Stage 4 Wambangalang Camp

On the Monday and Tuesday of Week 4, Stage 4 got to go to Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre to learn about the environment and how to look after it.

Whilst we were there, we got to ride bikes down to Wambangalang Creek and do water tests to see if the river was in good condition. Another one of the things we got to do was bush investigations; we got to walk around and look for things like scratches on trees, offshoots, mushrooms and many more.

But it wasn’t all just learning, we also got to do a low ropes course and orienteering, which were teamwork building activities. On the last day we got to do a special activity, we could choose from initiative games, high flying fox and archery. Both of the days were very fun and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

By Mitchell Wratten (Year 7)


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