Junior School Newsletter

Term 1 Week 8, 2019

Junior Jottings

Cathy McPhee Junior School Coordinator   Cathy McPhee   Junior School Coordinator 


Guest speaker, Freya Blackwood, visited stage 1 and had the children enthralled with her beautiful drawings, which are in many books they enjoy reading.

Scientific research in stage 2, with students engrossed with investigations into ‘what happens to the length and directions of shadows during the day?’

Read Aloud Picnic Day, which included at least 60 family members joining us for the reading session. This was an absolutely fantastic response…thank you so much!

Participating in the schools program ‘Bullying no way! Take a stand together.’ Check out the images that were streamed onto the OCS facebook page as well. Take a Stand Together is a free app that has tips and advice about bullying.


Clean Up Australia Day activity saw stage 2 students involved with helping to clean the back of the school, near the sporting field.


To find out more about how your child is progressing, make sure you book a meeting time next week, with your child’s teacher.


We’re also looking at updating our school reports and the Junior Newsletter, so if you have any great ideas please share them with me.

I look forward to seeing you then.



Give thanks to God for:

  • so many families being able to join us at school for the Read Aloud Picnic Day
  • the excitement that came with sharing reading and picnic food with family and friends
  • opportunities to encourage one another through the ‘Say no to Bullying’ campaign

Petition God for:

  • thoughtful and relevant discussions during the Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • all students to learn to be caring friends
  • year 4 students to be great leaders during the HOPE Challenge

Bible Reading Plan: Term 1 Devotions

The HOPE Challenge

The HOPE Challenge Bible Verse: 

“Do not be ashamed of the testimony about our God.” 2 Timothy 1:8

The HOPE Challenge lesson this week will be about looking at how to play in a friendly way in order to maintain friends and build positive relationships. Through various activities children will discover the importance of taking turns and having consistent rules throughout a game. 

This week help your child practise these skills by encouraging them to play games with siblings, family or friends.

Prep News

  Rosa Cunial

Counting Syllables 

In PreLit, we are exploring syllables. Children are taught to segment words into syllables through clapping and counting. Children clap out and count the syllables in one-syllable words, two-syllable words and three-syllable words. Children are also required to blend syllables together to form whole words. Why teach about syllables? Dividing words into parts, or “chunks” helps speed the process of decoding. Knowing the rules for syllable division can help children read words more accurately and fluently, laying the foundations for when starting formal schooling. 

One activity we did recently was to encourage each child to stand up and clap the syllables in their name. Then place their name tag in a column for one, two or three syllables.

S2P Science Investigation

Primary Assembly Roster

The Junior & Primary Assemblies are held on Fridays, from week 2 each term, at 9:30am in the hall. Parents and friends are always welcome to join us.

Click on the link: Junior Assembly Roster

Coming Up @ OCS in Term 1

Term 1, 2019

  • Stage 2 Sleepover – Thursday 21 March
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 March
  • Easter Assembly – Friday 12 April
  • Junior K-2 Sports Carnival – Friday 12 April


Renowned Illustrator, Freya Blackwood visited Stage 1  

    Stage One have been enjoying reading many of the books which Freya has illustrated, this term. Freya spent an hour with stage one last week, explaining how she is the one who comes up with the illustration ideas for a book, not the author. She showed them a book without pictures, that she receives from the publisher, and then how she decides what picture to draw to suit the story.



On behalf of stage one, Anna and Azarleah,  presented Freya with a book, which included a page from each student, expressing their thoughts about her drawings and books.  (Click on the links below to see some of their work.)

1186_001    1185_001     1184_001     1183_001     1182_001     1181_001



State Swimming 

 Louise Childs                NB: Swimming ribbons will be presented at the Primary Assembly this Friday.

CSSA Primary State Swimming Carnival

On Monday, 11th March, seventeen Primary students travelled to Blacktown to compete at the CSSA Primary State Swimming Carnival. This was four more students than in 2018. Each student swam well and most improved on their entry time in at least one event. Abigail Dirs improved by 7.65 seconds in the Girls 11-13 years Individual Medley, Nancy Elliott swam 9.11 seconds faster in the Girls 8 years 50m Freestyle, George Pulling ‘flew’ 7.49 seconds faster in the Boys 10 years 50m Butterfly. The Boys 8-10 Freestyle Relay team, comprising of George Pulling, Riley Bennett, Caleb Reid and Louis O’Brien, improved their entry time by 11.18 seconds.

Our Team

Lily Bangert

Riley Bennett

Samuel Bennett

Paxton Buckerfield

Abigail Dirs

Josiah Dirs

Eliana Edwards

Nancy Elliott

Felix Harris

Macey Harris

Ellie Hodges

Grace McCallum

Louis O’Brien

George Pulling

Caleb Reid

Beatrix Smith

Will Hoskins

Our standout results for the day were:

Josiah Dirs    11 years     4th in 11 years 50m Backstroke, 5th in 50m Breaststroke and 6th in 50m Freestyle

Samuel Bennett    12 years    5th in 12-13 years 50m Backstroke, 5th in 12-13 years 50m Freestyle and 6th in 12-13 years 50m Butterfly

Full results can be found at https://www.cssa.net.au/primary-results/2019.html .

Congratulations to our students who represented OCS so well throughout the day. Thank you to all the parents who supported our students. Your presence and willingness to provide transport helped to make this the successful day it was.

A special thank you to Mrs Kylie Pulling who took on the role of the Far West Zone team manager, along with being the team manager for the OCS team.

2020 SWIMMING DATES (for your diary)

  • OCS Swimming Carnival – Thursday 13 February
  • Zone Swimming Carnival (to be held at Orange) – Friday 28 February

Read Aloud Picnic Day 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Read Aloud Picnic Day. It was a lot of fun with good stories and lots of picnic food. They say a picture says a thousand words….well here a some of the photos from the morning…enjoy.

Afternoon Sport Activities

Phil Snitch

Primary & Junior Assemblies – S3S & S2G

S2G was awarded the Assembly Trophy in T1 W6

Assembly Trophy was awarded to Prep in T1 W7 

T1 W6 Certificate awards recipients

Certificate Award recipients in T1 W7 

   S3G Scientists extraordinaire!

  S2G presented ‘who they were from the First Fleet.’ and the Easter story

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