CSSA Primary State Athletics

Our State team had a great day and competed well. Congratulations to every student!

  • Rikky Bangert – 10th in long jump, 9th in 800m, 14th in 100m, 10th in shot put, 15th in discus, 4th in turbo javelin
  • TJ Childs – 14th in 100m, 10th in shot put
  • Elliot Bangert – 10th in 800m
  • Anika James – 11th in long jump, 8th in discus
  • Rachel Johnson – 10th in shot put, 10th in discus
  • Alyssa Averkin – 14th in shot put
  • Lesi Kaufusi – 6th in shot put
  • Madeline Smith – 12th in high jump
  • Senior girls relay (Alyssa, Madeline, Sophie & Lesi) – 11th

Thanks to all the parents who drove students to the carnival, and to Mrs Childs for being the staff member in charge.

CSSA Primary State Athletics 2

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