Middle School Newsletter

Term 3 Week 2

From the Coordinator


Mr Adrian Lee

Middle School Coordinator

Word for the Week

Welcome back to Term 3 for 2018.

It was a real pleasure to welcome the students back last week. There were so many smiling faces! We know that holidays are great, and we love them. It is also fantastic to be engaged in meaningful work that engages our brains and work that challenges us to improve.

Something that stands out about OCS students . . . their hospitality. This week we have had new students begin at school. They have moved from other towns into this cold place that Orange can be in the winter. But what has struck me has been the warmth of the welcome they have received. Congratulations Middle School on being hospitable. Being welcoming. Being friendly. That certainly fits our mission of building leaders of Godly character ‘blending academic excellence with Biblical truth’.

At the end of Week Two we have one of our key Parents in Partnership events; our PiP Day. Please see the information later in the Messenger for details.

At the end of last term, the Middle School engaged in our latest STEAM Challenge Day. The students challenged themselves to produce so many fantastic products. A key feature was the teamwork involved.



Bible Devotions Term 3

Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Job Intro Job 1 Job 2 Job 38 Prayer/ Praise
2 Job 40 Job 42 Psalms Intro Psalms 8 Prayer/ Praise
3 Psalms 23 Psalms 51 Psalms 84 Psalms 96 Prayer/ Praise
4 Psalms 103 Psalms 118 Proverbs Intro Proverbs 4 Prayer/ Praise
5 Proverbs 10 Proverbs 31 Ecclesiastes Intro Ecclesiastes 1 Prayer/ Praise
6 Ecclesiastes 2 Ecclesiastes 3 Ecclesiastes 4 Ecclesiastes 12 Prayer/ Praise
7 Song of Solomon Intro Song of Solomon 2 Isaiah Intro Isaiah 1 Prayer/ Praise
8 Isaiah 2 Isaiah 4 Isaiah 6 Isaiah 9 Prayer/ Praise
9 Isaiah 52 Isaiah 53 Jeremiah Intro Jeremiah 1 Prayer/ Praise

Byron Bay Mission Snapshot

When the forms for Byron first came around, I remember thinking ‘I’m not going to go’. Realistically, I did not have the money on me and there was no guarantee that I was in fact going to be able to pay it within the time allowed. Then, I saw an article that really impacted me. It said that if God wants you to go, he will provide. He provided in so many ways! Over the trip, I was able to grow as a person, and improve my lifestyle and my relationship with God. The experiences were rewarding. We were encouraged to pray with Him whenever we felt the urge, as well as read his Word. This has helped me since to learn how to react better in situations in which before I would have resorted to yelling at myself or others. I truly hope that all the current Middle-Schoolers with feel the same urge that God gave me to go!

Jye Baker


I chose to go to Byron Bay because I wasn’t comfortable with the way I was living before. I saw Byron as a great chance to step out and try something that you wouldn’t normally be able to do. I found out during Byron that sometimes the people that need God the most are actually the people at home. On the last night, the whole team experienced a touch of God’s never-ending love, it was almost indescribable! He gave us the right words to say at the right time, whether it was through a testimony or street evangelism. God showed us if we only have faith in him, we can achieve great things for the Kingdom of God.

Caleb Toms

40 Hour Famine – Join Captain Spare Change!

Globally there are over 68 million displaced people. That’s more than the ENTIRE population of Australia, Canada AND New Zealand combined! Sadly, more than half of these are children.

-Over 40 million children without a home.

-40 million children without enough clothes, adequate shelter, food or education.

-40 million children struggling to feel wanted and find their place in the world, struggling to deal with horrors no child should ever see.

This is the worst humanitarian crisis in world history.

What is to be done? It’s tempting to put it in the too-hard basket or leave it for someone else. But you ARE the someone else. WE need to take a stand. It is NOT hard. Every small amount counts. Even just a meagre $5 will enable FIFTY children an education for a whole week.

So act NOW. Donate to participants (it is tax deductable!). Share your site or the school team site on your family and friend’s social media. Re-share posts. Tell your churches and youth groups. Raise funds on the casual clothes day and the BBQ. In fact, join the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge this week!

Take up Captain Spare Change’s assembly challenge. Empathise. Be a constructive contributor. Make a difference. Do the Famine.


STEAM Challenge Day

A key area of thinking around STEAM is what are called 21st Century skills; creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Each was on show as the students engaged in their activities from making a musical instrument with a Microbit, designing a prosthetic leg to designing a menu.

In the debrief afterwards the students shared who had worked well in their group. There was a line as they competed with each other to give someone else in their group praise for the great effort they had put in. Thanks to all the staff and parent volunteers who made the day a success.

Stage 4 Term 3 STEAM Project

In Term 3 Stage 4 STEAM classes are doing a Package to Post project. The challenge is to design packaging that is biodegradable and can be sent overseas safely. Students will form teams and take on the role of Project Manager, Accountant, Engineer and Graphic Designer to complete the project.

The idea for the Term 3 project arose from Mrs Brown’s challenge to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic as part of Plastic Free July. Students have considered our role as stewards of God’s creation and why we should care about the damage humans have done to our environment.

In Week 1 students watched a section of The Chaser’s War on Waste and estimated the amount of waste our households produce. They explored the concepts of volume and surface area and how three-dimensional objects may have the same volume but different surface area. Students also planned how they will use the remaining lessons in this term to complete the project.

Stage 4 Assessment Schedule, Term 3

Week Subject Task
5 Music


Concert Band Instrument Performance

Mars Rover Project Report



Health and Movement

In class Algebra

8 English


A Midsummer Night’s Performance

Investigation Task

9 Auslan

Visual Arts

Practical: Signed Scenario

Art Making

Parents in Partnership

Stage 4 Western Area Camp

Stage 4 can’t wait for 6th and 7th September (Week 6) as we will all be off to our Western Area excursion for a couple of days. We have some exciting experiences planned and we’re sure that everyone will enjoy the trip as much as  previous Stage 4’s. We will be visiting the Parkes Telescope (out of this world!), The Old Dubbo Gaol (at night…spooky!!!) and The Dubbo Zoo. In the next few weeks, notes will be going home with further details. We’d love some parent volunteers to come along with us, so please give some thought to sharing this experience with your son or daughter. Here are some great memories from the last Dubbo camp in 2016. See you there!!

Stage 3 Canberra Camp

Stage 3 are excitedly anticipating three jam-packed, fun-filled days in the nation’s capital, Canberra, from Wednesday 29th August to Friday 31st August (Week 5). We will be visiting many of the most popular attractions such as Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, AIS, Telstra Tower, Government House, the National Portrait Gallery, Library and Museum, the Royal Australian Mint and so many more. Students should have recently received a note with details and medical form that needs to be returned. We have a number of parents who have volunteered to come and help and who are all set to come along and have some fun too.

OCS School Stream App – Log in Now!

Many parents have been singing the praises of School Apps for quite a while. After lots of discussions, parent focus groups, App trials by staff and parents and training sessions with App providers, we are pleased to announce that the OCS School Stream App is up and running!

Please follow the instructions below to log onto the App. In order for this to be an effective tool for communication we obviously need as many members of the OCS community as possible to have the App on their device(s). Currently we have over 50% of school families on board and we are looking forward to seeing this figure sky rocket over this next week. At present we will be using the App to communicate regarding: Forms, Notes, Newsletters and Reminders.

Please contact the Front Office should you have any questions about our exciting journey into digital communication, and many thanks to all of the parents who have helped us to move in this direction.


Zone Athletics

CSSA Zone Athletics happened on Monday 6 August. We will put some photos up soon and provide you with a full report in the next newsletter.


Kicking Goals!

During Term 2 the OCS community raised money for new sports equipment for the students.

Coach Joel is chuffed with his new “small-sided goals” that allow junior players to shoot at goals the same size as they do on the weekend.

Thank you to everyone for the fantastic effort. Here are some recent shots of the goals being used in action.

Afternoon Sport Activities with Sport Coach Joel

Coaching Sessions run from 3:20pm -4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12

Tuesdays: Weeks 2-5 Athletics Development

Tuesdays: Weeks 6-9 Touch Football Training

Wednesdays: Netball Training

Thursdays: Soccer Training

Fridays: Basketball Training

Coming Up @ OCS

Week 2:

* Mon, 6.8.18 Zone Athletics Carnival Dubbo

* Tues, 7.8.18 & Wed 8.8.18 Parent Teacher Interviews

* Wed 8.8.18 – Fri 10.8.18  40Hr Famine

* Sat, 11.8.18 PiP Morning 9:00am – 12:00 noon

Week 3:

* Tue 14.8.18  ICAS Maths

* Thurs-Sat, 16-18.8.18 CEN Music Festival

* Thurs, 16.8.18 Dr Anita Collins’ Address, ‘Fireworks in the Musical Brain’ Learning Hub @ 7:00pm

* Fri 17.8.18 Primary CSSA State Athletics

* Sat, 18.8.18 CEN Music Festival Grand Concert @ Turners Vineyard Lucknow Valley Room @ 2:00pm

Week 4:

* Wed 22.8.18  Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition (Stage 3)

* Thu 23.8.18 Secondary CSSA State Athletics

* Thu 23.8.18 Association Meeting

Orange Christian School