OCS Weather Station…Now up and Running

Orange Christian School has its very own weather station!
Thanks to a generous grant from Cadia Valley Operations, we’ve just installed and fired up a solar-powered weather station adjacent to our Environmental Studies Area. The station measures a wide range of weather variables every minute and sends the data wirelessly to a receiver at the school. This data is then automatically uploaded every couple of minutes to an online database. The current readings from the OCS weather station are accessible to all at any time from http://www.weatherlink.com/user/ocsnsw/index.php. You can even get an app on your Android or Apple mobile phone to check what our weather station is saying! Just follow the app’s instructions to connect to the ‘ocsnsw’ weather station. Handy for checking the wind chill factor on those winter mornings when the kids say they won’t need their jumpers! 
It’s cool we can all check the readings anytime, but the real value of the weather station for our students comes from being able to access the historical data. Considering these different variables over weeks and months will greatly enrich what students can learn from the Environmental Studies Area. What impacts do rainfall, wind and temperature have on native trees and grasses, animals, birds and insects as the seasons change? Let’s find out!

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