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Term 3 Week 8

From the Coordinator


Mr Adrian Lee

Middle School Coordinator

OCS on Show Program


New Student Leaders for 2019

As Term 3 draws to a close we prepare to farewell Year 12.
Consequently, however, we also farewell our Senior Leaders from the Student Leadership Team. After a process of nominations, interviews and review, Orange Christian School is pleased to announce the Senior Student Leaders for 2019.
Senior Leader – Mira Praveen
School Vice Captains – Grant Kelly and Emily Nobby
School Captains – Isabella Cordery and Addison Toms
Back Row - Grant & Addison Front Row - Mira, Bella & Emily

Stage 4 BILL’s Special Guest

Former NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, visited OCS last Friday. After meeting with the SLT he spent about half an hour with the Stage 4 Blokes in Learning & Leadership (BILL) program.

Mr Scipione spoke about the importance of his faith in making positive decisions and encouraged the boys about how important those decisions we make right now are. He described his life after he lost his father at about the same age as our Stage 4 boys. He told the boys some powerful stories about becoming a policeman and some of those who made an impact on him as Commissioner. Through it all was the message of Mr Scipione’s faith in Jesus that was his ‘anchor’ through difficult times and hard decisions.

Mr Scipione left the boys with something he worked out from early in his career from Micah 6:8   And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Putting this into ‘cop speak’ it became “ do the right thing always, give everybody a fair go and don’t get a big head’!

The BILL thanks Mr Scipione for his visit and discussing Leadership on the frontlines.

Bible Devotions Term 3

Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Job Intro Job 1 Job 2 Job 38 Prayer/ Praise
2 Job 40 Job 42 Psalms Intro Psalms 8 Prayer/ Praise
3 Psalms 23 Psalms 51 Psalms 84 Psalms 96 Prayer/ Praise
4 Psalms 103 Psalms 118 Proverbs Intro Proverbs 4 Prayer/ Praise
5 Proverbs 10 Proverbs 31 Ecclesiastes Intro Ecclesiastes 1 Prayer/ Praise
6 Ecclesiastes 2 Ecclesiastes 3 Ecclesiastes 4 Ecclesiastes 12 Prayer/ Praise
7 Song of Solomon Intro Song of Solomon 2 Isaiah Intro Isaiah 1 Prayer/ Praise
8 Isaiah 2 Isaiah 4 Isaiah 6 Isaiah 9 Prayer/ Praise
9 Isaiah 52 Isaiah 53 Jeremiah Intro Jeremiah 1 Prayer/ Praise

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a project of Samaritan’s Purse. It partners with local churches in developing nations to reach out to children by providing gift-filled shoeboxes and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ. After receiving shoebox gifts, many children are also invited back to participate in The Greatest Journey – an evangelism and discipleship program.


Coding our Mars Rovers

(Stage 4 Technology term 3)

This term we started a new unit in Technology which involved learning to code. We used a program called ‘Scratch’. This involved giving the computer a series of commands to produce a particular action that your ‘sprite’ would then do (A ‘sprite’ is the little character that reacts to the commands in the coding).

We started by coding the sprite to move across the screen. After that, we moved on to the harder things such as coding it to move in a square. Once we were fairly used to ‘Scratch’ we started on the Mars Rovers!

Our assessment task was a booklet with a series of challenges which we had to complete using ‘Scratch’ to make to rover move. The first thing we did was to make the rover move in a straight line, which is not as easy as it seems! We had to make one of the wheels faster than the other so it would go in a straight line and not off to the side.

After we had completed each of the tasks, we had to reflect on, and write about, how well our group worked together and if there were any challenges along the way. Making the Rover move in a square, was very challenging. You had to count the number of seconds it took the rover to move from one part of the square to the other so that when it arrived it would turn 90o. My group took a bit longer to do this activity because our rover didn’t seem to want to cooperate most of the time. The last task with the rover was to make the rover stop when it sensed an obstacle in its way. This definitely took the longest time to code; it required a complex code that, in the end, Mr Toms and Keo worked out together.

After the Rover task was complete, the last thing we had to do was on ‘Scratch’, we had to make the ‘sprite’ draw a house. At the start of this task, I didn’t really know what to do but then Mr Toms helped me and showed me what I should do to start off the code. It took me a while but in the end my sprite drew a house and a lopsided tree! My code was very long!

I enjoyed the project this term, it was interesting to learn how to code and it was also really fun working with the rovers! It did get frustrating at times when our rover didn’t feel like doing anything but, in the long run, I would say it was a success.

Elli Dillaway

Duncan, Jackson and Elli


Friday afternoon 12:20 and a hush fell over the room as the first expectant speaker stepped onto the red carpet. Grace spoke with fervour about the devastation of rubbish on the environment that we live in. What followed was a series of up to 5 minute talks containing the inclinations and inspirations of the students in S3G. Subjects covered included dedication, obesity, how animals have made a difference in human lives and many more. Come along to OCS on Show and experience recordings of the different speeches and hear some live talks as well.

To Prep and Beyond!

Auslan is spreading! This is thanks to S3S, who all contributed to a signed video of the Little Red Hen. They made it especially for the Prep class, and did a great job. On Wednesday morning, S3S not only showed their video to Prep, but also taught them some signs to the song ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children.’ Everyone loved the experience! To check out their video, come along to the Showcase display in the Learning Hub this Tuesday afternoon.

What Are Stage 4 Auslan Up To?

Greenscreen, music, costumes, busting moves… What on earth HAVE 4A1 been up to?? To find out, visit the Showcase this Tuesday afternoon. We promise the greatest show yet!

Stage 4 Assessment Schedule, Term 3

Week Subject Task
5 Music


Concert Band Instrument Performance

Mars Rover Project Report



Health and Movement

In class Algebra

8 English


A Midsummer Night’s Performance

Investigation Task

9 Auslan

Visual Arts

Practical: Signed Scenario

Art Making

Parents in Partnership

Reflections from Stage 4 Western Camp

Caitlin Baker – Day 1

Stage 4 camp was awesome! First, to the Parkes Dish, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. One of my personal favourite parts of the Dish was the 3D Theatre. It was a great learning experience as we were able to find out about our universe, it looked HUGE! I loved the Scavenger Hunt as well, particularly the Whispering Dishes. Here you could talk into one and a friend could hear you in the other. Friends, classmates and parents were all working together! Then we hit Dubbo. The Twilight tour at the Gaol was very theatrical. Greeted by a guard, it was an unexpectedly entertaining experience! Between the guard and Billy the prisoner, we heard all about the attempted escapes, lifestyle, crimes and punishments of Dubbo in the 1800s. All of Stage 4 was put in pitch black solitary confinement, including the parents and teachers! What a terrible bunch! We deserved it, after all, we were helping Billy escape. My highlight was Billy arriving suddenly around a corner, and scared us by dramatically dropping his spoons. Let us just say, there was screaming involved. Overall, my highlight of camp was building relationships with my friends, and talking with the parents who volunteered their time for us. History and camp, there’s nothing better!

Elliot Bangert – Day 2

Up bright and early at 5.30, it was time for the early morning walk at the Dubbo Zoo. The tour guides were fantastic. It was great to see how they run things behind the scenes, and get really close to the animals. Did you know the black and white rhino are not actually different in colour? It all started with the Europeans mistaking the word ‘wide’ for ‘white’ in Afrikaans, as white rhinos have a wide mouth. Sadly, there are so many endangered animals, especially because of poaching. The Siamang Monkey was definitely the highlight. Their individual partner dance was VERY entertaining. They expand their throats like a frog when they call, making really loud noises and dance around together. It was hilarious! The Aboriginal Cultural class was really interesting, understanding stories of the past and how to care for animals.  It was cool to pat a bearded dragon and possum. Then the parents took us around in groups to see any of the animals we were interested in. It was a big walk, but lots to see! My favourite was the lions, they gave a decent roar!  Overall, my highlight of camp was spending time with friends and learning about the animals.

Reflections from Stage 3 Canberra Camp

On returning from Canberra, S3S wrote short descriptions of one particular event or aspect of their trip. Below are some examples:

The drop

As I walk up the green stairs to the drop, butterflies fill my tummy and I start to feel sick. It is my turn to do the drop. I take a deep breath and go for it. As I touch the silver sweaty bar the nerves kick in. I get really scared for a second. I don’t want to do it but I have to, I need to face my fear. I dangle from the bar in mid-air then the staff member holds on to my bright orange overalls and counts down from three. 3 2 1 GO! I let go and fall the 6.7 metre drop. When I get to the bottom I am so happy my face glows with excitement. And I do it all again.

Abby Dirs

Free fall

Walking in line my nerves go crazy, I am looking at the slide and I feel terrified. The man hands me my orange overalls. I put them on top of my uniform, and start heading up the stairs. I try to talk to the person in front of me, but I just got even more nervous. I watch everyone else go down and I get frightened of losing my belly. Then it was my turn. I sit on the ledge of the giant slide. I try not to look down but I do. I start having second thoughts. Then I grab on to the pole and hang from it. The man counts down from three and I take a deep breath and let go and…. Swoosh, my belly flies up and I feel like screaming but I don’t I get the chance. At the end of the slide I realise that it was so much fun and I peacefully stand up and smile. I ended up going on it again and again.

Hannah Reilly

The AIS in Canberra  

I lined up ready to score four goals at the soccer activity. I hopped into the box and looked at the huge screen that had a goalie and a goal that you were aiming to get the ball into. I put the ball down and looked at the goalie and took my first shot and SCOOOORE!!! I looked down to the bottom left of the screen and saw that my speed was 54 km per hour. I took a step back going for my second shot. Bang! Just missed the goal. On my next shot I was going to try my right foot, which is the foot I don’t usually use. I lined it up, ran and kicked but the goalie saved it. However, it turned out I got more power than my left foot which surprised me. I just missed the last shot and the next person lined up.

Charlie Webb    

The Botanic Gardens

One day I entered a rainforest. It was the best day of my life. As I leant down to touch some moss on the forest floor it felt so soft like baby’s skin. I stood up and looked at the bright blue sky, but I realised rainforests should be dark not bright. Then our guide started talking about how the canopy was being cut down because the trees weren’t safe anymore. I felt so sad. Later I started to become very interested in a seed pod from one of the largest trees in Australia but when I looked at the seeds by themselves they were incredibly small. I saw that even the tiniest things could be so amazing. I really could see God’s amazing gifts.

Harriet Grounds

Meals on Wheels                                         

Orange Christian School has continued its Parents in Partnership model partnering with Meals on Wheels. Once a month, Mrs Skrinnikoff, a parent from the school will do a delivery run of nutritious meals to members of the Orange community. Students from the school will assist Mrs Skrinnikoff on these deliveries. They will see the important work that Meals on Wheels does in the community and get the opportunity to serve the needs around them. This month Melissa and Grace assisted on the delivery run. Both enjoyed the opportunity to serve and learn more about the wider community.

Last Chance to Have Your Say. Click below for Middle School Survey 2018. Closes Wednesday 19th September.

Have your say! MS18 Survey

OCS School Stream App – Log in Now!

Many parents have been singing the praises of School Apps for quite a while. After lots of discussions, parent focus groups, App trials by staff and parents and training sessions with App providers, we are pleased to announce that the OCS School Stream App is up and running!

Please follow the instructions below to log onto the App. In order for this to be an effective tool for communication we obviously need as many members of the OCS community as possible to have the App on their device(s). Currently we have over 50% of school families on board and we are looking forward to seeing this figure sky rocket over this next week. At present we will be using the App to communicate regarding: Forms, Notes, Newsletters and Reminders.

Please contact the Front Office should you have any questions about our exciting journey into digital communication, and many thanks to all of the parents who have helped us to move in this direction.


CIS Primary Athletics Carnival

On Thursday, 13thSeptember, OCS was represented by three students at the Combined Independent Schools Primary Athletics Carnival held at Sydney Olympic Park. All three students did very well.

Mackenzie Wright came third in the 12 years 100 metres dash. Her third place means that she has qualified to represent OCS and the CIS at the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association (NSWPSSA) Athletics Championships to be held on Wednesday, 31stOctober and Thursday, 1stNovember. Congratulations Mackenzie!

Felix Harris ran well in the 8 to 10 years 800 metres race, coming fifth overall. Lydelle Toms competed strongly in the 12 years shot put and came thirteenth.

Well done to each of these students and thank you to their parents who supported them throughout the day.

Afternoon Sport Activities with Sport Coach Joel


Coaching Sessions run from 3:20pm -4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12

Tuesdays: Weeks 2-5 Athletics Development

Tuesdays: Weeks 6-9 Touch Football Training

Wednesdays: Netball Training

Thursdays: Soccer Training

Fridays: Basketball Training

Braves in Blue

Many of our students participate in community sports and other activities.

A number of Stage 3 students have been part of Waratah Braves in the local u12s soccer competition.

Here are some of the boys decked out ready to play. (L to R) Ollie, Malachi, Charlie and Jack

They were in the Division 2 Final this past weekend.

Although they went down to Milthorpe their proud coach, Rob Krkac would say, when he recovers his voice from cheering on the sideline, that they had a great season working together as a team. Well done to all the Braves!

If you have a great photo of an activity you are involved in don’t forget to let our school community share your achievements! 

Secondary Social Highlights

Coming Up @ OCS

Week 8:

* Tue 18.9.18 OCS on Show Showcase 3:30pm – 5:00pm

* Fri 21.9.18 OCS on Show Primary Book Parade 10:15am

Week 9:

* Mon 24.9.18 K – 12 Mufti Day for Operation Christmas Child

* Wed 26.9.18 Year 12 Farewell Assembly

* Thu 27.9.18 Stage 3 Touch Football Gala Day

* Fri 28.9.18 Last day of Term 3

Week 1, Term 4:

* Mon 15.10.18 First day of Term 4

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