Fiji Mission Trip Update

We are all getting very excited now, as in around 30 days, we go to Fiji. I have been in contact with a couple of the people we met while over there last time and they can’t wait to see us again and have us minister with them. We serve a generous, loving and “everywhere” God, so we are confident that He will be wherever we go and that He will remain the same no matter what country we are in at the time.

He already knows the people we will meet and is doing work in their hearts as we are here preparing to go. The more I think about that, the more I stand in wonder and awe, that the almighty would allow us to be a part of what He is doing. He doesn’t “need” Justin Dwyer to complete anything, as He can complete anything He wants to, but He asks that I do my part in building His kingdom. I think the whole team is discovering that for themselves and I ask that you pray that our hearts have the right attitude, that He is the master and we are His humble servants.

In our last team meeting we cracked open a coconut in an effort to relate to where we are going, we talked as a team about how best to open it before beginning. The result was an interesting reflection on team dynamics. The team changed its mind 3 times before coming up with a decision of how to complete the simple task of opening a coconut. It was a bit of a breakthrough for people to see how the team makes decisions and how the process can change the decision result. The same thing will happen in Fiji; we may have a plan to go to a certain place at a certain time but
something may come up that makes us change that. We have to be prepared that God, who is part of our team, may have had something else better in mind for His kingdom. He knows those things in advance, even if we are blissfully unaware, and we need to be sensitive to the times when He is leading us in a different direction.

Please pray for us for the following things:

  • for safety throughout the whole process; we don’t need an injury before we go as much as we don’t need one while there.
  • for people to meet who need to hear the Gospel and opportunities to tell them clearly.
  • for continued fund raising for those that need it. We’ve had a car wash already and have a Bunnings BBQ coming up later. I will let you know when that is in the next newsletter.

If you know a team member personally can I encourage you to ask them about the trip and give them some encouragement along the way?

I pray that we represent our community well and that the name of Jesus would be glorified because we were willing to work with Him. We know we go with your backing and prayers. Thanks for all your support so far.

Justin Dwyer
Fiji mission trip 2015 team leader

The team members are Justin Dwyer, Katie Moore, Sharyn Stockton, Lauren D’Souza, Michael Cunial, Emily Pierce, Olivia Cunial, Leah Martin, Sarah McCutcheon and Jordan Smith.

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