Fiji Mission Trip Report

Fiji….. Ahhhh!!! How do I put the wonderful experience that is an OCS Fiji mission trip into words?

Is it the people, their friendly faces or the familiar “Bula” that we hear every time we pass someone on the street? Is it the fantastic scenery that God has placed there? Is it the fact God uses us in almost every conversation in a real and tangible way while we are there? Is it the fact that we are simply out of our normal comfort zone and more reliant on God? Is it the fact that a team of 3 current students, 3 ex-students, 3 staff and 2 YWAM-ers can mould into a team almost perfectly? Is it the fact that Fiji is a society that hosts 2 major people groups? On reflection, I believe it’s a bit of all of them.


1. We gave a gospel presentation through drama and speech to just under 2000 (estimate) people in six days.

2. We visited 3 schools, a retirement village, a church, a hospital and a youth group.

3. We gave away 6 CD players, 2 urns, 1 kettle, 1 microwave, $500 towards a marquee, a whole bunch of stationery, books, bibles, stickers and bouncy balls.


1. We had in depth conversations with a range of people on a range of topics, but they were particularly God focused.

2. We encouraged another generation of students in Lautoka to live for Christ.

3. We lost count of the number of people we prayed for and with.

4. We encouraged even those we met in shops and airports to seek Jesus.

5. We made new life long friends.


1. We laughed.

2. We cried.

3. We danced.

4. We sang.

5. We also did everything in between.


1. We came back different people than when we left, it was life changing.

2. The people we met, told us we were leaving them encouraged to be more God like.

3. We feel we received more than we gave.

4. We learned that love is stronger than fear.

5. We learned that the impact of Gods love goes far further than what we see.

6. We learned that a 5-6 day mission trip from 2 years ago made a Kingdom impact in the lives of some, so this one should be no different.

In short it was an amazing time in each of the lives of those that went. The opportunity to return and see what impact God had through us last time, will remain a major highlight for me personally.

Every member of the team felt the presence of God in different ways over the course of the trip, some during loud worship times, others during times of quiet reflection, still others during prayer and deep conversations. One thing remained true through it all, our God is awesome and personal. He seeks out His children at every opportunity and longs to be in a relationship with them. I am pretty sure most people we met know that now, it’s up to God to continue the work in their lives through other means/people now. So please pray for that to happen.

If you would like to know more of the individual stories please ask any of the team members personally, they are VERY keen to chat.

Justin Dwyer ~ OCS Fiji Mission 2015 Leader.

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