Learning Support

We are committed to creating a personalised learning environment for our students, so they develop confidence and joy for learning, a strong assurance of their worth, and the desire and values to contribute meaningfully to society.

The Learning Support team are dedicated to ensuring that the environment at OCS is fully inclusive and that a broad range of learning experiences is accessible to all, with the development of Individual Plans for those who require additional support. The Individual Plans are written noting specific adjustments which the student requires and are prepared after consultation with both the parents and class teacher. 

OCS offers a range of targeted programs to support the individual needs of students including learning support, enrichment and extension programs. We are committed to ensuring that all students can participate in all areas of education.

Learning Support practices include providing differentiated tasks within the normal classroom activities, small group workshops, 1:1 tuition with a teacher’s aide, in Kindergarten and Stage 1 plus referrals to outside agencies, to ensure that all areas of learning are met. 

We specifically use the MiniLit and MultiLit programs, which target phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, sight word mastery, reading competency and comprehension. 

MiniLit is a small group program with up to four students per group, while MultiLit is an individual program.

Enrichment at OCS: Agile Design for High Potential Learners

The challenge to achieve excellence and build motivation.

The OCS High Potential Learners program occupies multiple spheres, from differentiated interventions in classroom practice to a student-focussed, targeted mentor program. 

The program has three pillars:

• High Potential Learning: challenging and supporting the gifted individual;

• Expertise in collective wisdom: working with institutions that lead the field in enrichment;

• Disciplined innovation: unique, data-driven, relationships-focussed projects that fit individual students’ needs and potential, and curriculum and pedagogic designs that respond to individual students’ pace, depth and level of complexity. 

The school’s Mentor Program encourages targeted students to design a real-world project linked to a curriculum-based discipline or subject. A professional in the field of endeavour is chosen to work with that student as mentor, offering advice, guidance and support to ensure the project’s completion. 

OCS is a graduated participant in ELEVATE: Agile Design for High Potential Learners, an initiative to ‘innovate and lead for brilliance’ conducted by the Association of Independent Schools (NSW).