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Last week was certainly a reminder that winter is on its way, and living in Orange means that an extra jumper can always be a good idea! As the days do get chillier, can you please check that your child brings a jumper to school, even if they don’t feel they need to wear it as they leave the house in the morning. The days can get progressively colder, particularly if there is a wind blowing. Students do enjoy being outside in recess and lunch breaks so jumpers and jackets are a good idea. I would also like to direct you to the uniform code when it comes to jackets and beanies. It does get cold and we want our students to be warm, but we also want them to honour the uniform code by wearing full school uniform. If you would like a hard copy of the uniform code, please ask our ladies in the front office, or our Enrolment Officer, Jenni da Silva, and they will be happy to give you one.

Update on our Sports Plan
As many of you will remember, OCS developed a sports plan last year, as a result of consultation with the Sports Committee and many of our PDHPE teaching team. Mr Cordery is overseeing the implementation of the 2015 goals, with the first of these focusing on reviewing and further improving school carnivals. I would like to thank those of you who have been involved in this process and those who have given feedback to assist in further
planning and improvement. We have committed to further development of our sports program from 2015 onwards and will be welcoming your continued feedback on the initiatives that form part of this plan. There will also be a further meeting with the Sports Committee, to report back on current initiatives and discuss the next stage of implementation.

Another of the key focus areas for the plan in 2015 was the introduction of a one afternoon a week sports
program, with the aim of raising the profile of sports in the school and improving student skills in certain areas or sports. Term 1 and Term 2 have set their focus on athletics training and assisting students to prepare for carnivals. Mr Osborn is running this afternoon program and it has been great to see a growing number of students participate each week throughout the terms. Mr Cordery and I have been exploring expansion of this Wednesday afternoon program, to allow other sports to be the focus of training and to link with the soccer training that also occurs during this time. In coming weeks, we will be letting you know more specific details about our sporting training program and plan for the remainder of the year. There are some exciting possibilities that are being explored currently and we would value your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we discuss the practicalities of these possible plans.

We believe that training in sporting skills and sportsmanship is entirely consistent in the pursuit of raising leaders of godly character. Many of our students have great skills in these areas, and many more have great enthusiasm and find real joy in participation in sport. We look forward to developing programs that assist our children to learn new skills, face challenges and find joy and in ways that bring honour to God and build a God honouring school community.

Yours in Christ,

Melissa Brown, Principal

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