Prep Visits Italy…via FaceTime

The Colosseum is Colossal!

This week Prep was able to face time with Francesca’s mum on location at the Colosseum in Rome. This was a wonderful experience for the children. They asked questions relating to what they had learnt about the Colosseum in class. Simmy wanted to know if Francesca’s mum had seen the 80 doors (entries) to the Colosseum. Frankie Joy wanted to know if she saw any wild animals around. Francesca enquired about the type of plants that could be found in Rome. Hugh wanted to know if there were guards around the Colosseum. Samuel wanted to know about the types of cars found on the road.

Next week, we will FaceTime Francesca’s mum from the Amalfi Coast as we compare beaches in Australia to those in Italy.

Stay tuned!

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