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Term 3 Week 9

God Bless Our Year 12’s!

Principal’s Press 

Melissa Brown

As we say goodbye to our Year 12 students

This final week of term 3 is always one of mixed emotions. It is the final week of formal lessons for Year 12 before they begin their study leave, in preparation for their final HSC exams. We celebrate with them, in all they have achieved during their years at OCS and for the legacy that they leave. We are however, very sad to see them go and recognise that we will miss them greatly.

Finishing Year 12 is a significant milestone. It is a major achievement. It takes focus and dedication, together with sacrifice and commitment, and so we want to take this opportunity to congratulate our Year 12 students on this accomplishment.

For this reason, we would like to invite you all to our Year 12 Celebration assembly this Wednesday. We will gather together as a school, to pay tribute to the Year 12 class of 2018; to pray for them and to wish them well in their final study preparation, leading up to the HSC exams. Whether you are able to be present at this assembly, or not, could you join with us in praying for these students in the coming weeks? Pray for both their final exam preparation, and pray for godly wisdom as they make choices regarding their future directions.

Blessings to you all for a great term break

Finally, I would like to say thank you for helping to make term 3 such a great term of learning. It certainly has been a term of wonderful learning adventures and achievements. Thank you for your partnership and for your prayerful support, as together we seek to develop young leaders of godly character; young men and women of influence, to the glory of God. It is a bold task and a brave task, but we know that we don’t do this in our own strength. We have our Heavenly Father, who guides, enables and directs our paths. I pray that each of you has a wonderful term break, for refreshment and rejuvenation. I look forward to seeing you back for an equally amazing term 4!

Blessings to you and your family


Melissa Brown / Principal


Thanks For Being Part of OCS on Show!

Peter Cooper

Last week saw parents, staff and students working together to put on show what happens each day at OCS. Our Adventure Fun morning on Tuesday got things off to a great start with many visitors and their pre-Pre-School children having a wonderful time with our Prep to Yr 2s.

Lots of chatting, laughing and coffee in the spring sunshine! Thanks to all who made the morning such a success!

Tuesday afternoon’s Showcase again provided parents with a taste of our day to day activities, from Stage Band, through Stage 1 Singers, Ted Talks, Shakespeare, to a Mars Rover demonstration and Jordan’s original recorded song. The Learning Hub featured static and digital displays of students’ work which were enjoyed by all visitors and Coach Joel’s keen soccer players demonstrated just how the game is played in their exhibition match.

During lunchtimes throughout the week the Learning Hub buzzed with the excitement of STEAM, Maths and History activities which students of all ages enjoyed.

Friday was our big finale starting with our primary Music Assembly, where our young strings players performed confidently for a large crowd of parents, followed by some great singing (and actions) by students and parents! Our Book Parade was next with a wonderful variety of literary character costumes, created by some very clever students and their amazing parents. Our very talented Primary Staff creatively told us the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Open Junior Classrooms followed, providing families the opportunity to see firsthand what happens in our Prep – Yr 4 classrooms.

Events such as this require involvement from a very large number of people…staff, students, parents and whole families. Many thanks to all those who participated in any way to help make 2018’s OCS on Show such a wonderful week!

All of our newsletters are now available through the App, plus you will receive reminders about upcoming events, sent directly to your device. Notes home will be available for you to read on the App as well as our absentee form, which you can easily complete and return on line. Please note, paper newsletters are available through the front office but are no longer being distributed to each student as they are available on the App and website.

Year 12…Over The Years

From The Registrar

Jenni Da Silva


Uniform Matters

We have seen the warmer weather come (and then go !) over the past few weeks. As we approach Term 4, please ensure your child is in the correct summer uniform .

A copy of the Uniform Guide can be found on our OCS website and also available to collect from our school front office.

With the changeable weather, as jumper and jackets are often taken off during the day, please make sure all items of clothing are clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Our front office staff work hard in getting labeled items of clothing back to students and this will assist them greatly.

Thank you for your help in this matter as we move into our last term of 2018.

Notification of Leaving OCS

A reminder that Orange Christian School requires 10 term weeks written notice that your child will not be returning to OCS.

If your child is not returning for the 2019 school year, please send through your notification to the Registrar Mrs Jenni da Silva this week.

Alternatively , please call to discuss any matter relating to enrolment from Prep through to Year 12. Ph 63627258 or jdasilva@ocs.nsw.edu.au

Our School…My Story

OCS parallels the values and beliefs we have established at home

Renee Reid

Orange Christian School has played a large role in my life. Having graduated there myself, now my husband and I have three children schooling at OCS, with one more to begin in 2020. As parents we appreciate the way the school parallels the values and beliefs we have established at home. I have enjoyed watching the school grow and change and am excited that my children are experiencing a mature school with high expectations. The quality of education on offer is constantly expanding and it is great to see the growth in the range of subjects and opportunities offered.




Join Us In Prayer

Thanks God For…

  • a well-attended OCS on Show Week
  • our students’ enjoyment in sharing their school experiences with their families last week
  • all our new families joining us this term and quickly becoming part of the school
  • our Year 12’s as they complete classes at OCS
  • the large number of families who have logged onto our App and found that it assists communication
  • the upcoming time of rest for the OCS community

Please Pray For…

  • a wonderful time of reflection and celebration as we farewell Year 12 on Wednesday
  • Your presence and guidance to be experienced by our Year 12’s at this time
  • students to continue accepting the challenge of Growth Mindset Thinking
  • continued growth in enrolments in all areas of the school
  • more and more OCS parents to engage with our new School Stream App
  • a relaxing and enjoyable spring break for all of our school community


New 2019 OCS Senior Leadership Team Announced!

Peter Cooper

Back Row – Grant & Addison
Front Row – Mira, Bella & Emily

Congratulations to our newly announced Senior Student Leadership  for 2019.

Our School Captains are Addison Toms and Bella Cordery.

Grant Kelly and Emily Nobbs are our Vice Captains, and

Mira Praveen is Senior Leader.

We look forward to 2019 under your student leadership and pray for God’s wisdom as you move into these new roles.







God @ Work 

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”   

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Hannah Pierce

God doesn’t reveal his plans for our lives all at once. He gives us glimpses day by day and guides us. This verse is a comfort as it reminds each of us that God is always there. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us and in the times when things are hard and life is tough, we must remember that God has it all covered. Our job is to rely and lean on Him solely through everything because he is the source of strength. This verse also shows God’s great love for us and that He is a God of hope and peace who wants to protect us. All we have to do is put our trust in Him.

From Our Chaplain

We say goodbye to our current Year 12’s

Jann Osborn

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had” Romans 15: 5.

This week we say goodbye to our current Year 12’s. It is often a bitter-sweet time, as we will miss them, but at the same time, leaving their school days and heading out to their next stage is how it is supposed to be.

The Year 12 assembly on Wednesday is always a personal highlight of my school year. It is an opportunity to show what our school community does well. We celebrate and honour our students as individuals being made in God’s image and each having different gifts and talents, but we also recognise them as a group who are approaching the same milestone – finishing their HSC and leaving school.

I believe what makes this assembly special is the involvement of each stage across our school. The words of encouragement, the scriptures and gifts that become treasures long after the day is over. The live tributes are also part of our school culture.

Not only is this a farewell to Year 12, but each stage shares the journey. Younger students in turn progress, growing in the understanding that one day they will be the Year 12’s.

I hope that you may be able to join in this celebration as part of our school community.

A Reminder to All Parents

Peter Cooper

A reminder to all our parents that students’ phones and all other electronic devices are to be handed into the front office. This includes any watch which has internet/phone capabilities (eg. ‘smart’ watch).

The school cannot guarantee the security of valuable items, and therefore these are best left at home.

If there are extenuating circumstances that need to be discussed,  please speak with your section coordinator.


Our Sporting Life…

East Orange Physical Culture Dancers at OCS

Dominique Hutchinson

Currently at OCS there are 5 students who participate in the dance sport call Physical Culture. The influence of this sport doesn’t stop with these 5 girls, it also involves a number of mothers, sisters and teachers from OCS. Physical Culture has been around for over 125 years and is a synchronised, team based sport that aims to improve strength, fitness and flexibility.

The Grounds girls (Harriet 10, Dorothy 8 and Celeste 6) have all competed in Physie for a number of years with great success, the eldest two competing at a National level last year. Amber McFadyen and Tara Yeghoyan are newcomers to the sport this year and have discovered how much fun this all girls sport can be.

With a major competition (Zone) coming up at the beginning of next term we wish these girls the best of luck.


New Dance Class @ OCS Starting next Term

Miss Leesa (Leesa Chaseling) OCS parent and Dance School Principal and I have been in long discussions for a while regarding the need for a Dance Class (or two) at OCS.

Term 4 will see the start of a class for Yr 3 – Yr 6 Boys and girls who would like the opportunity to learn dance with a professional and to have fun dancing with their peers. Secondary students who are keen dancers will be encouraged to come along to assist in the classes.

The class will operate at lunchtimes from 1:30pm – 2:00pm each Wednesday in the Hall commencing Week 1, 17th October…and there will be no charge for these classes. Just come along, first Wednesday back.

Miss Leesa has worked with us on our last two Secondary Musicals and greatly enjoys working with our students and we are looking forward to her further involvement at OCS in running this class.

STEAM @ OCS in Term 3

Les Follent

This term, all students from Stage 4 and from the Stage 5 iSTEM elective have been learning how to write their own computer programs using the ‘Scratch’ coding platform. Once they learned the basics (creating some very cool games along the way), they then started to apply their new-found skills to robotics by learning how to ‘drive’ our StarLAB Mars Rover vehicles. The students have learned how to make their Rovers move and turn, and how to get data from the sensors on the their Rover, which is very handy for avoiding obstacles! Considering very few of our students have had experience with coding before, they have done amazingly well.

Excellent work, everyone!

Looking ahead, we are planning to take a small team from each Year to the University of Newcastle early in Term 4, to compete against teams from many other schools in the National Mars Rover Challenge. Our teams will work together to create code to help the Rover find its own way through a maze, and even complete some little ‘missions’ while it is in there. Team members will be selected on the coding and teamwork skills they have developed and demonstrated during our Mars Rover projects. We’ll let you know more in the coming weeks!

From Our VET Coordinator

Another exciting term in the Bembooka Trades Skills Centre!

Kath Berry

It has been another exciting term in the Bembooka Trades Skills Centre! Our two VET classes, Hospitality and Construction, have been hard at work. The Construction class have just completed concreting a path for our new bike access at the back of the school – it looks amazing! The team had younger students who are considering doing Construction in 2019 join them for an afternoon – they had a great time and have signed up for the course. The Hospitality students were able to assist in catering for over 350 people during the CEN Music Festival. They have also recently completed their Work Placements in cafés and restaurants around Orange, whilst our Construction students joined local builders and electricians for a week’s work.

In 2019 we are starting our new VET Primary Industries course with our first class. This is an exciting time and we are looking forward to exploring this new area of learning with the students. We are reviewing some of our grounds and resources in preparation for the course – our PiP day on the 3rd November will be a chance to join in on this exciting venture!

Our Café and kitchen have hosted quite a few events in the last term – the Staff & Board dinner, the Music Festival meals, CEN Principals’ Conference, CSA Business Managers’ Conference, Father’s Day Breakfast (yum bacon!), VET Teacher Training and a breakfast for Early Childhood teachers from Orange.

The Construction room has also seen a lot of activity, with HSC Design & Technology major works completed, the VET Construction class working on their projects (as well as the bike path), and the Stage 4 classes mastering Mars Rover programming and beginning their woodwork unit.

As you are aware, our Bembooka Café sustained some significant damage due to burst water pipes during the winter holidays. Thanks to the blessing of our very organised Business Management team, the insurance details have been processed and the final repairs are currently underway. Whilst our portable coffee machine and the kitchen area have been a great back-up, we are looking forward to installing our new replacement equipment and having the Café running as usual in Term 4.

OCS on Show… A Great Success!

Our Sporting Life

Joel Chapman-Mortimer  Sport Coach

Great learning in the After School Sports Program

In after school sports we have been learning so much. I have had the incredible blessing to be able to teach a range of specific sporting skills to the athletes who attend.  Their level of talent has really impressed me. This talent has been developing in the regulars as they have applied their best towards the tasks they’ve been set. I have had a few athletes who are excelling in their particular sport and continue to show Godly character in the midst of their victories too. The After School Sports Program has been a huge blessing to me as I watch the athletes rise above the challenges and reach beyond their previous capabilities.

Coming Up @ OCS

Week 9:

*Mon 24.9.18 Casual Clothes Day for Operation Christmas Child

*Tues 25.9.18 CIS Secondary Athletics Carnival

*Wed 26.9.18 Year 12 Farewell Assembly @ 9:30am @ Christian Ministry Centre

*Wed 26 – Thurs 27.9.18 Maths Camp

*Thurs 27-Friday 28.9.18 Stage 2 Camp to Wellington Caves & Wellington Christian School

*Thurs 27-Friday 28.9.18 Prelim Exams

*Thurs 27.9.18 ‘Let’s Talk Technology’ (Parents of 2019 Yr 7/8) 7:00pm Learning Hub

*Fri 28.9.18 Prep to Year 2 Assembly – 9:30am-10:00am

Last Day of Term 3

Coming Up:

*Sat 29.9.18 –  Sun 14 .10.18 School Holidays

*Mon 8 – Wed 10.10.18 Coding Camp @ OCS

Term 4 – Mon 15.10.18 –  Tues 11.12.18

Week 1:

*Tues 16.10.18 Jump Rope For Heart Launch

*Wed 17.10.18 Yr 3-6 Lunchtime Dance Class begins

*Thurs 18.10.18 HSC English Paper 1

*Fri 19.10.18 HSC English Paper 2; HSC Music 1


Afternoon Sport Activities with Sport Coach Joel

Term 4 Coaching Sessions will run from 3:20pm -4:30pm, Tuesdays – Fridays and are available to all students from Years 3-12.

Tuesdays: Touch Football

Wednesdays: Cricket

Thursdays: Ultimate Frisbee

Fridays: Beach Volleyball


Orange Christian School