Chess Success!

There were six schools involved in the Chess Competition, including Orange East, Catherine McCauley, Orange Anglican Grammar, Blayney Public, Millthorpe Public and Orange Christian School. On the first day (Monday 20th July) the competition was at our school and there were four games. The first match was nerve wracking because you didn’t know what to expect of your opponent.

By the end of the day it was much more relax-ing. If you had 3 or 4 wins from the first day people got scared if they had to play you some-time over the 2 days! The second day was at Millthorpe Public School. The organiser of the competition said that “it was good to see all the kids playing together”. At lunch there were lots of handball and touch football games that had kids from different schools all mixed together playing.

It was both fun and challenging for all of us. Some of us had lots of experience and some had almost none at all. We made a lot of friends at the chess competition. Overall the days were fun and OCS came home with a trophy. You can see it in the display cabinet in the front office. The team that won the Rookies trophy was Paul Schumann, Andrew Schumann, Jye Baker and Geordi Errington.

By Jye Baker and Geordi Errington

Thank you so much to Mr Cordery for making this event possible.

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