Whole School Newsletter

Term 1 Week 3

What a great start to our year!

Principal’s Press 

Melissa Brown


Well here we are into week 3. I thought I would give you a snapshot of what has been happening here in our school so far. We have dedicated our school with an amazing service and around 175 people in attendance; we have held a highly successful OCS swimming carnival in terms of swimming performance and participation; cast our secondary production of Mary Poppins; held our Junior Parent Information Evening; started our new Primary Industries VET course; launched the new stage 4 band program; finalised the stage 6 team for the Fiji Mission trip; and met with various bodies to determine the next steps in the building process for our new Hall. All against a backdrop of solid classroom teaching across all the key learning areas, and the launch of all our regular co-curricular activities for the year in sports training, performing arts and study support. So welcome to the year with us here at OCS! We believe that God has given us the most amazing opportunity to be educated here in Australia, and we don’t want to waste a minute of it. We won’t settle with just being ‘busy’. We need to be purposeful in learning.

Parent Partnership and information

As I discussed last newsletter, we will be talking a great deal about parent partnership and parent engagement this year. I look forward to being able to work closely with many of you in the projects and programs that we plan to roll out during the year. More details will be discussed in the section parent information sessions, so please come along. I look forward to speaking with you, hearing your ideas and answering any questions that you may as we start this journey.

The first of the Parent Information Sessions was held for the junior team, last week. Senior and Middle School Parent Information nights will be held this week. Please mark these on your calendar, as we greatly value the opportunity to meet with you in person. If you are unable to attend, please contact us here at school and we can send home any information booklets, or alternately arrange for your child’s class teacher to contact you at a mutually convenient time.

We are aiming to change some things in the parent partnership space this year. We hope that there will be some more flexibility in arrangements, so that you can feel connected and able to contribute to the partnership, even during times when you may not be able to physically come on site.

Even with these changes though, we know that there can be times when you still have questions or concerns regarding your child’s education. Please know that we will want to hear these and work with you to determine a positive next step. Please pick up the phone, make an appointment, or just call in at pick up or drop off time and we can find the best way to have that conversation. Partnership is precious and we value this at OCS. Thank you for partnering with us this year and let’s see what will be achieved for your children during 2019.

Blessings to you and your family

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown / Principal


2019! Class Parents…Parents & Staff Working Together

Peter Cooper

Many thanks to our class parents who attended our morning tea in the first week, keen to make a start on all that the new year holds for our school community in 2019. Thanks to the commitment shown by this enthusiastic group of parents, we are able to continue to forge strong connections between our staff and our parents, resulting in firm partnerships between home and school. These connections can only assist our students to settle quickly into school, knowing that they are part of a caring community designed around providing the best education possible for them. Please support your class parents as they support you and your children.

At the morning tea, I had the opportunity to speak about the on-line discussion forum that I am planning to host for OCS parents to engage in rigorous academic discussion on a range of topics. Should you have any thoughts about platforms or content, I would appreciate you getting in touch. My aim is for our discussions to be relevant and helpful in the education of our children, so feedback in this planning stage is vital.

Dedication Service

The first Friday of term saw a great crowd join together in The Learning Hub to worship our Lord and to dedicate the 2019 school year to Him. Thanks to all those who came and all who participated in the service.

We had the opportunity to exercise our ‘eyes of faith’ on the new hall site, with all standing around the perimeter of the planned building…’seeing’ what it might be like when completed. It was great to be able to be together as a community, looking ahead and looking forward to what’s to come in a wonderful new multi-purpose hall facility.

The BBQ afterwards gave us all a chance to connect and re-connect with each other as we begin the new year.




From our Registrar

Jenni Da Silva

Last year Orange Christian School introduced a new School Stream App which can assist with your notifying the school when your child is absent due to illness. If you use the App attendance notification (under Forms category ), there is no need to complete a written note to the school.

The App will also let you access all notes which are sent home, our Whole School (odd weeks) and Section (even weeks) Newsletters and send you notifications of Reminders for upcoming school events.

I encourage you download the App today and find how user friendly and convenient it is .






Join Us In Prayer

Thanks God For…

  • a very smooth beginning to the 2019 school year
  • great connections developing already between students, parents and staff
  • continued growth in enrolments
  • a safe and enjoyable swimming carnival
  • large numbers of parents attending our Junior School Information Night


Please Pray For…

  • all of our new families to make strong connections with others at OCS
  • daily routines to be established quickly both at home and at school
  • new students and staff to quickly feel part of OCS
  • students to eagerly take hold of the opportunities presented to them



From Our Chaplain

Jann Osborn

‘…any of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone…’

It’s hard to believe that we are now in week 3! I hope that your child and your family have had a great start to 2019 at OCS.

It is perfectly understandable that the beginning of a new school year can cause some anxiety. New situations often do and with school there can be new faces, new classrooms and new routines that can cause concern. It is quite common for some of our younger students to struggle a little with Separation Anxiety and it can be that parents do too. Older students may be apprehensive for other reasons, performance concerns or social issues etc.

Anxiety in itself is not a bad thing. Any of us who have ever given a speech, sat an exam or bungee jumped would have experienced an element of anxiety. The reactions are manifested as fight, flight or freeze. It only really becomes an issue, if it cannot be managed and limits our daily functioning.

During recent weeks, I discovered a brown snake in our home. This caused me anxiety! However, it also impacted my perspective. For the next few days I realised that I was scanning the floor each time I entered a room, even though the snake had been relocated and the entry point had been attended to. The negative experience was colouring my thoughts. This often happens when our students have had a negative experience, such as bullying. They are anxious about something that they have previously experienced, even though it may not occur again. We are certainly to gain knowledge from our experiences, that is how we gain wisdom, but we must keep those in balance. We should also give others the opportunity to change their ways and have a fresh start too. The story in John Chapter 8 of the woman caught in sin reminds us of this, “any of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”. Giving others the opportunity for a fresh positive year is showing grace.

So as parents how can you assist your anxious child?

* Reassure them and encourage them

* Get them to school before the bell

* Get a balanced view of their day. Ask “What was something good that happened today? Did anything bad happen today?” We all know the conversations of “What happened at school today?” “Nothing” “What did you learn today?” “Nothing.” Asking open specific questions engages children. “Who did you play with today?” “What topic are you studying in Science?” If we only ask about their concerns, we emphasis that aspect of school and this can reinforce and fixate them.

* Try to convey positiveness about school to your child. Be involved when you can. Come and enjoy Bembooka Cafe (it’s open every morning). Reinforce the good things about school.

* Communicate with us at school. Be assured that we want your child’s experience of school to be as positive as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the Front Office (Monday to Thursday) if I can be of any assistance.



OCS Swimming Carnival 

Louise Childs

Sixteen students broke forty-seven individual records

What a fabulous day we had last Tuesday at the OCS Swimming Carnival. Competition between the houses was fierce throughout the day. The champion house for 2019 was Meshach with a total of 1229 points, followed by Shadrach with 1113 and Abednego with 939 points. 

The age champions are: 

Sixteen students were involved in breaking forty-seven individual records during the day. Seven students were members of a relay team which broke a record. 








 The Zone Swimming Carnival will be hosted by Wagga Wagga Christian College on Friday, 22nd February.  Students who have qualified for Zone will receive a note by Tuesday, 12th February. 

 Please note that accommodation in Wagga is scarce due to two other major sporting events. It is advisable to book accommodation sooner rather than later. 


2019 Sports Committee 

The Sports Committee is comprised of staff from the Sports Team, executive members and parents across all stages. It meets once a term, usually on the Thursday of Week 8. If you have an interest in sport and would like to find out more information about the Sports Committee please contact the school through the Front Office. 

 The first Sports Committee meeting is scheduled to be held in the staff room on Thursday, 21st March at 5.30pm. 

Performing Arts

Peter Cooper

Mary Poppins Cast…Congratulations!!

Last week the Mary Poppins Cast got together for the first time, watching the stage show version of the show. Our cast is very talented and are looking forward to bringing this iconic show to life for our audiences. It is wonderful to be at the start of this exciting journey, and I know that we have a team who are more than willing to do all that it takes to go from script to stage.

Mary Poppins Leads:

Mary Poppins: Hannah Pierce

Bert: Mitch Wratten

Winifred Banks: Sophie Coleman

George Banks: Caleb Cairns

Jane Banks: Caitlyn Parkinson

Michael Banks: Malachi Krkac

Mrs Brill: Jasmine Adams

Robertson Ay: Geordie Errington

Bird Woman: Mira Praveen

Mrs Corey: Eiley Cooke

Miss Andrew: Taylah Reilly

Policeman: TJ Childs

Park Keeper: Jacob Pulling

Bank Chairman: Addison Toms

Von Hussler: Declan Morrow

Northbrook: Matthew Pierce

Admiral Boom: Grant Kelly

Nelius: Tara Yeghoyan

Valentine: Bridie Dive

Teddy Bear: Tahlia Morrow

Doll: Trishie Castvan

Mr Punch: Rory Kelly

Katie Nana: Isabella Cordery

Queen Victoria: Alicia Moir

Miss Lark: Amber Crawford

Miss Smyth: Felicity Palazzi

Fannie: Pip Parkinson

Annie: Maddison Liddicoat


As the new year gets under way, students and parents have the opportunity to think about the Performing Arts possibilities that are available to them at school…and decide whether they would like to be part of something new.

This has already happened with our secondary musical, but there are plenty of other opportunities:

-Many students have signed up for Music Tuition in a wide range of instruments. Forms available from Front Office and online

-Secondary Worship Band rehearse each Monday in the Hall at 1:30pm. Talk to Mr Cooper

-Strings Ensemble play on Tuesdays at 1:30pm in the Hall. Talk to Mrs Follent

-Primary Band is off and running on Thursdays at 1:30pm with Mr Snitch in the Hall. Come along with your instrument or talk to Mr Snitch


Coming Up @ OCS

Week 3:

  • Middle School Information Night – Tuesday, 12th Feb @ 7:00pm @ Learning Hub 
  • OCS Photo Day – Wednesday, 13th Feb 
  • Senior School Information Night – Thursday, 14th Feb @ 7:00pm @ Learning Hub 
  • Junior School Assembly – Friday, 15th Feb @ 9:30am @ Hall
  • Middle School Assembly – Friday, 15th Feb @ 10:50am @ H3
  • Senior School Assembly – Friday, 15th Feb @ 10:50am @ Hall

Week 4:

  • Zone Swimming Carnival – Friday, 22nd Feb
  • Primary Assembly – Friday, 22nd Feb @ 9:30am @ Hall
  • Secondary Assembly – Friday, 22nd Feb @ 10:50am @ Hall

Coming Up:

  • PiP Day – Saturday, 2nd March @ 9:00am – 12:00 noon start @ Bembooka

Save The Date!

  • OCS’s Mary Poppins – Friday, 7th June@ 7:00pm @ Orange Civic Theatre
  • OCS’s Mary Poppins – Saturday, 8th June @ 5 :00pm @ Orange Civic Theatre

Every Week @ OCS

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs: After School Learning Hub 3:15pm – 5:00pm 

Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri: After School Sport Activities with Coach Mr Snitch 3:20pm – 4:30pm

Mon – Fri: After School Care 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Mon: Worship Band @ Hall 1:30pm

Tues: String Ensemble @ Hall 1:30pm-2:00pm

Wed: Yrs 3-6 Chess Club @ H2 1:30pm

Thurs: Primary Band @ Hall 1:30pm-2:00pm

Thurs: Girls With God (GWG) Yr 5-8 Girls @H3 @ 1:30pm-2:00pm

Thurs: Stage Band @ Hall 3:30pm-4:30pm

Fri: Parents Connect @ Bembooka @ 9:00am

Fri: Primary/Junior Assembly @ Hall 9:30am

Fri: Secondary Assembly/Senior Assembly @ Hall /Middle School Assembly @ H3 @ 10:50am

Afternoon Sport Activities with Sport Coach Mr Snitch

Mr Snitch will be conducting after school sport training on Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays.

Term 1 Coaching Sessions will run from 3:20pm -4:30pm, and are available to all students from Years 3-12.

In term 1 Mr Snitch will be coaching:

– Cricket on Tuesday & Thursday

– Athletics (Track) on Wednesday

– Athletics (Field) on Friday

Meet after school outside the Learning Hub



Orange Christian School