Serving our Guests of Honour

Year 10 had to plan, organize and execute a morning tea for some of the elderly people from Wontama aged care and expected nothing in return. In order to do this, we all had to split into different groups and take part in different roles ranging from cooking, design/service and entertainment.

For our morning tea, 10A were the first class to serve our guests. Our first activity was cards games for all of us to play. Following the card games, we had the first half of the meal which was spinach puffs and sandwiches. Our guests, as well as the students found them very tasty and some of us even wanted the recipe! Following this we heard some poetry from yesteryear read by Evie. After this we swapped and 10B had their turn. This began with the serving our sweet ‘dessert’; profiterole with chocolate, custard and strawberries. We then played bingo for a few rounds and this was great fun to see everyone competing for the prize. After bingo we thanked the Wontama staff for letting us host a morning tea for our special guests and we said goodbye to them all.

I think the Wontama residents enjoyed the morning tea (even if they were worried about getting fat on the profiteer rolls!). While talking with them we learned a few interesting stories. Here are some of their stories:

One lady told a student after admiring the paper swans on the tables that she had a pet swan. It was a stunning black swan and she was very fond of it. Another story was that a resident once lived in Stuart town and her father owned a bakery there (there was also a policeman named Stuart- I thought that was a bit ironic). When WWII broke out he went away to war and afterwards owned a butcher shop in Sydney (an interesting career change!).

In the end everyone enjoyed the experience learning to put others first and about the wisdom that older people can share. All of us had a part to play and we really enjoyed serving people who have contributed to our society for so many years.

By Beth and Steve

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