Christian Education National (CEN)

Cathy Pereira

CEN – Governance/NSW and ACT SEO

Leading and sharing in a Christian School is an amazing opportunity to shape our children to be faithful, generous, enthusiastic, intelligent contributors to society. For more than 50 years, individual Christian schools have carried out this God-given task faithfully in Australia. 

But it can be a lonely and difficult road when we try to do this all by ourselves.

CEN is a network of like-minded independent Christian schools who seek to put the Lordship of Christ at the centre of all they do; who see the Bible not the world as shaping culture and who affirm the importance of the relationship between home, church and school. 

CEN is today a community of around 20,000 students and their parents doing together what they can’t, and maybe shouldn’t, do alone. A community committed to demonstrating a vibrant biblical faith which permeates every aspect of learning, community life, policy, and practice in its associations and schools.

Above all, Christian Education National promotes a transformational Christian worldview where Jesus’ love, power, and authority inform and guide all practice and community life – including leadership, management, teaching, curriculum, and effective governance – in its member schools.

Orange Christian School is a vital member of CEN, sharing with approx 70 schools across Australia.


Our schools often have common needs in terms of Industrial Relations, Policy development, Compliance and Child Protection Training.  

The Christian Education National Schools in NSW have joined together to form a company that provides best practice and up to date materials and practices and training for our schools.

Hugh MacCallum, former Principal of 19 years at Wagga Wagga Christian College, is the Chief Executive Officer for the Hub.  He works between and within schools to support us in ensuring we are delivering all of our services faithfully.  He is ably supported by Elaine Cooper form Orange Christian School who is the “go to” person in CEN for policy writing and development.  Geoff Brisby, Principal at Heritage Christian College at Port Macquarie provides support and training for our schools in the areas of Child Protection.  

Our schools are supported in the Industrial Relations and legal areas by Prolegis legal firm, which is based in Sydney.  Peter Wilson, an industrial relations lawyer and expert in the area of human relations leads a team that works to ensure we are being faithful stewards with the human and financial resources entrusted to our school communities.

Hugh MacCallum