Middle School Newsletter

Term 1 Week 10

From the Coordinator

This week is a big one for Middle School because we will be thinking about 2020.

Students in Year 6 are invited to Discover Year 7 on Tuesday April 2 to experience something of what Year 7 will be like.

That same evening parents and students in Year 6 and parents of Year 5 students are invited to the Information Night to Discover Year 7 @ OCS.

In the Hub at 7 pm. Please join us.

That meeting will be held in the \ere has been so much happening around the Middle School over the past couple of weeks.


Mr Adrian Lee

Middle School Coordinator


Bible Devotions Term 1

Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Intro Matthew Matthew 5 Matthew 6 Prayer & Praise
2 Matthew 13 Matthew 19 Matthew 26 Matthew 28 Prayer & Praise
3 Intro Mark & Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Prayer & Praise
4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mark 7 Mark 8 Prayer & Praise
5 Mark 9 Mark 10 Mark 11 Mark 12 Prayer & Praise
6 Mark 13 Mark 14 Mark 15 Mark 16 Prayer & Praise
7 Intro Luke & Luke 1 Luke 2 Luke 10 Luke 12 Prayer & Praise
8 Luke 15 Luke 16 Luke 18 Luke 20 Prayer & Praise
9 Luke 24 Intro John John 3 John 6 Prayer & Praise
10 John 10 John 14 John 15 John 16 Prayer & Praise
11 John 17 John 20 Easter Crucifixion Easter Resurrection Prayer & Praise

Angela Michael and the Miracle School of Lahore

The Senior and Middle School sections were blessed with a visit last week from Angela Michael, founder of the Miracle Schools in Lahore, Pakistan.

Angela focused on the degree of risk involved in setting up these schools: the schools are Christian, in a Muslim nation where Christians represent less than two percent of the population. Angela is a woman; her students include girls, in a nation where female education is forbidden and threats of violence are constant. The schools are located in Lahore, near the Indian border, where the threat of political conflict is also constant.

Angela, however, spoke of risk as something she embraces. As she said, ‘Risk is everywhere. I would rather die knowing I had done something good, than die having done nothing.’

The children of Angela’s Miracle Schools face extraordinary hardship but, as Angela said, ‘They are always joyful.’

They face poverty, illiteracy, unawareness of human rights and constant discrimination. From 4:00am each day they mix mud with water, mould the bricks by hands and carry them to the furnace, sometimes in heat over 50 degrees Celsius. They do not have proper food.

It was good to hear, as we face our own challenges, that there are others in the world who suffer. It helps to appreciate our blessings.

Please pray for the brick children of Lahore, for the Miracle Schools and for Angela.


Secondary Chess Competition

In the first round of the NSW Junior Chess League Country Secondary Schools Competition, Orange Christian School played St Stanislaus College on Thursday 21st March. The team was made up of Andrew, Eddy, Caitlin and Malachi from grades seven and eight. The team played really well, with Andrew and Caitlin coming away with wins and Malachi and Eddy going down in hard fought matches. Orange Christian School came away with the win on count back. Explain… 

Memories from the day from the team were: Chess was an amazing experience. It wasn’t what I expected; I expected a huge hall with loads of people. But in reality, it was a smaller hall with only 10 people. I thought the people would be much younger than they were… our team of year 7’s and year 8’s beat a team of year 10’s, 11’s and 12’s! When we finished our games, we got to have meat pies! 

We went out to play chess against a school in Bathurst to play cheese it took 40 min to get there wen we got there we went in and the school was big the roof was 3 meter high then we went to a room and we saw a painting and it look like a hall of fame of all of the people that help with the school. We stared to play after we had play the game lots of meat pies and sausage roll was there on the side of the room there was 150 sausage roll and 100 meat pie and some Orange juice it was a loot of fun and the food was super good. We went outside the view was cool and then we came back to Orange just in time for sport    

Malachi and Andrew  

Chess was an amazing experience. It wasn’t what I expected; I expected a huge hall with loads of people. But in reality, it was a smaller hall with only 10 people. I thought the people would be much younger than they were… our team of year 7’s and year 8’s beat a team of year 10’s, 11’s and 12’s!  When we finished our games, we got to have meat pies! We took a few photos in front of the huge school of St Stanislaus before and after the competition. It was really quiet while we were playing, until people started to finish. Overall, it was a great day, and the car trip there and back wasn’t too bad either. 


Coding with Stage Two

Last week Stage 2 began coding with Scratch. Learning how to block code is part of the Digital Technologies substrand in the new Science and Technology syllabus. Students will spend the remaining weeks of Term 1 exploring Scratch and they will begin to create digital solutions with code.

Stage 3 students who had experience with coding assisted Years 3 and 4 students to animate their name using block codes using Scratch. Stage 2 students benefitted from the experience and knowledge of older students. Students may wish to explore coding at home, they can login using their username and password that they created last week. They need only type this: https://scratch.mit.edu/ into an Internet browser. We look forward to seeing what Stage 2 create.

Stage 4 Assessment Calendar – Term 1

Week Subject Task
5 Mathematics – Year 7 Investigation – Analysing Data
6 Mathematics – Year 8 Project – Area and Volume
7 English Biographical Novel
8 Auslan Deaf Culture and History Report
9 Science



Wonderfully Made: Presentation

10 Geography Research Project
11 Music Composing Performance

The After School Learning Hub

Many students have utilised the After School Learning Hub this year and are starting develop good study patterns. Once students have completed their homework tasks and assessments they have been working on Mini Projects. So far this term the Mini Projects have had students completing surveys and presenting data on their holiday activities, writing creative stories and creating a ‘how to guide’ for using a website. Students have also participated in workshops presented by teaching staff. Our last two workshops for the year are:

* Performance Skills on Tues 2nd April 3:15pm

* Easter in Focus on Tues 9th April 3:15pm

The After School Learning Hub will have been operating for three years in July. We are constantly looking at how we can assist the whole school community, including students, parents and staff. In order for us to understand the communities needs better we ask that you take a few minutes to complete our 2019 survey. All responses are anonymous and greatly appreciated. The survey can be found using the link below or a paper copy is available in the Learning Hub.


Parents in Partnership

Disney Word Tiles

If any parents happen to be doing some shopping at Woolworths, Mrs Johnson would value any word tiles you can collect that you don’t want yourself, for students to use in the Learning Hub.

OCS School Stream App – Log in Now!

Many parents have been singing the praises of School Apps for quite a while. After lots of discussions, parent focus groups, App trials by staff and parents and training sessions with App providers, we are pleased to announce that the OCS School Stream App is up and running!

Please follow the instructions below to log onto the App. In order for this to be an effective tool for communication we obviously need as many members of the OCS community as possible to have the App on their device(s). Currently we have over 50% of school families on board and we are looking forward to seeing this figure sky rocket over this next week. At present we will be using the App to communicate regarding: Forms, Notes, Newsletters and Reminders.

Please contact the Front Office should you have any questions about our exciting journey into digital communication, and many thanks to all of the parents who have helped us to move in this direction.


Secondary State Swimming

The CSSA Secondary State Swimming Carnival was held on Monday, 25th March. OCS had eighteen students compete across individual and relay events. Many students improved upon their entry times, with TJ Childs and Felicity Palazzi improving across all of their events. All five of our relay teams swam faster than their entry times.

Emily Nobbs broke the Girls 18+ years 50m Breaststroke record by 2.57 seconds. Eloise McMiles achieved a Nationals qualifying time in the 12-14 years 200m Individual Medley.

Our Team

Elliot Bangert Hunter Kerry Eliza Palazzi
Rikky Bangert Dylan McHatton Felicity Palazzi
Olivia Buckerfield Eloise McMiles Jacob Pulling
TJ Childs Faith Naveau Leo Pulling
Daniel Googe Caitlyn Nobbs Karmia Rossouw
Harry Grant Emily Nobbs Evan Smith


Our standout individual results for the day were:

Emily Nobbs 18 years 1st in 50m Breaststroke, 1st in 200m Individual Medley, 1st in 50m Backstroke and 2nd in 50m Freestyle
Eloise McMiles 14 years 2nd in 200m Individual Medley, 2nd in 50m Freestyle, 2nd in 200m Freestyle, 2nd in 100m Freestyle, 3rd in 50m Breaststroke and 7th in 50m Butterfly
Caitlyn Nobbs 15 years 5th in 50m Breaststroke, 6th in 50m Freestyle, 6th in 200m Freestyle, 6th in 50m Backstroke and 7th in 100m Freestyle
Rikky Bangert 15 years 6th in 50m Freestyle, 8th in 200m Freestyle and 9th in 100m Freestyle
Daniel Googe 17 years 6th in 50m Backstroke, 7th in 50m Butterfly and 9th in 50m Freestyle

Our standout relay result for the day was:

Boys 15-16 years4 × 50m Medley 6th Rikky Bangert, Harry Grant, Jacob Pulling, Evan Smith

Full results can be found at https://www.cssa.net.au/secondary-results/2019.html .

Congratulations to all eighteen students who represented OCS so well. Thank you to all the parents who supported our students. Your presence and willingness to provide transport helped to make this the successful day it was. A special thank you to Cody from Dubbo Christian School, who helped our 12-14 boys Medley Relay by swimming the Backstroke leg.

CIS Secondary State Swimming Carnival

Emily Nobbs and Eloise McMiles will be competing at the Combined Independent Schools State Swimming Carnival on Wednesday, 1st May and Thursday, 2nd May. They will both be competing in a number of events. Congratulations Emily and Eloise, our cheers and prayers will be with you.

2020 SWIMMING DATES (for your diary)

  • OCS Swimming Carnival – Thursday 13 February
  • Zone Swimming Carnival (to be held at Orange) – Friday 28 February

After School Sports Program

Coaching Sessions run from 3:20pm -4:30pm and are available to all students from Years 3-12.

In Term One sessions are;

Tuesdays: Cricket

Wednesdays: Athletics (Track)

Thursdays: Netball

Fridays: Athletics (Field)

From the Sport desk:

Exciting news, the After School Sport Program is introducing netball commencing this Thursday, the 4th of April. 

The first session is an introduction to Netball, and is open to everyone, of all ages (year 3 and above), and abilities. 

The netball program will continue on the Thursdays next term, so come along and have some fun.

Canobolas Hockey Club

Juniors players wanted

Junior competition 8 years + played weeknights

Preschool age – 7 years play Saturdays

Interested players should call;

Jo Stephens: 0409 245 189

Julie Reed: 0412 970 830

Proudly sponsored by Duntryleague Golf Club

Coming Up @ OCS

Week 10:

* Tue 2.4.19 Discover Year 7

* Tue 2.4.19 Year 7 Information Evening

* Wed 3.4.19 Crazy Hair / Blue and Yellow Day

* Fri 5.4.19 Fundraising Pie Day (orders need to be in by Wed 3.4.19 to the front office)

Week 11:

* Wed 10.4.19 World of Maths (K – 6)

* Fri 12.4.19 Easter Assembly

Orange Christian School