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I am sure that you are aware by now of our new website and I hope that you have had a chance to take a look for yourself. It has been a great pleasure and delight to see our launch day arrive. On behalf of the Community Development Team (CDT), I would particularly like to thank those of you who have assisted us in our review, giving feedback and ideas; as well as those who formed part of our market research teams, during the journey to completion. The team and I would now like to extend that invitation to each of you: please give us your feedback regarding the website – the ease of access to information, the content itself and any other general comments that you would like to make.

This exercise has been an amazing excursion for all involved. The starting place was obviously to discuss and determine what our purpose is in even having a website. Now the answer to that might seem obvious in our 21st century cyber world: but as a Christian school we wanted to be sure that we understood how this website helped us to achieve our vision statement; and what particular OCS goals would be achieved best through this venture. If we are truly to take every thought captive unto Christ, then this applies particularly when these thoughts are going out to the world wide web audience! A sobering thought perhaps – or an exciting challenge and communication opportunity. The CDT saw the latter and embarked upon the project with enthusiasm, but ever mindful of the responsibility we have to reflect OCS as a community seeking to honour Christ and bring glory to Him. This has impact on the scope of our content, the style of our writing and the presentation of our school. Some days we may get this wrong too. With such a volume of information passing through our school on any given day, it can be easy to make a mistake! So we want to remain accountable to you as our school community and will invite you to let us know if you see something that needs attention or revision – gently and respectfully please! – so that we can ensure that our website, as with all aspects of the school, seeks to both inform and engage with integrity.

That last line gives a good introduction to the question of – what do we want our website to do? Inform and engage is the right start to our answer. Primarily, we want it to both reflect who we are as a school community, particularly to those who may not already know us in a personal way; and to be a sound communication hub, mainly for those who are part of our school family.

We hope that you will look at the website regularly to see what is happening in school news, find the other half of the note that has been swallowed by the bottom of the school bag, check the starting time for the senior boys soccer match and the dates of parent teacher interviews. You may also wish to direct grandparents to see the photos or videos that may have been uploaded after one of our school events or primary assemblies and remind yourself again of the key focus areas of each of our academic programs. We also want our website to inform others who may not know us yet, about who we are and what is important to us. This is a chance for us to show what makes our school special and distinct, and what makes it the vibrant community that we love to be part of.

So on that note, please have a look if you haven’t already and please come back to one of the CDT and give your thoughts. Jenni, Peter, Kim, Justin or I would be very happy to hear your feedback and gain your perspective on the journey thus far.

Have a blessed week
Melissa Brown

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