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Last weekend I had the joy of attending the Christian Education National AGM and conference weekend, which was followed by a two day National Policy Forum. As you can imagine there was a great deal to think through and pray about on my drive back from Canberra; but what an amazing time of encouragement, learning, challenge and networking.

During the two days of the CEN conference, I was blessed to be in the company of so many dedicated parents and executive staff, who represented boards from right around the country; coming together for the common purpose of sharing ideas, praying together, discussing the challenges of governance and celebrating each other’s stories. What I realised again was that each of our schools has a unique story to share, with a common theme of God’s faithfulness in the journey. Whether the school has 40 students or 1200 students, we share a vision of Christian education where knowledge and action reflect the love of Jesus, with a wholehearted commitment to whatever task we undertake.

If we were given five minutes to tell the story of OCS, what story would we tell? This was a question I asked myself as I drove out of Canberra and was still answering in my head as I drove into Orange – so much for five minutes! The story I pray we can all tell is of what God has been doing in and through us as a community; of His faithfulness to us as a school and of the things we have learned, both the wonderful and difficult. But as much as it is a corporate story, it is also comprised of individual stories; family by family, with each one personally relevant to the individuals involved. Each story matters; weaving together to become the living fabric of Christian community.

The OCS story is the sum of all our stories and we grow as we share these stories together. If you have a story that you would like to share with us, either to encourage or to challenge in an area where we may need to improve, please come and speak with us. We have been busily preparing for our BOSTES registration that will be finalised this week, but we never want to be too busy to spend time with each other as part of the communal life here at OCS.

Yours in Christ,

Melissa Brown

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