I am the Chaplain of Orange Christian School. My role is to be available to any student from Prep right through to Year 12 for support and pastoral care. As a school, we desire to partner with parents to help each child discover and achieve their God given potential. I work closely with our Deputy Principal and each of our School Co-Ordinator’s, as we take a holistic approach to our student’s well-being and genuinely desire to enhance the way our students engage with each other and the broader community. My role as Chaplain also extends to staff and parents, who are all welcome to connect with me for support and pastoral care.

The pastoral care aspect of my role looks different across the school due to the various stages of child development. I explain my position to students as helping to make school a great place to be. For the younger students, this can almost be like having a pseudo grandparent on site. Being available to take them for a walk or to read a story, when things are a little difficult or overwhelming. For older students, it may be more as a facilitator for navigating the complexities of friendships or helping them to develop strategies and resilience for challenges that they may be facing.

Conflict resolution; anger management; coping methods for anxiety and stress; time management; developing a positive sense of self-worth and respect for others, are all attributes that I am sure, we desire our children to develop for their future. I have had training in these areas, and I continue to develop networks within our local area with Mental Health and other support organisations. Continued Professional Development in the area of Well-being enables me to work with Staff in the care of our students.  I am available to assist and support our students through times of crisis and change. School is a very public arena and sometimes a student may simply need a quiet spot to retreat to briefly and I can arrange such a space.

I am also available to liaise between students, parents and staff. Home-room teachers are usually the initial contact for student concerns; however, I am available to assist with any matters. I am also available to attend any meetings with you at school at your invitation, if you so desire.

We all hope that our students will find school life to be a positive experience and I am on hand to assist with any difficulties, no matter how large or small. I am at school Monday to Thursday and I am only too happy to have a chat.

Jann Osborn

School Chaplain