What’s on tomorrow?

Do you have to wear sports uniform?

Where’s that permission note to sign?

At OCS, communication means trying to help parents to easily answer these questions and so much more. The day to day is where we start…but good communication is always two way…not just a means by which the school can communicate to parents what teachers want them to know.

Good communication means that we want to encourage our parents to keep us informed regarding what’s going on in the life of your child. As your child’s welfare is of paramount importance to both of us, an open two way channel of communication between home and school will ensure that we can care for your child in the best possible way.

A few of the ways in which communication works well at OCS are…

–  attending Parent Information Nights @ the start of the year

– having a quick chat with the teacher before or after school

– communicating with the teacher through homework diaries

– written reports coming home each semester

– conversations at our semester 1 and 2 Parent/Teacher Meetings

– being involved in various activities throughout the year, getting to know staff

– regularly reading the relevant school section newsletter and whole school newsletter 

– having our school App on your device for reminders, newsletters, forms and notes

– keeping up with regular OCS Facebook posts

While we have several different ways for our families to communicate, at their heart is our desire to ensure that we have open two-way communication at OCS to effectively partner with you in raising your child.

Mr Peter Cooper