Would your teenager like an answer to that persistent classroom question of “when will we ever use that?!”? Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses give students the opportunity to apply their learning to real-world workplace situations. Each week, classes connect knowledge from many subject areas as they participate in hands-on scenarios in adult learning spaces. 

Bembooka is an Aboriginal word meaning “high peak” or “high place”. We believe that VET courses enable students to reach new heights in their learning. Students can choose VET courses as an area of interest or passion, a stepping stone on a career pathway or as an option that provides more hands-on experience. This motivation and investment in learning provide momentum as students strive for excellence in their studies and success in their HSC results.

Year 9 and 10 students can also opt to study a VET subject as one of their electives, taking on an HSC subject early and possibly completing their first HSC exam at the end of Year 10. This provides enrichment and extension for these younger students, assisting them to experience the rigour and expectations of HSC studies.

Bembooka is our Trades Skills Centre, purpose built for VET courses. With a spacious Construction room, modern industrial kitchen and school farm area, Bembooka is able to provide a unique learning environment for students. We partner with the Association of Independent Schools (NSW) as our Registered Training Organisation to oversee the requirements of VET courses, which comprise of both a Certificate II qualification and an HSC subject eligible for consideration towards a student’s ATAR. 

VET courses also have a Work Placement component. We collaborate with local industries and due to the various events happening in our school community, it is also possible for students to complete some of these hours at school.

Our current Stage 6 (Year 11-12) VET subjects are:

• Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (Hospitality)

• Certificate II in Construction Pathways

• Certificate II in Agriculture (Primary Industries)

Please contact the Curriculum Coordinator at the school for more information.