Bold Thanks for Brave Firefighters

With so many in our community affected by the fires of recent days, Orange Christian School Prep students were impressed by the bravery of our Firefighters. So much so, that they put together some thankyou and tribute cards, and words of encouragement for our firefighters. The class wrote a letter of thanks and drew personalised cards with encouraging messages including:
“Don’t forget to wear your helmets to keep you safe” Indigo
“I hope you put out the fire. You are very brave. We are praying for the fire to go out soon.” Emma
“Thank you for saving Mr Gartrell’s house” Franky Joy
“Please stay safe. Make sure you get the water out of the tank”

Franky S.

Prep Teacher Rosa Cunial was personally affected by the fires and noted “the class were eager to find out about how the Firefighters put out bushfires, and also, how they could contribute with words of encouragement.”

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