2015 OCS Mission to Fiji

With only 67 days to go at the time of writing this, we are now officially in count down mode to return to Fiji for our second time as a mission group from Orange Christian School.

Preparations are going well. We have had three team meetings so far where we have been learning to grow together as a team and learning a bit about each other.

I am very interested to see how God is going to use us this time. It will be very different with a smaller team and we will meet different people and have different conversations… but one things is sure: God is already preparing hearts for us to minister while we are there.

However, before we go we have a lot of things to do and learn. So I thought I would give you a small list of some of the things to pray for:

  • That the team would be seeking God’s will in all preparations
  • For finances for team members going; some still have to raise significant amounts of money
  • That the team will continue to grow strong bonds & learn to lean on God together
  • That our hearts would be right for the trip; it’s not about us, but what God has planned for us to do
  • For planning and preparation that has to be done at this stage: passports, immunisations, etc

Once again I find it a privilege to be leading a fantastic group of young people, to experience something of what God is capable of doing, if we just step out in faith and are willing to serve Him. I have a growing sense of excitement about the trip and the people we will meet. I, and a couple of the others going, have been to Fiji before, and we know what to expect this time in terms of the culture and the country. However, we have no idea about what to expect from God other than His abounding love and grace to share with all; which makes it so exciting. Please share in our excitement and talk to any of the team members about their experience. Above all, please pray for us.

The team members are Justin Dwyer, Katie Moore, Sharyn Stockton, Lauren D’Souza, Michael Cunial, Emily Pierce, Olivia Cunial, Leah Martin, Sarah McCutcheon and Jordan Smith.

Yours in Christ,
Justin Dwyer

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