Dylan Receives Not One But Two Scholarships…This Morning

Not One Scholarship…But Two!

Four years ago, when Dylan McHatton was entering Year 7, he chose to play the Tuba in our then, quite new Year 7/8 Concert Band, having a group brass tutorial and a rehearsal each week with Mr Moxey.

Very quickly Dylan took to this large and loud instrument, showing a particular flair, coupled with a willingness to work hard and practice. Dylan joined the Stage Band soon after and has attended regularly over the years, improving all the time and becoming an integral member of the band. He has even filled in for Mr. Moxey as conductor for a couple of performances.

Recently Dylan applied and auditioned for a scholarship at the Orange Regional Conservatorium of Music and was awarded not one, but two scholarships. He has been awarded the Orange Regional Arts Foundation Endangered Instrument Scholarship and the Junior Ensemble of Choice Scholarship.

It is wonderful to see someone with drive and ambition being rewarded with the opportunity to take their passion further…and to help save the endangered tuba in the process. We look forward to hearing more about Dylan’s successes on the tuba as he learns and plays at the Conservatorium. Your school is very proud of you Dylan!

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