

The CSSA Secondary State Swimming Carnival was held on Monday, 25th March. OCS had eighteen students compete across individual and relay events. Many students improved upon their entry times, with TJ Childs and Felicity Palazzi improving across all of their events. All five of our relay teams swam faster than their entry times.

Emily Nobbs broke the Girls 18+ years 50m Breaststroke record by 2.57 seconds. Eloise McMiles achieved a Nationals qualifying time in the 12-14 years 200m Individual Medley.

Our Team

Elliot Bangert Hunter Kerry Eliza Palazzi
Rikky Bangert Dylan McHatton Felicity Palazzi
Olivia Buckerfield Eloise McMiles Jacob Pulling
TJ Childs Faith Naveau Leo Pulling
Daniel Googe Caitlyn Nobbs Karmia Rossouw
Harry Grant Emily Nobbs Evan Smith


Our standout individual results for the day were:

Emily Nobbs 18 years 1st in 50m Breaststroke, 1st in 200m Individual Medley, 1st in 50m Backstroke and 2nd in 50m Freestyle
Eloise McMiles 14 years 2nd in 200m Individual Medley, 2nd in 50m Freestyle, 2nd in 200m Freestyle, 2nd in 100m Freestyle, 3rd in 50m Breaststroke and 7th in 50m Butterfly
Caitlyn Nobbs 15 years 5th in 50m Breaststroke, 6th in 50m Freestyle, 6th in 200m Freestyle, 6th in 50m Backstroke and 7th in 100m Freestyle
Rikky Bangert 15 years 6th in 50m Freestyle, 8th in 200m Freestyle and 9th in 100m Freestyle
Daniel Googe 17 years 6th in 50m Backstroke, 7th in 50m Butterfly and 9th in 50m Freestyle

Our standout relay result for the day was:

Boys 15-16 years4 × 50m Medley 6th Rikky Bangert, Harry Grant, Jacob Pulling, Evan Smith

Full results can be found at .

Congratulations to all eighteen students who represented OCS so well. Thank you to all the parents who supported our students. Your presence and willingness to provide transport helped to make this the successful day it was. A special thank you to Cody from Dubbo Christian School, who helped our 12-14 boys Medley Relay by swimming the Backstroke leg.

CIS Secondary State Swimming Carnival

Emily Nobbs and Eloise McMiles will be competing at the Combined Independent Schools State Swimming Carnival on Wednesday, 1st May and Thursday, 2nd May. They will both be competing in a number of events. Congratulations Emily and Eloise, our cheers and prayers will be with you.

 The Science and Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge was a day-long competition designed to provide Year 10 students with an engaging, practical experience of science and engineering principles.

Eight schools competed against each other at one venue. Students were divided into eight groups, comprised of two to four students. Each group worked on either one full-day activity or two half-day activities. (There were eight activities.)

Students were awarded points for each activity; the school with the most cumulative points at the end of the day was declared the winner.

The highest scoring schools from each region/zone subsequently compete against each other for a place in the state and – perhaps – the national competition.

One group of OCS students won the bridge-building competition: they built a bridge weighing less than 80g that carried almost 2kg of weight, before it collapsed (significantly more than any other bridge built by other schools).

It was a great day of applying the principles of science and engineering to real-world situations, in a friendly, competitive atmosphere.

 The After School Learning Hub Turns Three!

The After School Learning Hub will have been operating for three years in July. Many students have utilised the Hub this year, and are continuing to develop good study patterns.

On a typical afternoon in the Learning Hub, students complete their homework tasks and assessments, and proceed to their ‘Mini Projects’. So far this term, Mini Projects have involved students completing surveys and presenting data on their holiday activities, writing creative stories and creating a ‘how to guide’ for using a website.

Students have also participated in workshops presented by teaching staff. Our last two workshops for the year are:

  • Performance Skills on Tues 2nd April 3:15pm
  • Easter in Focus on Tues 9th April 3:15pm

We are constantly looking at how we can assist the whole school community, including students, parents and staff. In order for us to understand the community’s needs better, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete our 2019 survey. All responses are anonymous and greatly appreciated. The survey can be found using the link below, or a paper copy is available in the Learning Hub.

 From the Sports Desk: Netball

Exciting news.

The After School Sport Program is introducing Netball, commencing this Thursday, the 4th of April.  The first session will be an introduction to Netball and will be open to all genders, ages (year 3 and above) and abilities.  The Netball program will continue on Thursdays next term, so come along and have some fun.

 Bible Study Program, 2019

Bible Lessons Term 1 Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Week 1 – Matthew Holiday Intro Matt 5 6
Week 2 – Matthew 13 19 26 28
Week 3 – Mark Intro Mark and Mark 1 2 3 4
Week 4 – Mark 5 6 7 8
Week 5 – Mark 9 10 11 12
Week 6 – Mark 13 14 15 16
Week 7 – Luke Intro Luke and Luke 1 2 10 12
Week 8 – Luke 15 16 18 20
Week 9 – Luke/John 24 Intro John 3 6
Week 10 – John 10 14 15 16
Week 11-John 17 20 Easter Crucifixion Easter



Bible Lessons Term 2 Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Week 1- Acts Intro Acts 1 2 4
Week 2- Acts 6 7 9 16
Week 3 – Acts 17 26 27 28
Week 4- Romans Intro Romans 2 3 5
Week 5- Romans 8 12 13 14
Week 6- 1 Corinthians Intro  1Corinthians + Ch1 2 13 15
Week 7- 2 Corinthians Queen Birthday Intro 2Corinthian + Ch1 4 5
Week 8 2Corinthians/Galations 8 9 Intro Galations + Ch1 2
Week 9- Galations/Ephesians 4 5 6 Intro Ephesians + Ch1
Week 10 2 4 5 6


Bible Lessons Term 3 Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Week 1- Philippians       Intro Philippians 1 2 3
Week 2- Colossians Intro Colossians 1 2 3
Week 3 – 1Thessalonians Intro/ Ch 1 3 4 5
Week 4 – 2 Thessalonians Intro/ Ch 1 2 1 Timothy Ch1 4
Week 5 – 1 Timothy 5 6 2 Timothy Ch1 2
Week 6 – 2 Timothy 3 Titus/ ch1 3 Philemon


Week 7 – Hebrews Intro/ Ch 1 2 3 4
Week 8 – Hebrews 8 10 11 12
Week 9 – James Intro/Ch1 2 Year 12 Assembly 4


Bible Lessons Term 4 Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Week 1 – 1Peter Intro/Ch1 2 3 4
Week 2 – 1/2 Peter 5 Intro/Ch1 2 3
Week 3 – 1 John Intro 1 2 3
Week 4 -1/2/3 John 4 5 2John/ all 3John/ all
Week 5 – Jude/Revelations Jude/ all Revelations intro 1 2
Week 6 Revelations 3 4 5 6
Week 7 Revelations 8 12 13 14
Week 8   1 Revelations 19 21 22 Christmas- Matthew
Week 9  Christmas Luke John Staff Worship

 Coming up…

Date Event
Mon, Tues 8-9 April Senior Exams
Mon-Fri 10-12 April Senior Retreat, Canberra
Sat 13 April – Sun 28 April School Holidays
Fri 19 April Good Friday
Sun 21 April Easter Sunday

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