Middle School Newsletter

Term 1 Week 6

From the Coordinator


Here comes the Track!

The excitement is in evidence around Stage Four as we look toward the Six Foot Track expedition. Menus have been planned, food collected, tents put up . . . and down again. 

These camps are a fantastic opportunity for growth as we push ourselves outside our comfort zone. At OCS our outdoor education program is all about key ideas such as teamwork, resilience and growth mindset. 

Google’s workplace surveys consistently tell us that teamwork is one of the key “soft” skills employers look for.  

Science tells us that there are key systems in the world that need to be pushed to their boundaries in order to grow. In the same way that a rubber band does not bounce back until it is stretched.  

We are one of those systems. We often do not know how much we can achieve until we push ourselves just that little bit. This is the place where resilience becomes real. When we think we cannot go another step and must keep going.  

It has been so exciting to see so many parents wanting to be part of the crew going along as well. Please keep the Stage 4 in prayer this week as we head ofalong the Six Foot Track. 

Thanks to everyone from Middle School who participated in PiP Day on Saturday. We are working towards expanded seating areas and spaces for classes to have ‘break-out’ areas. Saturday’s cleanup of the garden near the triangles is a step in this process. We have moved the instrument cupboards from the H-Block foyer to give more room for small groups. And we are planning more public art / murals in the portico to put the Middle School stamp even further on H-Block. 

Mr Adrian Lee

Middle School Coordinator


Bible Devotions Term 1

Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Intro Matthew Matthew 5 Matthew 6 Prayer & Praise
2 Matthew 13 Matthew 19 Matthew 26 Matthew 28 Prayer & Praise
3 Intro Mark & Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Prayer & Praise
4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mark 7 Mark 8 Prayer & Praise
5 Mark 9 Mark 10 Mark 11 Mark 12 Prayer & Praise
6 Mark 13 Mark 14 Mark 15 Mark 16 Prayer & Praise
7 Intro Luke & Luke 1 Luke 2 Luke 10 Luke 12 Prayer & Praise
8 Luke 15 Luke 16 Luke 18 Luke 20 Prayer & Praise
9 Luke 24 Intro John John 3 John 6 Prayer & Praise
10 John 10 John 14 John 15 John 16 Prayer & Praise
11 John 17 John 20 Easter Crucifixion Easter Resurrection Prayer & Praise

Fiji Mission Trip 2019

The Fiji Mission Team is working their way towards the big day of departure on 4 July, 2019.

A parent information night will be held this Thursday, 7 March in Bembooka, from 7:00pm.

Sarah McCutcheon and colleagues from YWAM Newcastle will be there, to join the team in prayer, outline arrangements and answer questions.

We wish the team well, and remember them in our prayers.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Matt. 28: 19-20


ICAS Assessments

Please note that ICAS is coming but not until September 2019.

This year all assessments, except for writing, will be online. I will not need your entries until later, so will send out more information regarding entering these assessments during term 2.

The test dates and costs  are also listed, to assist you with your planning.


1. ICAS can tell us whether students really understand what they are being taught.

2. ICAS can help us discover student talents and student weaknesses that don’t always get picked up by the curriculum testing framework.

3. ICAS will not add extra workload to a student’s study or homework regime because ICAS is an assessment they can’t study for. It evaluates thinking and problem-solving ability, not memory.

4. ICAS’s diagnostic reports will give all of us (teachers and parents) far more insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses. At school, we can act on that by tailoring our teaching and learning programs; at home, you will know where to direct more encouragement.

5. ICAS will also give us an external benchmark we can rely on to ensure our school is keeping pace with national and international standards – ICAS is the most comprehensive international assessment program, with schools in over 20 countries participating every year.

Stage 4 Assessment Calendar – Term 1

Week Subject Task
5 Mathematics – Year 7 Investigation – Analysing Data
6 Mathematics – Year 8 Project – Area and Volume
7 English Biographical Novel
8 Auslan Deaf Culture and History Report
9 Science



Wonderfully Made: Presentation

10 Geography Research Project
11 Music Composing Performance

Parents in Partnership

Disney Word Tiles

If any parents happen to be doing some shopping at Woolworths, Mrs Johnson would value any word tiles you can collect that you don’t want yourself, for students to use in the Learning Hub.

OCS School Stream App – Log in Now!

Many parents have been singing the praises of School Apps for quite a while. After lots of discussions, parent focus groups, App trials by staff and parents and training sessions with App providers, we are pleased to announce that the OCS School Stream App is up and running!

Please follow the instructions below to log onto the App. In order for this to be an effective tool for communication we obviously need as many members of the OCS community as possible to have the App on their device(s). Currently we have over 50% of school families on board and we are looking forward to seeing this figure sky rocket over this next week. At present we will be using the App to communicate regarding: Forms, Notes, Newsletters and Reminders.

Please contact the Front Office should you have any questions about our exciting journey into digital communication, and many thanks to all of the parents who have helped us to move in this direction.


CSSA Far West Zone 2019 Swimming Carnival Results

Friday 22nd February 2019

Forty-seven OCS students travelled to Wagga Wagga for the annual Zone Swimming Carnival. We had a very successful day with many of our students placing in the top three in their events. As a result, we have seventeen Primary students and twenty-two Secondary students who have qualified to compete at their respective CSSA State Swimming Carnivals in March. Notes have now been issued to these students.

Primary State swimming will be held at the Blacktown Aquatic Centre on Monday, 11th March. The Secondary State Swimming Carnival is on Monday, 25th March at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre, Homebush Bay.

At the time of writing this report we had not received all the results from the Zone Swimming Carnival. An update will go into a future newsletter.


Emily Nobbs Girls 17+ years 200m Individual Medley 2:42.24 2:38.13
Girls 18+ years 50m Freestyle 32.40 30.37
Girls 18+ years 50m Breaststroke 41.55 35.19
Rikky Bangert Boys 15-16 years Medley Relay 2:33.91 2:28.69
Harry Grant
Jacob Pulling
Evan Smith


OCS Swimming Carnival – Thursday, 13th February

Zone Swimming Carnival (to be held at Orange) – Friday, 28th February

After School Sports Program

Coaching Sessions run from 3:20pm -4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12.

In Term One sessions are;

Tuesdays: Cricket

Wednesdays: Athletics (Track)

Thursdays: Cricket

Fridays: Athletics (Field)

Coming Up @ OCS

Week 6:

* Wed 6.3.19 – Fri 8.3.19 Stage 4 Six Foot Track Camp

Week 7:

* Mon 11.3.19 CSSA Primary State Swimming Carnival

Week 8:

* Wed 20.3.19 CIS Primary State Swimming

Week 9:

* Mon 25.3.19 CSSA Secondary State Swimming

* Tue 26.3.19 – Wed 27.3.19 Parent Teacher Meetings

Week 11:

* Fri 12.4.19 Easter Assembly

Orange Christian School