Open Girls Soccer

On Thursday 21st May the Open Girls Soccer team played their first game against Canobolas High School. Despite going down 2 – 1 the girls played a brilliant game. This year’s team has a lot of new players, ranging from Year 7 to Year 10. The girls did very well, holding their own against a far more experienced and older team. At least one of our players also played their first ever game of soccer. Our goal scorer was Nerida C, who also made a significant contribution along with our goal keepers, Abbey T and Savannah B.

The standout players of the game were Beth O, who dominated in both defence and attack and fellow player, Carissa S, who also proved valuable in defence. Tahliya C played a strong game in the backs and was supported by Gabby A, Katie B and Amber C.

Thank you to our many supporters. Both parents and students braved the cold and the wet to encourage and cheer the girls on. Thank you also to those parents who provided transport on the day. Your contribution was very much appreciated by all.

Congratulations to all the girls for this was a mighty effort, especially after only three training sessions. The girls will be playing James Sheahan High School on Tuesday 9th June. We wish them all the best and invite you to come along to the game to support the girls.

Louise Childs, Team Manager

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