The vision for Middle School is to support students in their transition from primary to secondary school and prepare them for Senior Secondary and post school options within the context of the core pillars of Christian Discipleship, Academic Excellence and Parent Partnership.

To do this we;
   • Develop opportunities for discipleship for students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and making him known to others.
What parents say . . . “appreciation for who my child is and not a cookie cutter approach to teaching.”

   • Provide a curriculum that is relevant and flexible, allowing students to make connections between learning areas.
What parents say . . . “the dedicated teaching staff and the opportunities for leadership and extra activity involvement.”

   • Deliver quality teaching and learning opportunities that are challenging and stimulating.
What parents say . . . “So thankful for the school, so thankful for the teachers and the amount of over and above that the staff put in.”

   • Promote growth mindset that sees failure as opportunity and builds resilience in character and in learning.
What parents say . . . “Love what is happening at OCS, particularly the growth mindset teaching”

   • Foster programs that allow students opportunities to act independently and cooperatively as they develop their sense of themselves as leaders and world changers for the glory of God.
What parents say . . . “[Middle School] helps with transition and also is an opportunity for the students to step up in a great environment.”

Therefore, the Middle School: 

• Facilitates parents to be integrally involved in the learning of their children

• Delivers quality teaching and learning opportunities emphasising STEAM and twenty first century learning skills;

• Communication

• Collaboration

• Creativity

• Critical thinking

• Delivers student centered learning that enables individuals to achieve their best and fulfil their God given potential

• Actively integrate ICT that builds innovative creators and discerning consumers of content.

• Enable student character development through challenging, stimulating service underpinned by Biblical understanding.