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I am sure that I now have quite a number of you humming that song. For those of you who were able to attend one of our performances of The Sound of Music, you definitely would have been singing this one! I have to admit that I love the musical to begin with, but to see our fabulous students perform so well, was a blessing and a joy that has kept me smiling all week! Congratulations to all those who were involved in the production, and congratulations to all our amazingly talented parents who have raised these talented children! I think that a little ‘reflected glory’ would be entirely appropriate in this case. Preparations, preparations, preparations Last week it was the turn of our 2019 Kindergarten parents to come along to the Parent Information evening. This week it will be the turn of our 2019 Year 11 students and parents. The evening will be quite different this year, with a subject expo style presentation component to start the night. Even if your child is a few years away from this next milestone, you are welcome to come along. Being prepared and informed is always a good idea and we can promise a warm venue and a warm welcome. Whether you are coming to hear how to support your child in developing number knowledge, or in understanding calculus; whether it is in decoding their new sight words, or demystifying Shakespeare, a parent’s motivation is usually the same. We love our children and we want the best for them. We want to feel informed and included. My children are now adults; one has children of his own – two beautiful little girls, and I have plenty of photos too if you would like to see them – but my feelings and desires to support, care and love them, are still the same. I believe that this is the way that God designs families when they work at their best. So please know that the goal of OCS parent partnership is for you to feel welcome, informed and included in your child’s learning.
Another group who are also making final preparations are our Stage 5 2018 Mission Byron Bay team. Each year we send a team of students and teachers off on mission training with YWAM, and then to either Byron Bay for stage 5 students, or Fiji for stage 6 students. Please continue to pray for these students and staff as they prepare to be challenged to put their faith in action on this trip. Yet again there is much to praise God for, and plenty to continue to pray about. If you would like to be more informed or more involved in the life of the school, I would love to speak with you.
Blessings to you and your family Melissa
Melissa Brown / Principal mbrown@ocs.nsw.edu.au

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