Parents, Paint and the Playground!

There have been some exciting conversations amongst a group of our parents lately…concerning our playground. This group of parents in our school are passionate about making areas of play that are not only fun but service the extra purpose of being educational in developing our kids’ gross motor skills and meeting sensory needs as well.

After lots of discussion and brainstorming, Alex, Louise, Leonie and Liz are keen to get started @ our next PiP Day, 3rd November to transform areas of the Junior Courtyard and the handball court. The photos above show just what they have in mind. If you’re keen to help in this way, come along to our next PiP Day!

This is only the start of what they have in mind…with more exciting ideas to come. So stay tuned!

To encourage you further, Alex says, ‘I think these ideas are so great and the range of benefits they have will be a blessing to our kids and hopefully a tool our teachers can use in and outside the classroom.’


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